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Take Off Your Cool is a Nashville-based podcast that covers everything from current events to pop culture to feminist and womanist issues. Hosted by two of your favorite Southern homegirls. Look for new episodes every Monday published on iTunes, Soundcloud, Stitcher and Podomatic. Give it a listen. You aren't really that cool but neither are we.


  • Episode 68: Please Read or Be Read

    11/11/2020 Duration: 02h06min

    Read the room, America. In the first (and maybe only) episode of 2020, Major and Lise come back to talk mostly about a certain VP (and not True Jackson). A Memphis candy man is giving us a sweet tooth and pride. The king of trivia breaks our hearts and tragedy strikes another young artist with promise. We can’t keep up with the comings and goings in the Bold and the Baeless. Lise believes she brought luck to LA and Major tells us how many miles it takes to get to communication. It’s all the Politikin' for us and much more in What Had Happened Was. For Let's Talk About It Sis, the election of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris had us filled with hope, joy, and prayers for Black women. Lise’s biscuits are burned by two people whose journey is all too familiar, and Major can’t comfort you for mistreating her. The GRITS We Love include an internet cousin and author along with a few Georgia peaches who put their game down, flipped and reversed a red state. Follow us @toycpodcast on Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat Like us

  • Episode 67: Don't Feed The Trolls

    17/04/2019 Duration: 01h42min

    Let. Them. Starve. In this episode, Major and Lise talk basic math when it comes to Memphis and Nashville, Jhene putting it all on the gram, how Wendy is doing and Issa's ring and things in the Bold and the Baeless, Dwyane's last dance, Tiger's redemption, and Beyoncé passing on Reebok in Balls and All, Politikin' sees many firsts for the Chi's new mayor, Lise is obsessed with Seeking Sister Wife, Kim K is legal but not blonde, and much more in What Had Happened Was. A new book about job transitions gets a spotlight. For Let's Talk About It Sis, the passing of Nipsey Hussle reminds us all to continue the marathon, but don't feed the trolls during the race. Lise has flowers for the Essence Fest and its lineup, and Major is proud of an icon living for the Love Offering. The ladies are excited for Richard Wright's vision on screen, capturing the cosmos, #DemThrones, and the new streaming service coming for your coins. A jazz legend in the making from the land of golden sunshine is the GRITS we love. To purchase,

  • Episode 66: R.A.B.G.A.F.B.A.N.

    28/03/2019 Duration: 02h20min

    Y'all actin' up. In this episode, Major and Lise are back in this year. Won't you celebrate with us? We give our condolences to one of favorite new rappers and two souls whose broken hearts didn't heal after mass shootings. In the Bold and the Baeless, we recognize the Lady of the Rings and her Yankee boo, and we celebrate the Chance at holy matrimony. Baby News is adorable as always. Balls and All sees the Lake show break King James' playoff legacy, Shaq joins a problematic papa's business, March doesn't have Major mad, and Drake does a big flex. Politikin' has Lise's attention on a small time mayor with big time policy ideas and why the Mueller report is good news for the country (maybe...possibly). The Confessions album and the tour of *this* millennium are covered in We Getting Old. Plus, a beloved R&B singer and folks who don't understand basic manners get oiled in Moisturize Your Opinions. For Let's Talk About It Sis, the recent federal college scandal has us reflecting on our own journey in college

  • Episode 65: What'd We Miss?

    06/03/2019 Duration: 02h50min

    Yawn! Not much to see here. Major and Lise return to the internet set ablaze, but everything's fine. We remember the life of Trayvon Martin, Precious Harris and the bold leader of the house of Coco Chanel, Karl Lagerfeld. The Bold and the Baeless has a seat at the red table, GQ features South Central Love, Lise ships an Oscar winner and an Avenger, Don't Date Wale and our hearts go out to Diddy. Mazel to a new dad and blessings to a child of Destiny in Baby News. Balls and All has free-throws and tragic cornrows, Queen Serena's new commercial, and the unfortunate arrest of a recent Superbowl champion. The ladies also talk the chemistry between Bruno and Cardi, all the great new music, Grace owning the catwalk and the mysteries of Neverland. Let's Talk About It Sis is back and the #WorstBlackHistoryMonthEver needed all the oils and butters. A Love Offering goes out to two Southern Black womenpreneurs, and a YouTuber whose channel is treasure trove of vocals and joy. Follow us @toycpodcast on Twitter, Instagram

  • Episode 64: Immature v. Insecure

    18/09/2018 Duration: 02h01min

    Whew chile... Major and Lise are back with a new episode to talk the passing of a lion of the senate, an incredible talent in hip hop and a queen who healed our souls. In the Bold and the Baeless, we hope Nicki cancels her tickets to the Safaree, the Jordans are wearing us out, and DL Hughley overshares. Baby news sees the introduction of a little Cali girl, Lance Gross' gorgeous little boy, and destiny's children welcoming another star. For Balls and All, Lise is here for Lebron's Lake Show, OBJ secured the bag for himself and others, Serena is the GOAT despite the haters, and ESPN lost a real one. Politkin' has us excited for races in Georgia and Florida, Omarosa is a case study in Black woman rage, and 45 reaches a new low. The ladies also discuss Must See TV, Virgo Season, a Legend becoming a EGOT, and much more. For Let's Talk About It Sis, the ladies talk the confrontation between Nicki and Cardi and how immaturity and insecurity keeps us bound and in conflict with others. Lise's biscuits are burned by

  • Episode 63: Breathing While Black

    16/05/2018 Duration: 01h25min

    This is America? In this episode, Major and Lise talk the happenings around Nashville, Lise's favorite sandy spots in Cali, and a South Memphis vet gives back to baristas and a future Tiger secures all the bags in Hardly Home Always Reppin'. In the Bold and Baeless, 2Chainz gets on one knee and on Lise's nerves, Cousin Tiffany needs media training, Fab goes to court and Emily B accompanies him, and more. Jhene and her mini-me is adorable, Tristan is still trash and one of the Mowry twins welcomes a girl in Baby News. Lebron's reign continues, Chef Curry is back in the kitchen and Charles and Shaq on tv talking like its just them in Balls and All. For Politikin', one of our girlfriends talks with our favorite first lady and Nashville had some historic elections. The ladies talk their Met Gala favs and flops, Jada's vibrant red table, and more in What Had Happened. Let's Talk About It Sis covers recent stories around police being called on Black and Brown folks for having the audacity to inconveniently exist an

  • Episode 62: Free-Thinking Ain't Free

    03/05/2018 Duration: 01h43min

    Ain't That Bout A... In this episode, Major and Lise are finally back! The ladies talk Nashville Happenings, not so many LA happenings and the fun of May in Hardly Home Always Reppin'. What had happened includes honoring the victims of the Waffle House Shooting and a real American hero, Baby News sees a painful pattern keep up with the Kardashians, Cardi is ready for smoke after labor and a prince is born, Balls and All has a baller overcoming odds to soar with Seahawks, Politikin' covers an epic week in the Twitterverse and no one can make Kanye great again. For Let's Talk About It Sis, Lise and Major bask in the afterglow of Beychella and talk about the performance's connection to their own HBCU experiences. All hope is lost in the Geek Corner. The TOYC Tribe gets a special love offering. And a Spelmanite woman is the GRITS We Love. Follow Us @toycpodcaston Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat Like us on Facebook www.facebook.com/toycpodcast Visit Our Website www.toycpodcast.com © 2016 Take Off Your Cool Podcas

  • Episode 61: Not Good At Goodbye

    21/03/2018 Duration: 01h33min

    Girl, bye.  In this episode, Major and Lise congratulate Music City heros for one year of P.R.E.A.M., Hardly Home Always Reppin' sees several state champions, a Memphis State legends is back, natural cuties gather, and a button brigade promotes inclusion, respect goes to a MC with flava (in ya ear), a thinker whose mind knew no bounds, and an impressive young man is among those lost in Austin. The Bold and the Baeless sees Jhene collecting her birthday tings, Snapchat loses major coins for petty jokes, Prince Harry is ready to share the wealth, and more. Cardi has some baby news and Blue outbids Tyler Perry like a bawse. Balls and All is madness and includes a theory about a land before time. Miranda for Governor in Politikin'. Happy Birthdays go out to our fav mama, a queen, and a glowy (and cultured) domestic. Bruno Mars and the neverending Twitter thread continues, Beyonce and her opener demand our coins, DJ Envy came for a strong brand, and more. Major has lotion to moisturize the opinions of a certain Ka

  • Episode 60: The Award Goes To...

    07/03/2018 Duration: 01h15min

    You. So, take it!  In this episode, Major and Lise talk Rick Ross' health scare, third time being a charm for Idris, Mary wasn't going to let a hater ruin her golden weekend, Safaree is doing humanitarian work, the price for the Martin reboot was too high, and more in The Bold and The Baeless, Baby News includes a tiny Sza fan, Stormi on our timeline, Khloe's gender reveal, and an adorable girl gets a royal visit from the Queen, DWade plays for a Parkland fan, Golden State does championship community service, a combine performance inspires, NASCAR has new ownership, and a trailblazer leads the Mavericks in Balls and All, whether anyone works at the White House and a mayor is politikin' for friendlier skies in Alabama, Must See TV includes the Oscars, a special moment in This Is Us, and SKB on SNL, Happy Birthday wishes to Ms. Badu, baddie Lupita, and two local stars who prove age ain't nothing but a number, RuPaul's dragging, and more.  The ladies discuss Mo'Nique one last time in Moisturize Your Opinions. An

  • Episode 59: Spoiler Alert

    22/02/2018 Duration: 01h46min

    It ain't safe. It ain't safe.  In this episode, Major and Lise are fresh off the plane from Wakanda. A new segment, Hardly Home But Always Reppin', sees hometown heroes who protect the king, strive for olympic gold and have the range. We hope #NeverAgain after the tragedy in Parkland, FL. Bold and the Baeless sees Lupita and Michael BAE Jordan making us take bets on their hookup, Jamie Foxx is a big Dawson's Creek fan, Taraji put some respect on her boo's name, and more. We saw Ciara's baby on the apps we already have and Jason needs to put it in a love song in Baby News. Balls and All has a woman out of bounds and a man who needs to sit down. The Obama portraits are contemporary and controversial in Politikin'. Ice-T turns 60 and RiRi is going to be unstoppable in her 30s. All this and so much more in What Had Happened.  For Let's Talk About It Sis, the ladies talk all things Black Panther. It is a smooth forty minutes of all the feels and spoilers. You've been warned.  Major's biscuits are burnt by folks wh

  • Bonus Episode: Black Panther (feat. Nashville Podcasters)

    12/02/2018 Duration: 01h16min

    Long live the kings and queens.  In this bonus episode, Major and Lise are joined by some of your favorite #NashvillePodcast fam to talk Black Panther and what it means to them.  Check out www.blackantiquity.com for great BHM Nashville events!  We are joined by the following podcasts:  Area 21 Podcast (0:01 - 10:30) IG: @area21podcast  www.area21podcast.com   Full Sports Press Podcast (10:30 - 22:30) IG: @fullsportspress https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCujHixUtO4No58e_yi3ICXJQ   Queens Like Us Podcast (22:30 - 35:30) IG: @queenslikeus_ www.queenslikeus.net   The Scenario Radio Show (35:30 - 46:45) IG: @thescenarioradioshow  FB: www.facebook.com/thescenarioradioshow   Take Off Your Cool Podcast (46:45 - 1:05:00) IG: @toycpodcast  www.toycpodcast.com    Two Dead Chicks Podcast  IG: @twodeadchicks  www.twodeadchicks.com    The Wolves Podcast  IG: @wolvespod FB: www.facebook.com/wolvespod    The Lab Nashville  IG: @thelabnashville  www.thelabnashville.com  © 2016 Take Off Your Cool Podcast™. All rights reserved.

  • Episode 58: Secure The Brown Paper Bag

    07/02/2018 Duration: 01h24min

    And throw it away.  In this episode, Major and Lise talk their excitement over Nashville's Black Geek Week, the passing of a feminist icon who said you can do it and a temptation who left us with just Otis are celebrated, Bold and the Baeless has the double standard for our mayor and Kim's haters get a gift, Kylie welcomes a baby girl and we hope the Curry household gets a boy, Balls and All is Superbowl review, Kap keeping his word and revoking cookout passes, DaMita Jo deserves appreciation, the Martin reboot can get the boot, Trayvon's birthday, Mary J came through the mud to be Oscar bound, what about Mo'Nique's emails, and hometown billboards cause controversy.  For Let's Talk About It Sis, the ladies discuss Ebony's interview with Matthew Knowles, Leslie Jones' realness about the perception of beauty and all the colorism in between.  The treatment of Black hair care products burns Lise's biscuits, and Black History Month gets extra coins in the collection plate.  Follow Us @toycpodcast on Twitter, Insta

  • Episode 57: The Carters Know Her Name feat. Candice Benbow

    24/01/2018 Duration: 01h49min

    And we know her name.  In this episode, Major and Lise talk sending Offset and Cardi B on a vacation to anywhere but social media, and Lamar needs to count his blessings and close his mouth in Bold and the Baeless, Kanye and Kim welcome home baby Chicago and Serena's scary labor is too common among Black women in Baby News, Memphis gives ZBo a warm return and why does Jesus love the Patroits so much in Balls and All, the Dems gave folks a long week and the women are still marching in Politikin', Must See TV includes Monique and Tracee securing the bag differently and The SAG Awards gave us a new mantra, Happy Birthday to Auntie Mo and the original catwoman, and we preach a word on Boaz and Yo'az in Moisturize Your Opinions.  For Let's Talk About It Sis, the ladies are joined by writer, theologian, academic and public educator Candice Benbow (@candicebenbow) to talk her Lemonade Syllabus, the walk of a grief journey, her viral 4:43 work, the ethics of love, and whether she eats savory or sweet grits.  An autho

  • Episode 56: 20SlayTeen

    10/01/2018 Duration: 01h35min

    Time's Up For _________? In this first episode of 2018, Major and Lise bring in the new year by discussing the Bold and the Baeless including Nikki and Nas ending the relationship that never was, and Drake is still out here for everybody, a questionable housewife is expecting and one more Kardashian pregnancy is confirmed, Nashville has a reason to be excited about football in Balls and All, Must-See TV includes Atlanta returning, a massive crossover in Shondaland, Grownish and Love (or something like it) and Hip-Hop (or whatever) in Miami, Family Feud and Finessee videos have us in our feelings, Blue Ivy's birthday wishes remind us how poor we are, and much more.  For Let's Talk About It Sis, the ladies talk Time's Up, the show of solidarity for awards season, the challenge of imperfect allyship and why American doesn't deserve Oprah in 2020 or beyond.  The year's ashy start burns Lise's biscuits, and Major says wait a minute Mr. Postman. A Tennessee woman who gives us hope and an Alabama woman who showed us

  • Episode 55: 2017, Bye Mane

    21/12/2017 Duration: 01h54min

    We're Outta Here.  In this last episode of 2017, Major and Lise discuss an arrest in the murder of a Memphis legend, a destined bride, Cardi ruining your man's gifts for Christmas, Kevin's rib and sides, and more in the Bold and the Baeless, Baby Budden is here, Serena's got her own building, Maame Biney is ice cold, Charles thinks he's in charge, Kobe retires two numbers, and more in Balls and All, Politikin' sees the tide roll but Lise gives a new senator media training, Imma-roast-her is looking for her people, Happy Birthday to Cicely Tyson and our beloved self-titled, SNL is making history, Nina Simone will find herself among the greats, and much more during What Had Happened.  For Let's Talk About It Sis, the ladies talk the year-in-review, favorite guests, moments, and what they've learned this year.  Memes that can't spell mane burn Major's biscuits and Lise is over local tastemakers ignoring Black-owned businesses. OGs in the podcast game get our homage and coins for the Love Offering. A week for Bla

  • Episode 54: We Gotta Have It

    05/12/2017 Duration: 01h31min

    Or maybe not?  In this episode, Major and Lise talk living a washed life in Nashville, a princess of color, Mimi reclaiming her time and coin, Birdman and Toni are chicken and waffles and tis the season for locking it down in the Bold and the Baeless, the Harts welcome a baby boy, Balls and All celebrates Memphis ballers, Lebron's ejection and the Preds help deliver an icy proposal, Happy Plea Day for Politikin', Peace, Love and Soul was must-see TV, Jay-Z evolves in new interview, Matt Lauer is yesterday's news, Russell Simmons' decided to throw stones from a glass house, Major picks a side in the Cam'ron v. Mase beef, T-Pain tries to ruin childhoods, and much more.  For Let's Talk About It Sis, the ladies discuss the new Netflix series, She's Gotta Have It, and whether they wanted any of Ms. Nola Darling's complicated and layered story.  Lise's biscuits are slightly toasted by body-shaming, Major is here for the King's school, the Infinity War trailer has mixed reviews in the Geek Corner, and a Georgia peac

  • Episode 53 - Don't Cancel, Counsel

    22/11/2017 Duration: 01h31min

    One man's trash is another's read.  In this episode, Major and Lise say rest in peace to the non-ashy patriarch of a Black TV family and a queen who was in charge of the girls. The ladies also discuss Serena's fairytale nuptials, the broken marriage and engagement of two supreme vocalists and more in the Bold and the Baeless, Tia has baby news, homage to wrestling's pretty boy, cool runnings in real life, the GA dome demolition, and not cancelling Gabby Douglas in Balls and All, Politikin' sees 45 find a worthy foe in a big baller, Alabama is on the fence about molestation, SNL and the AMAs were Must See TV, Baduism is 20 years old, the internet remains in tact despite Nicki's recent cover, whether Meek has to be a hero to be free, Jay-Z in the 'Ville, and much more.  A new segment is introduced, Moisturize Your Opinions, and Lise finds her own ashy spots.  For Let's Talk About It Sis, the ladies talk gratefulness and the difficulties of navigating the holiday.  A TN teacher who can't respect a child's religi

  • Episode 52: Tired Tantrums

    08/11/2017 Duration: 01h25min

    What More Do You Want From Us?  In this episode, Major and Lise promise our thoughts and actions for those lost in attacks in New York and Texas, Bold and the Baeless has Mary J's vocal leaving folks unemployed, one Braxton sister's marriage is ending and another is in taking flight with love, a film about Flint feels premature, whose vocals can honor Whitney, We Gettin' Old but American Gangster has aged well, Tina and Chrisette are not going to make choice-shaming or fetch happen, #JusticeForJazzy, why we haven't one tear to shed for a certain pizza papa, and much more. For Let's Talk About It Sis, the ladies talk Tyrese's social media spiral and how emotional manipulation shows up on our timelines and in our lives.  The hypocrisy of praising Diddy while punishing Ciara burns Major's biscuits and Lise's are likewise crispy for the saints who can't let a first lady enjoy Halloween. A great new book full of historical Black girl magic and beauty queens highlighting the ugliness of abuse get our Love Offering.

  • Episode 51: Sharing Is Caring

    24/10/2017 Duration: 01h28min

    Or is it?  In this episode, Major and Lise are back after homecoming almost took them down to talk Shaq getting on one knee, Kevin Hart wants to be paid for his pain, Chance's daughter has grammys to count, Balls and All includes Lebron's snack-ish GQ cover, Marshawn is a national treasure, two MVPs can't take the Grit or Grind, Jemele is back on the scene with the gangster lean, Pop uses his privilege for good and much more, The Mane Event was Must-See TV, a Love and Hip Hop star needs all the lotion, throwing out the whole Shad Moss, Gabrielle Union preaching the sexual reciprocity gospel, Selena finally gets a star and so much more.  For Let's Talk About It Sis, the ladies dig deep and talk the #MeToo social media moment, the impact of sharing (or not sharing) your pain publicly, and the spectrums of behavior that make pervasive sexual harassment possible.  A certain female rapper gets on every nerve in Major's neck and back, and Lise wants y'all to put some respect on Light Skin Aunt Viv's name in Burns M

  • Episode 50: Queen Tings feat. 88th Miss TSU

    12/10/2017 Duration: 02h13min

    Get Geeked! It's Homecoming Week!  In our 50th episode, Major and Lise talk first lady drama and Jhene making a Big (and permanent) statement on love, Balls and All is chalked full of news from Cam's sexism, Shannon's cigar celebration, Jerry Jones reversing on bending the knee and Jemele's suspension, Bob Corker's clapback game is strong, Blackish taught us about slavery, Bonnie and Clyde remind us We Gettin' Old, Tyrese needs a check (not social media), Nelly is a creep, Nene is deplorable, Wendy can save her tears after victim-shaming sexual assault victims, does Dove actually need lotion, lemon pepper wings brings out Black Hollywood in Atlanta, and much more.  For Let's Talk About It Sis, the ladies are joined by Kayla Smith (@_killak), the reigning 88th Miss Tennessee State University to talk what it is like to be a HBCU student now, how she's redefining the queen role, and why homecoming is much more than just the parties.  We also feature our Homecoming agenda. One event we want to highlight is High S

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