Searchlights From The Scriptures



"The unfolding of Your words gives light" Psalm 119:130


  • Keep Moving Forward (Joshua 1)


    On August 6, 2017, I preached my final sermon at Immanuel Baptist Church as pastor. Lord willing, I hope that it is not my final sermon, or even my final sermon at Immanuel, but it is my final one as pastor. As I considered what I should say in my final address, I concluded that the best thing I could do was "keep moving foward" in my Essential 100 series, and as God would have it in His good

  • The Destructiveness of Idolatry (Exodus 32)


    Audio  Over the last thirty years or so, the world of banking has changed tremendously. I can remember when the use of ATM machines became prominent. No longer did you have to go the branch during business hours and deal with a teller to make your transaction. You could make transactions 24 hours a day, and many times somewhere other than at the bank. Then we started using debit cards instead

  • Encountering the God Who Speaks (Exodus 19-20)


    Audio  Why are you here? I suppose that there are a variety of reasons that people come to church on Sunday morning, so what is your reason? Have you come out of a sense of duty or tradition? Have you come to socialize with your friends? Have you come because you had nothing better to do? Or have you come because you realize that man does not live by bread alone, but by every word that