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  • Urban City Radio The Mixtape w/ Willie G

    27/01/2021 Duration: 01h01s

    Join the UCR crew as they talk with Willie G about his new podcast and EP1.All We Got - Willie G & S.W.A.G.G2.In My Head - JB SamSon3.Crazy - Bizzle ft. Datin & Jared Sanders4.Relentless - A.I. The Anomaly ft Bizzle5.No Pressure - Al Harris6.Purse Chayil Eden7.Pen Strokes - Willie G8.Let It Reign - KB9.Restored - Lecrae ft. 1K Phew, Wande, & HulveyFeature Feedback Song - Time Back - Survivor Que10.Grace - Willie G ft Darius Dior11.Lois Lane - Indi Glo12.Night Glow - Social Club Misfits13.Xmas in the stiX - nobigdyl

  • Urban City Radio The Mixtape w/ Brother Zo

    30/10/2020 Duration: 59min

    Join the UCR crew as we talk to Brother Zo about his Don't boo VOTE ft 1KPhew1. The People – CeeJ2. Mama Told Me – AC the Future3. Alright, Alright – Derek Minor & Canon ft Byron Juane & Greg James4. God On My Side – Social Club Misfits ft Ty Brasel5. W.Y.T – Miles Minnick ft nobigdyl6. Heaven Up Above – Hulvey7. We Right Here – KB8. Potential – Reconcile9. No Cap – Wande10. God Taught Me – ZaunteeFt Feed Back Song – Clouds – JT Brown11. Wheels Up – Lecrae ft Marc E. Bassy12. 4AM – Whatuprg13. Fieldhouse Freestyle – nobigdyl & 1kPhew14. Ex-Hell – Ty Brasel

  • Urban City Radio The Mixtape w/ Murk

    24/09/2020 Duration: 01h01s

    Join the UCR crew as they talk with Murk about her new album 31 Gang.1. Doin the Most - Murk2. F.O.M.O - Jon Keith3. Woo - Wande4. Willy - nobigdyl ft Andy Mineo5. Ghetto - Porsha Love ft Marc Stevens & Miles Minnick6. Is That Okay - Social Club Misfits7. Classic - Murk8. Lil Boy - KB9. Doin Me - JB SamSonFeature Feedback Song - Long Way - Keasha10. Talk Good - Cierra Blessednda House11. Otherside - Hulvey12. Purse - Chayil Eden13. Don't Fail Me - A.I. The Anomaly14. Woman - Jackie Hill Perry

  • Urban City Radio The Mixtape w/ CeeJ

    03/09/2020 Duration: 01h29s

    Join the UCR crew as they talk with CeeJ about his upcoming album "Good Morning Melanie"1. 100 Blessing - CeeJ2. No Floss'N - Reggie Rocc3. Main Stays - Darius Dior4. Boss Moves - Al Harris ft Joe Wallace5. Armies - KB6. Silver - Ceej ft JB SamSon7. Feel A Way - Bizzle8. Water 4 Me - Aaron Cole ft Not Klyde & Parris Chariz9. Made - Jon KeithFeature Feedback Song - Roll Out - Archangel ft K-Drama10. Zombie - Lecrae11. Back In The Ring - Datin ft M. Tarver12. No Ring - Murk ft Dee-113. Stix - nobigdyl

  • Urban City Radio The Mixtape w/ Dr. Brandon Glover and Sheena Faust

    23/07/2020 Duration: 01h01s

    Join the UCR crew as they talk with Dr. Brandon Glover and Sheena Faust about the upcoming film Son of a Preacher Man .1. I'm Lit - teamJesus2. Black king & queen - Adam Larenz ft Cierra Blessednda House3. Get My Praise On - Cadillac Freeze ft Ron Columbo4. Trust - Jon Keith5. 10k - KB6. Parabolic - nobigdyl7. Overcome - teamJesus ft SC Female CHH Cypher8. Strong God - Kirk Franklin9. Statement - Joey Vantes ft nobigdyl, Aaron Cole & Jon KeithFeature Feedback Song - Champion - Harmini10. Poppin - Bizzle11. Deep End - Lecrae12. The One With No Discounts - Marty of Social Club Misfits ft Gawvi & Tommy Royale13. Big Dog Walking - Canon ft MainMain

  • Urban City Radio The Mixtape w/ Big Redd

    17/06/2020 Duration: 01h02s

    Join the UCR crew as they talk with Big Redd about his new radio show.1. Running Back to You - Big Redd ft Fred Hammond2. Alive and Well - Datin ft Da Truth3. Christ Gang - Bizzle4. Who You Gon Be - Gawvi ft Israel Houghton & Trip Lee5. All You - Darius Dior6. Talk Good - Cierra Blessednda House7. Don't Walk Away - Eshon Burgandy8. Whirlwind - Ty BraselFeature Feedback Song - My God - Survival Q9. Detached - JB SamSon10. The One Where I Talk With God - Marty ft Andy Mineo & Tree Giants11. Home - Tedashii ft Dave Crowder12. Sweet Victory - Trip Lee ft Dimitri McDowell & Leah Smith

  • Urban City Radio The Mixtape w/ Darius Dior

    22/04/2020 Duration: 01h01s

    Join the UCR crew as they talk with Darius Dior about his new album "Audio Grace"1. Audio Grace - Darius Dior2. People Don't Want That Real - Dee-13. Set Me Free - Lecrae ft YK Osiris4. Been There - Chris Darnell ft Loni Music5. Armies - KB6. Still - Darius Dior7. No Floss'n - Reggie Rocc8. Strength Lies - AC the Future9. Lucky You - BizzleFeature Feedback Song - God Over Money (G.O.M) - Deonte Hall10. I Feel Like Rapping Again - Jered Sanders11. Jungle - Datin ft Shiwan & Parris Chariz12. Not Too Far - Gawv

  • Urban City Radio The Mixtape w/ S.W.A.A.G.

    18/03/2020 Duration: 01h01s

    Join the crew as we talk to S.W.A.A.G1. Water - S.W.A.A.G.2. Switch - Lecrae & Zaytoven ft ShySpeaks3. Nothing Like That - Jered Sanders ft Dre Murray4. No Fear - Reconcile5. Can't Hear U - 1k Phew ft Aha Gazelle6. The Way - S.W.A.A.G.7. Only - Derek Minor8. Sometimes - Chris Darnell ft Sam Goody, Junior Churchill & Pastor Chandler Bailey9. R.I.C.H - Bizzle ft Kiddy BiznessFeature Feedback Song - Crown - Rocklee10. We Fight (Color Purple) - Datin ft 1k Phew & Wande11. No Ceilings - Wande12. Use This Gospel - Kanye West ft Clipse & Kenny G

  • Urban City Radio The Mixtape w/ Jered Sanders

    20/02/2020 Duration: 01h01s

    Join the UCR crew as they talk with God Over Money artist Jered Sanders about his new album Hope Is Dope 21.Blessed – Jered Sanders ft Derek Minor2.The Power – Ty Brasel ft KB3.Cassiaus Clay – Aaron Cole4.Begged Forgiveness – Reconcile5.Primo – Bizzle ft Bryann Trejo6.Welcome to the Trap – Selah The Corner ft Stefanotto & Datin7.No Hell – Jered Sanders8.Never Going Back – Darius James ft Aaron Cole9.Out My Zone – Bumps INF ft BizzleFeature Feedback Song - Still – Dior10.Sovereign – Sevin11.Adventures of ‘Ye – Parris Chariz ft Aaron Cole & M.C.12.Drum Talk – Al Harris & CeeJ13.Boast (Remix) – S.O. ft Bizzle & Datin

  • Urban City Radio The Mixtape w/ 4KNWN

    30/01/2020 Duration: 01h02s

    4KNWN joins the UCR crew1)Rise – 4KNWN2)Red Light, Green Light – Bizzle ft. Zauntee3)Another Win – Swoope ft KB4)Swish – Derek Minor ft Greg James5)No Pictures of Jesus – Dee-1 ft Murs6)War Torn – Thi’sl ft Fiend7)Tempest – 4KNWN FT R-Swift8)Live Forever – 116 ft Wande, 1k Phew, Aaron Cole, Trip Lee, Hulvey, Tommy Royale & Tedashii9)Run My Fade – Jered SandersFeature Feedback Song – I Heart God – S.W.A.A.G10)Hold Me Back – KB11)Paid My Dues – NF12)Faith and Patience – nobigdyl ft Parris Chariz13)Eden Life – Chayil Eden

  • Urban City Radio The Mixtape w/ Murk

    18/12/2019 Duration: 01h30s

    Join the UCR crew as they talk with Murk about her new singles.1)No Ring - Murk2) 0 Degrees - Ceej & Al Harris3) Counted Me Out - Adam Larenz4) Wild N Out - 1k Phew ft Lecrae 5) Where Do You Want Me To Go - AC the Future ft JB Samson6) All In - Jered Sanders ft George Rose7) Comments - Propaganda & Derek Minor8) Call U Back - Murk9) 4 These Blessings - Uncle Reece10) Never Fold - Eshon BurgundyFeature Feedback Song - Nikki - Aimeè11) This is Not The End - Thi'sl ft V. Rose12) Drip Lee - WHATUPRG & 1k Phew13) Everything We Need - Kanye West ft Ty Dolla $ign & Ant Clemons

  • Urban City Radio The Mixtape w/ Regal Jones

    23/10/2019 Duration: 01h02s

    Join the UCR crew as they talk to Regal Jones about his self titled debut album.1.Glow Stick - Regal Jones2.PS 27:13 - Chayil Eden3.Real Ones - G.O.M ft Bizzle, Bumps INF, & A.I The Anomaly4.Dope - Derek Minor & Propaganda ft John Givez5.John Ten Ten - CJ King6.Champion - Regal Jones7.Price of Life - Derek Minor8.Back In My Bag - Aaron Cole9.Hold Me Back - KBFeature Feedback Song - What You Bang - Made 4 Christ10.Idols Die - StefanOtto ft Datin11.Gone Fishing - Selah The Corner12.Lately - Parris Chariz ft Daesy13.California Dreaming - Lecrea ft John Givez

  • Urban City Radio The Mixtape w/ The New Cool

    25/09/2019 Duration: 01h40s

    Join the UCR crew as they talk with The New Cool 1.No Xtra - The New Cool2.Chillin (In The Breeze) - JB SamSon3.For The Better - Bizzle4.Flashback - Aaron Cole ft 1KPhew5.Pick'em Up - A. I. the Anomaly ft Selah The Corner6.Church in The Bando - The New Cool7.Wake Up - Derek Minor8.Good Day - CJ King9.Long Way to Go - Jered SandersFeature Feedback Song - Suge Knight - Zeno Suave10.Chess - H.U.R.T ft Sevin & Bizzle11.Lincoln - KB12.Glory - Whatuprg ft Gawvi

  • Urban City Radio The Mixtape w/ J Torah

    29/08/2019 Duration: 01h02s

    Join the UCR crew as we talk to J Torah about his new EP Imperfekt.1)Imperfekt - J Torah2)Waves - True Verses3)Like It Love It - Erica Mason4)Mindfull - CJ King ft Jered Sanders5)Back Soon - 1K Phew ft KB & Parris Chariz6)Count It Up - J Torah7)There For Me - Aaron Cole8)Ballin - MizzBluEyezSol9)Pretty Sad - V. Rose ft WandeFeature Feedback Song - Church In Da Trap - Krize ft Luke G10)Bands - Wande ft Byron Juane11)Who Gon Stop Us - Derek Minor ft Tony Tillman12)22 - Bizzle13)Eastside - A.I. The Anomaly

  • Urban City Radio The Mixtape w/ Erica Mason

    17/07/2019 Duration: 01h01s

    Join the UCR as we talk to Erica Mason about her new EP "Seek Life"1. Talks With Loneliness - Erica Mason2. Little Getaway - V. Rose ft Young Noah3. Emcee Hammer - nobigdyl4. I'm Good - Jared Sanders5. Right Now - Derek Minor & Canon6. Wake Up Call - Erica Mason7. Fuego Remix - Wande ft Parris Chainz8. Horoscope - Young Noah9. David - Jon Keith ft Derek Minor & Joey Vantes10. You Got My Heart - Palace ft BizzleFeature Feedback Song - Don't Fold - Double ATL ft Jared Sanders & George 11. Drip - Erica Mason 12. Sipping My Tea - A.I. The Anomaly13. Fasho - Aaron Cole14. So Long - Whoz Meech

  • Urban City Radio The Mixtape w/ V Rose

    23/05/2019 Duration: 01h02s

    Join the UCR crew as they talk with V. Rose1. S.O.S - V. Rose2. Shooter - Bizzle ft V. Rose3. Happy - Servant ft V. Rose4. Thin Ice - Charlie Gist ft V. Rose5. Thank The Lord - Mission ft V. Rose6. Jetpack - Young Noah ft V. Rose7. Your Will - Gregory Luster ft V. Rose8. Fed Up - Flame ft V. RoseFeature Feedback Song - Made - Michelle Lee9. Like You Do - Roy Tosh ft V. Rose10. Born Ready - Terrance Richmond ft V. Rose11. Ain't Worried - 5ive ft Datin & V. Rose12. Redemption Story - J. Cook ft V. Rose

  • Urban City Radio The Mixtape w/ Al Harris

    24/04/2019 Duration: 01h01s

    Join the UCR Crew as they talk with Al Harris.1. Blessed Up - Wande2. Good to Go (Pt 2) - Canon3. Miss Me - A. I.4. Raw - Jon Keith5. Don't Sleep on Me - Maddie Rey ft Steven Malcolm6. Veteran Fresh R-Swift ft The Saga7. My Time of Need - Al Harris ft So'Lex8. When We Pull Up - TK Lee ft Rock Solid & They Call Me Sauce9. Get Me Straight - CeeJ ft Reggie Rocc10. Waiting On You - BizzleFeature feedback song - Audio Grace - Darius Dior11. Ain't Worried - 5ive ft Datin & V. Rose12. Perfected Imperfections - Lance Hitch ft Porsha Love & Calvin Cofield13. Mustard Seed - Jackie Hill Perry

  • Urban City Radio The Mixtape w/ Allegro Nevella

    20/03/2019 Duration: 01h02s

    Join the UCR crew as they talk to Allegro Nevella.1. 2.2 Billion - Allegro Nevella ft Yolanda Adams2. No Days Off - Trip Lee3. Holy Ghost Party - Chayil Eden4. How We Coming - 1k Phew ft Ty Brasel & WHATUPRG5. No Flex - Wande ft ikilledmarlon6. Deceiver - Mizz BluEyezSol7. Crescendo - Jackie Hill Perry8. Church - Samm Henshaw ft EARTHGANG9. Shooter - Bizzle ft V. RoseFeature Feedback Song - All I Need is You - Kevin Bennon ft T. Will10. Woke Up This Morning - Flame11. God Flex - Tedashii ft Trip Lee12. Sauce is Forever - Jered Sanders13. Breathe - Deraj ft Cass

  • Urban City Radio The Mixtape w/ Chayil Eden

    20/02/2019 Duration: 01h02s

    Join the UCR crew as we talk to Chayil Eden about her debut album "War."1. For Good - Chayil Eden 2. Jesus - Cierra Blessednda House ft Patrice Williams & Montina3. Your Will - Greg Luster ft V. Rose4. Lazarus (Remix) - Trip Lee ft Thi'sl5. Elevate - Byron Juane ft Jon Keith6. I Believe - Dzyne By God 7. Future - Heesun Lee8. Everytime - Social Club Misfits 9. Lotto - Bizzle ft Selah The CornerFeature Feedback Song - For My Lord - Chuck Phenomenal10. Promised Land - Aaron Cole11. Lord of the Lies - Canon ft Sirron Reid12. Thass God - Jon Keith13. Only One - 1K Phew

  • Urban City Radio The Mixtape w/ Mr. Del

    22/01/2019 Duration: 01h02s

    Join the UCR crew and special guest host Mizz Blu Eyez as they talk with Mr. Del about his new album "Black"1. On God - Mr. Del ft Canton Jones & Uncle Reese2. Rewind - Nerva ft Tonespain3. God Be True - Chayil Eden4. Down Like That - Aaron Cole ft Koryn Hawthorne5. I'm From - Gregory Luster6. Focus - Canon7. Be A Man - nobidyl ft WhatUpRg8. Shudda - Porsha Love ft Lance Hitch9. I Gotta Live - WandeFeature Feedback Song - No Turning Back - Shawn Green10. No Gas - Gawvi11. My God - J. Monty12. Greatness - Ty Brasel13. Lil Holy - WhatUpRg14. Supa Dope Chick - Tiffany J

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