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Welcome to Borealis Meditation, a geology podcast for nature lovers and tree huggers of all spiritual paths! I am your own personal geologist Kathleen. Geology is the study of the earth and gives you new eyes to read the landscape around you. Please use this podcast as a starting point to further your explorations into this wonderful planet we are fortunate enough to call home.


  • Borealis Meditation S04E17 - Working with Crystals with Nicholas Pearson

    01/05/2021 Duration: 01h21min

    In this episode I interview Nicholas Pearson the author of Crystal Basics The Energetic, Healing, and Spiritual Power of 200 Gemstones. As usual more information is available in the show notes on the website ~ Kathleen

  • Borealis Meditation S04E16 - Being an Ethical Crystal Consumer

    21/02/2021 Duration: 01h04min

    This is part 2 of a two part series on Crystal Ethics. This episode focuses on the supply chain and how to be an ethical crystal consumer.  Please see the show notes for more information on  ~ Kathleen  @katborealis

  • Borealis Meditation S04E15 - Crystal Ethics - Extraction

    17/02/2021 Duration: 46min

    This is part 1 of a two part series on Crystal Ethics. This episode focuses on Extraction and the supply side.  Please see the show notes for more information on ~ Kathleen  @katborealis  

  • Borealis Meditation S04E14 - Mineral Color

    31/01/2021 Duration: 01h01min

    From the archives! This is an old episode from 2011 on mineral color.  Music played is by Gaia Consort and was used by permission  Please see for more details and the show notes Follow me on twitter and instagram @katborealis 

  • Borealis Meditation S04E13 - Mineral Identification

    30/11/2020 Duration: 48min

    In this episode we have a speed mineral identification class going over the major types of distinguishing features used in mineralogy.  Music is by Kai Altair and SJ Tucker and used by permission  Please see for more detailed show notes Follow me on twitter and instagram @katborealis

  • Borealis Meditation S04E12 - Ask Me Anything

    11/10/2020 Duration: 55min

    In this episode I answer questions covering a variety of topics! I start this episode with a little overview  Show notes are available at

  • Borealis Meditation S04E11 - Ley Lines Part 1 History and Theory

    23/09/2020 Duration: 52min

    In this episode we talk about Ley Lines and their history and theory along with some discussion on plate tectonics. Show notes are available at Music played by permission  Trail of Prayer by Sharon Knight  Follow on twitter @katborealis 

  • Borealis Meditation S04E10 - Rocks, Minerals, Crystals and Gems

    06/08/2020 Duration: 53min

    In this episode we explore the difference between minerals and rocks, and how that relates to crystals and gems.  Show notes available at Music played by permission:  Folds of Evening by Aazav Iron from Stone - Dahm the Bard Follow on twitter @katborealis   

  • Borealis Meditation S04E09 - Deep Time

    09/07/2020 Duration: 32min

    In this episode I talk about Deep Time and how that concept can be used to add context in uncertain times.  @katborealis on twitter and insta

  • Quick Back to Basics - Grounding Meditation

    16/05/2020 Duration: 08min

    Here is a recording of the version of a grounding meditation that I personally use. I hope that this helps especially since right now stress is building on stress and is starting to build up. Take care! 

  • Quick Back to Basics - Breath

    11/04/2020 Duration: 09min

    This is a quick mini-episode going over something basic we all KNOW is good to practice but tend to forget about.  Breath.  Take a deep on and get comfortable. Full episode notes on 

  • Borealis Meditation S04E08 - Earthquakes Q&As

    09/09/2019 Duration: 26min

    Answering some common earthquake questions  website: IG: katborealis twitter: katborealis   Thank you for listening!

  • Borealis Meditation S04E07 - Sarah Rose

    06/05/2019 Duration: 56min

    Come and hangout and myself and an old friend of mine Sarah Rose chatting about making things!    ~ Kat

  • Borealis Meditation S04E06 - Papua with The Collector

    01/04/2019 Duration: 41min

    I hope you enjoy this latest episode of Borealis Meditation. In this episode I sit down with a collector friend of mine who has spent a lot of time in the Indonesian side of Papua, and I asked him some questions I had been thinking about for a while. I hope you enjoy our conversation and please excuse the bad audio quality in the intro and outro I am prepping for a big work trip and had to squeeze in getting this episode edited    ~ Kat

  • Borealis Meditation S04E05 - My Favorite Thing

    28/02/2019 Duration: 01h01min

    In this episode we talk about making friends with volcanoes and what two of my friends were up to last year. Enjoy!    ~ Kat

  • Borealis Meditation S04E03 - Foundations

    15/01/2019 Duration: 35min

    Foundations - "You don’t understand something until you have to teach someone else" Welcome to something new. Unscripted Kathleen! In this episode we cover some concepts I started going over with a friend of mine I am currently teaching. This is a very personal episode because it dives into my thinking. Please let me know what you think. Get ready to welcome into your life: Sparkle! Sparkle Body! Conservation of Sparkle!

  • Borealis Meditaiton - S04E03 - Personal Calendars

    02/12/2018 Duration: 26min

    In this episode we look at customizing your wheel of the year to you and where you live!

  • Borealis Meditation S04E02 Palu Earthquake

    10/10/2018 Duration: 27min

    Season 4 Episode 2 Palu earthquake and tsunami  short conversation on the facts of the event, what was unusual and where the uncertainty comes from.  Enjoy and let me know if anything is broken!  @katborealis  

  • Borealis Meditation S04E01

    27/09/2018 Duration: 17min

    Hello! I am back! I wanted to test that I got everything configured right again so I am releasing a short first episode with a quick overview of forest fires. Also turns out I need to remember not to talk so fast!  Enjoy and let me know if anything is broken!  @katborealis