Thronetogether's Podcast



Just honest praise, and some terrific Bible teaching! We're pretty sure we won't be nominated for any Grammies, but the studio in my office at CHEF has been a lot of fun, and provided some great ministry. We'll upload songs now and then, but will be putting Dr. Randy Scheil's sermons on line, too. Phil's articles have appeared in Worship Leader Magazine, Integrity's website and elsewhere.


  • 10-14-07 Acquire the Fire

    15/10/2007 Duration: 36min

    October 14 2007 Message at CHEF. Pastor Randy Scheil

  • 10-07-07 Getting Started

    15/10/2007 Duration: 45min

    October 7 Message at CHEF - Pastor Randy Scheil

  • 09-30-07 His Story, My Story

    30/09/2007 Duration: 54min

    Luke 1:46-55 God "interrupted" Mary's life with His plan; her response is an example from which we can learn much. Pastor Randy. Also, a testimony from Joy Owen about her upcoming mission to Kazakstan and an interview with Missionary Hope Jeffery

  • 09-23-07 Pastor Randy - Just Walk

    26/09/2007 Duration: 41min

    An introduction to a new series on how we can effectively share our faith with others

  • 09-16-07 Pastor Randy: Witness Through Community

    16/09/2007 Duration: 38min

    Witness Through Community 1 Pet 4:7-11. A stirring challenge on how we can live a transformed life of love - unity - that can change the world.

  • Pastor Randy: Witnessing at Work

    12/09/2007 Duration: 36min

    08-12-07 From Colossians 3:22-4:1

  • Pastor Randy: Witnessing Through Radical Generosity

    12/09/2007 Duration: 37min

    09-09-07 Here's Pastor Randy's Sunday message from Acts 4:31ff: a terrific sermon about how the Gospel transforms us into generous people.

  • We Believe

    30/08/2007 Duration: 03min

    A simple piano/vocal song that explores the God who created us all.

  • Martha, Martha

    24/02/2006 Duration: 03min

    I really like this little song from Luke 10. It's a tale of two sisters. Martha is busy, busy, busy...while her sister Mary is simply amazed by Jesus. Naturally, Martha is upset that Mary isn't helping her, but Jesus' gentle answer is astonishing. He tells Martha she's worried about many things, but "what Mary has will never be taken away." Make mine Mary's.

  • You're Beautiful

    10/02/2006 Duration: 04min

    A dream-like praise song from Psalm 27. Simple and sincere adoration. Junior Phil (Cru Jones) graced this track with the perfect bass part and Jake Neiderhauser (The Milkbox Photo) gently nudged the drums along.