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  • Episode 398: John Shuck's Covid Radio Essays

    10/06/2021 Duration: 55min

    On my new LIVE show, Freedom Loves Company ( Studio B, 8-10 pm Eastern, Sundays), I tell my Covid story through sharing essays I had written when the government lockdowns, restrictions, impositions, and hysteria had just begun. How has my mind changed since those early weeks? This is a great audio podcast to hear and share to recount how this PSYOP began with comment on what I think today. Essays include... A Sermon for Conspiracy Theorists (March 15, 2020) Covid the Movie: The Sequel to 9/11 (March 28, 2020) Free Speech (April 7, 2020) Covid-19 is Fake: Warriors Needed (April 3, 2020) Not Even A Whimper (May 11, 2020)

  • Episode 397: Syria and COVID: Refuting the Lies with Mark Taliano

    08/06/2021 Duration: 55min

    Mark Taliano published the second edition of Voices From Syria with co-author Syrian journalist, Basma Qaddour. Mark is an educator and an activist. He writes:  "We are all being swept across a stormy frothing sea, rudderless, despairing. Not one of us is alone. When we find a common language of truth and peace, we will find salvation. The cancerous hands controlling our fates, our thoughts, our minds, keeping us apart, will be no more. Then we will be free." Indeed. Mark talks with me about Syria and he minces no words in describing the evil unleashed on the Syrian people by the United States, Israel, and their allies through their terrorist proxies, Al Qaeda, Daesh and other mercenaries. We discuss the recent election in Syria and its meaning.  We also discuss the scamdemic and the dictatorship we are under with the excuse of a virus from his perspective in Ontario, Canada. Mark researches and writes for Global Research with Michel Chossudovsky.  Find articles and videos at his website,

  • Episode 396: Fighting Robots with Tessa Lena

    03/06/2021 Duration: 56min

    Tessa Lena is a musician, artist, philosopher, and writer. She lives in New York and writes about Big Tech and its attack on humanity. Her website is  Tessa Lena lived in the Soviet Union and compares life then with life in the US now. With the authoritarian lockdowns, dismantling of rights and freedoms, massive censorship, mis- and dis-information from our institutions, and dystopian craziness since early 2020, is the US in any sense, the land of the free?  This interview was originally broadcast on on May 30, 2021.

  • Episode 395: Was COVID a US Deep State Bio Attack on China and Iran? A Conversation with Kevin Barrett

    02/06/2021 Duration: 54min

    Dr. Kevin Barrett spoke with me on my new show, Freedom Loves Company (Sunday 8-10 pm Eastern, Revolution Radio, Studio B), about the evidence that COVID 19 was originally at least, a bioweapon released on China and Iran by US Deep State operatives. He also connects the "response" through masking, lockdowns, vaccines, and so forth as part of the same trauma. As 9/11 traumatized Americans into muzzled obedience, so COVID has had the same effect. This interview was originally broadcast on on May 30, 2021. 

  • Episode 394: PS 150 Ronnie Cummins and The Truth About COVID-19

    11/05/2021 Duration: 54min

    Ronnie Cummins and Dr. Joseph Mercola are co-authors of The Truth About COVID-19: Exposing The Great Reset, Lockdowns, Vaccine Passports, and the New Nomral--Why We Must Unite in a Global Movement for Health and Freedom. The Forward is by Robert F. Kennedy Jr. It was released in early May 2021 and already has sold 100,000 copies. (Amazon) In this interview, I speak with Ronnie Cummins about the origins of the virus, the responses by our  government including lockdowns, lies, and censorship and what we need to do to take back control. Ronnie Cummins is founder and director of the Organic Consumers Association (OCA), a nonprofit, US-based network of more than two million consumers dedicated to safeguarding organic standards and promoting a healthy, just, and regenerative system of food, farming, and commerce. Cummins also serves on the steering committee of Regeneration International and OCA’s Mexican affiliate Via Organica. He is the author of Grassroots Rising: A Call to Action on Climate

  • Episode 393: Gilad Atzmon and the Upcoming US Civil War

    24/11/2020 Duration: 01h22min

    Gilad Atzmon returns to discuss what he sees as a civil war brewing in the United States over dividing lines that are based on identitarian politics. In this educational and informative interview, he elaborates on a recent post of his, It's Not About Trump or Biden, and he  discusses the history of identitarian politics and why the U.S. is so polarized today. He is the author of The Wandering Who: The Study of Jewish Identity Politics and Being In Time: A Post-Political Manifesto.  In May 2018 he was on my program that commemorated the 70th anniversary of the Nakba "The Catastrophe" and Palestinian resistance. 

  • Plandemic and Censorship: The New Normal? A Conversation with Kevin Barrett

    10/11/2020 Duration: 59min

    I haven't made a podcast in months as my personal life has been upended. But I have moved to a new state, left organized ministry, and am watching the world go to hell. What have you been doing? Thank Allah for Dr. Kevin Barrett. He reached out to me and asked me to be on his radio show, Truth Jihad, and he invited me to co-host False Flag Weekly News. He encouraged me to get my radio show up and running. We recorded this conversation and this will be a start to a new era, inshallah. In this episode recorded on October 30th, we discuss the plandemic, censorship, spirituality, the election, and more. Kevin Barrett is the real deal and I am honored to face the apocalypse (or whatever this is) with him. 

  • Ekklesia

    26/05/2020 Duration: 32min

    In this sermon, Rev. John Shuck calls on the church (ekklesia) to assemble as a physical gathering of people to seek truth, lay on hands, and heal. Text and video at  

  • The Protection of God

    17/05/2020 Duration: 25min

    In this sermon, Rev. John Shuck explores the necessity of discernment in regards to what is happening to us now and the importance of seeking protection for your soul in these chaotic times. Text at

  • The COVID PSYOP: A Conversation with Pastor Chuck Baldwin

    15/05/2020 Duration: 28min

    Dr. Chuck Baldwin is pastor of Liberty Fellowship Church in Kalispell, Montana. He has extensive biography that you can find on the church’s website  I started following Pastor Baldwin on Facebook when another Facebook friend told me that Pastor Baldwin talked about things like the 9/11 deception and other crimes against humanity. The church’s bookstore has Christopher Bollyn’s book, The War on Terror: The Plot to Rule the Middle East for sale. Pastor Baldwin has spoken out about the perpetual "war on terror" and the damage it has inflicted in the Middle East and in America.  Then when this COVID thing started, I saw a presentation by Dr. Annie Bukacek that she gave at Liberty Fellowship challenging the way COVID 19 has been exaggerated on death certificates. I interviewed her about that on Progressive Spirit. Then I saw another presentation also at the church by Ronald Kukal, USS Liberty survivor. So I had Ron Kukal on my program. Ron Kukal is one of t

  • Remember the Liberty! A Conversation with Ron Kukal, USS Liberty Survivor

    13/05/2020 Duration: 01h18min

    Photo credit: Ron Kukal (left) with Admiral Merlin Staring former Navy Judge Advocate General at Ron Kukal's home in Sheridan, WY in 2006. “ON JUNE 8, 1967, while patrolling in international waters in the Eastern Mediterranean Sea, USS Liberty (AGTR-5) was savagely attacked without warning or justification by air and naval forces of the state of Israel.  Of a crew of 294 officers and men (including three civilians), the ship suffered thirty four (34) killed in action and one hundred seventy three (173) wounded in action.” From the USS Liberty Veterans Association Website.  John Shuck speaks with a survivor of that attack, Ron Kukal, about what happened on that day, the coverup that ensued, and the truth that is coming out about this attack 53 years later. Ron Kukal is a co-author with other USS Liberty survivors, Phillip Tourney and Ernest A. Gallo, and with primary author, Philip Nelson, of the 2017 book, Remember the Liberty! Almost Sunk By Treason on the High Seas. The book is av

  • Resist the Initiation

    11/05/2020 Duration: 30min

    Sermon for Sunday, May 10, 2020. The use of isolation through quarantines of healthy people, social distancing, and mask-wearing are part of an initiation process to permanently separate us from one another, thus preparing us for a different kind of existence led by those who are conducting this ritual. The imposition of masks upon the human population has nothing to do with health. Even as this is what we are told this is all about. These masks, as I see it, are tools of a satanic ritual transformation. We are being initiated to die to all of our previous relationships. 

  • Software Program or Soul?

    04/05/2020 Duration: 20min

    This is a sermon for May 3, 2020. I discuss the banning of truthtellers from the megaplatforms and what this means regarding this COVID operation. In particular, i talk about what it means to be a spiritual person in a time in which humanity is being transitioned into becoming robots. 

  • Are COVID 19 Death Certificates Being Manipulated? A Conversation with Dr. Annie Bukacek

    13/04/2020 Duration: 56min

    Dr. Annie Bukacek of Kalispell, Montana speaks with me about COVID19 death certificates. How do doctors decide whether or not to attribute a death to COVID19 and are the COVID19 deaths being exaggerated? We also discuss what care is not happening during this lockdown and we talk about whether or not the lockdown is good for our health as individuals and as a nation. Find her presenation on Youtube, Montana Physician, Dr. Annie Bukacek discusses how COVID 19 Death Certifiates are being Manipulated. Find Annie Bukacek on Facebook and find her website Doctors Unmask COVID 19.

  • Anastasis 2020

    12/04/2020 Duration: 24min

    A sermon for Easter Sunday.  For those of you who have known me from before, you know, I have not spoken like this in my sermons or writings. It is because I underestimated the reality and the power of evil. I also underestimated the reality and power of goodness and truth.  No more. 

  • The Long Good Friday

    10/04/2020 Duration: 07min

    Today is Good Friday. It is Friday, April 10, 2020. The Church of the Holy Sepulchre in Jerusalem has closed its doors. This is the first time it has done so since the Black Death in 1349. In my opinion, The Coronavirus or COVID 19 is not the Black Death. Those who have manipulated this operation are the Black Death. COVID 19 is the perfect mechanism to get everything you want, assuming you are Satan or a servant of Satan. Here is an imaginary conversation with myself about what I might do if I were an evil billionaire servant of Satan.

  • Stand On Your Feet: A Sermon for Palm Sunday

    05/04/2020 Duration: 30min

    Churches are shut down. This is unprecedented. What would Jesus do on Palm Sunday? 

  • COVID 19 is Fake: Warriors Needed

    03/04/2020 Duration: 22min

    Here is a radio essay that challenges the accepted view of this "virus" and invites us to entertain other possibilities. A truism falsely attributed to Aristotle, but nonetheless clever goes like this: "The mark of an educated mind is to be able to entertain a thought without accepting it." Topics covered include viewpoints of independent scientists and citizen journalists exposing holes in the offical narrative. Transcript at 

  • The Day of Resurrection--A Sermon

    29/03/2020 Duration: 18min

    This is a sermon for the Fifth Sunday of Lent, March 29, 2020. This is the third Sunday that churches have been shut down by the state. Text at  Image:  Ezekiel in the Valley of the Dry Bones Source:      Elkan, Benno, 1877-1960

  • COVID: The Movie, A Sequel to 9/11

    28/03/2020 Duration: 11min

    I am trying out some radio essays. Ten to fifteen minute essays about topics on my mind. These are my thoughts about COVID. DISCLAIMER: Be warned. These are viewpoints that you will NOT hear on television. Transcript at 

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