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Song of the Soul invites you to a soul-level encounter. Music has the ability to proclaim the soul's language beyond what mere words can speak. That's what we seek as we invite our guests to share their Song of the Soul. You will hear the music that has charted the steps of their spiritual journey, that has provided a touchstone in the soul's dark night, and sung the hearts awe and joy when come to the Light. As you listen to Song of the Soul, you are both witness and companion to our guest's spiritual path and sacred testimony. Song of the Soul guests provide about 25 minutes of the music that speaks of their spiritual path, beliefs or journey, and Mark Helpsmeet explores with them the relevance and meaning of this music to their experience. Some guests are musicians, perhaps sharing their own music, but most guests are simply sharing music they've been impacted by, written and performed by others. The theme song for this program is by Cris Williamson and is called Song of the Soul. Please check out the wealth of great music Cris has gifted to the world.


  • Pain, Dark, Heart, Land, Protest, & Belief - Songs of Social Change Vol. 5


    Andy Douglas was a judge for the 2020, Song for Social Change, Volume 5, a product of the Renaissance Artists & Writers Association. Included in the top 10 were Alastair Moock, Jason Horowitz & The Whiskey Farm, Anita Aysola, Jeremy Facknitz, Dan Miraldi, and Sam Price & the True Believers. Check out Andy and his books, The Curve of the World: Into the Spiritual Heart of Yoga and Redemption Songs: A Year in the Life of a Community Prison Choir. Featured music from Song for Social Change, Volume 5 : Be a Pain - Alastair Moock, watch the video In the Darkness - Jason Horowitz/The Whiskey Farm, watch the video Heartbeat - Anita Aysola, watch the video Land Fills - Jeremy Facknitz, watch the video Sweet Sound of Protest. - Dan Miraldi, watch the video We Believe - Sam Price & the True Believers, watch the video

  • Life, Loss, & Lyrical Longing With Judi Jaeger


    Judi Jaeger grew up in Canada, but moved to the USA decades ago and became a US citizen. Considering her early passion for and proficiency in music, it's surprising that she completely abandoned that side of her soul for about 25 years, while studying and working as a lawyer, and as a parent. And even though she carried her guitar case with her through all of her transitions, it took her a quarter century to finally take out the guitar, and then the flame flared brightly, producing new songs in the acoustic folk/Americana genre, for the last several years partnered with the incredible Bob Reid. All featured music is written by Judi Jaeger, and it is performed by Judi Jaeger & Bob Reid: Greedy Crime - from From Way Up Here Love Caught Her - from From Way Up Here Close My Eyes - from From Way Up Here Town Made of Tents - not yet released You Can't Go Home - not yet released

  • No Regrets From Friction Farm - Aidan Quinn


    Aidan Quinn is half of Friction Farm, and together with Christine Stay (listen to her Nov 2020 interview) they make beautiful, fun, and inspirational folk-Americana-roots music. Aiden was part of many band phases with his brothers, going by names like Glass Hammer, Asteroid, and Quick Profit.Their homestead is an inspiration in itself, but add to it their special musical programs, like Farm to Table, Songs Inspired By Books/Tell Me A Story, and Soundtrack to History, and your heart, mind, and stomach will be transported to rare and precious places. All featured music is written and performed by Friction Farm, both Aidan Quinn & Christine Stay: Louisiana (Rise up like the water) - from Believe Luck or Providence - from Evidence of Hope Insects and Spiders - from I Read Your Book I Will Not Fight (Ferdinand) - from I Read Your Book No Regrets - from Evidence of Hope Robin - from Evidence of Hope

  • Mustard Seed to Dancing Star - Cici Artemisia


    Cici Artemisia is always swimming on the deep side of the pool, even as she enchants & delights. In addition to the 2 decades she performed as part of Bordertown, she discovered a calling to music related to her personal healing journey after sexual abuse memories emerged. Her voice & lyrics shine & captivate, and the music of her guitar & other instruments pluck heart strings & percolate the spirit. See lots of her music on Cici's YouTube channel. All featured music is written and performed by Cici Artemisia: This Is a Test - from The Lucky One To Birth the Dancing Star - from The Lucky One Mustard Seed - from Mustard Seed Don't Say a Word - from The Journey to Wholeness Project "First Flight" (Cici Porter) Thank You Song - from Emergence (Cici Porter)

  • Music Medicine With Tricia Alexander


    Tricia Alexander's songs are Music Medicine. She is also a poet, a minister, a mentor, a healing artist, and, on top of that, she is a wonderful, vivacious, captivating storyteller. With a spirituality spanning all peoples and all lands, she experienced particular transformation through an encounter with Meher Baba. Tricia lives in the wider-Chicago orbit, you can check her out on Tricia's YouTube Channel, & you can support her on Patreon. All featured music is written and performed by Tricia Alexander: One Tree, Many Branches - unreleased Love is All Around Me - from We Are The People It Don't Matter - from Grace We Are The People - from We Are The People This Little Light - from Grace I Will Walk - from We Are The People

  • Stardust Saltwater to Devil's Darner: Jonathan Foster


    Jonathan Foster's music has magic, melody and even some mirth. He's got a deep connection with the Earth, grown out his origins in the shadow of the Adirondacks of the Eastern US, now thriving in the Rockies of Northern California. His alter ego/day job is as a wetland ecologist, glimpses of which peek through his great folk-country-rock lyrics and sounds. I may even get to see him in person, performing in Trempealeau, Wisconsin July 27, 2021, at the Trempealeau Hotel. All featured music is written and performed by Jonathan Foster: Stardust Saltwater - to be released June 2021 on Lantern Shade River's Name - from Help Me Run album Like Snow - from Wildlife The Devil's Darner - from Green Eyed Bird When It Gets Dark - to be released June 2021 on Lantern Shade

  • Blessing to All My Relations


    Who do you know who speaks at least 3 languages, has lived in several countries, performed between Renaissance Fairs year-round for 10 years, writes & sings profoundly deep & moving songs, and can play the harp & the 12-string guitar simultaneously? Ariane Lydon and no one else (to my knowlege)! Living in the Midwest for a couple decades now, Ariane brings a world of beautiful music to our land. All featured music is written and performed by Ariane Lydon, and all of them are previously unreleased: Houseboat The Sun In Our Heart - watch the video Falling Snuggle All Day With You The Migrant Trail Trumpeter Swan All My Relations

  • Wings, Trains, & Gold in Salado, Texas


    For about 10 years Richard Paul Thomas (or on FB) made music around Milwaukee, WI, as part of The Counts, The Polaras, Ron & The Continentals, The Gamblers, The Too Young to Know Anything about Pain & Suffering Singers, and also piles of great music as Susan & Richard Thomas. In 1977 he moved down to Texas to work for The Cousteau Society, and has always had his hand in music, environmentalism, musical theater, and much more. With roots in early rock, folk, country and more, home is now Salado, Texas, and he works full-time at being retired. All featured music is written and performed by Richard Paul Thomas: Riding On a Train - from Salado Everyday's a Present - from Wings of my Heart Look At My Hands - from Salado Retirement Blues (Riding On A Roller Coaster) - from Salado Violetta - from Salado Pot of Gold - from Wings of my Heart

  • Old Finger-Picking Dog With New Tricks: Rolly Brown


    Rolly Brown delivers quality, whether it's his 4x-a-week on-line Curve Flattening Concerts, his guitar instruction, his Bucks County Tai Chi, or his humane dog training info. With a blues name like Coffee Oatmeal Brown, always something awesome cooking in the award-winning finger picking hands of Rolly Brown - follow him on his Facebook page. All featured music is written and performed by Rolly Brown, unless otherwise noted: Brady Street Hotel - see a video of Rolly (starting about 3:15 in) Human Tidal Wave - written & sung by Janice MacKenzie, guitar by Rolly Brown - see video of Janice with Greg Artzner of Magpie Cherished Angels Two Old Dogs - see one of the videos of Rolly singing it 4 Days Till Christmas - watch the video Red Ball Cap - watch video from 8/11/20, starting about 1:45 in On Devil's River - on Dog Is My Co-pilot

  • Love & Family Harmony with David Heitler-Klevans


    David and Jenny Heitler-Klevans have been doing music together as Two of a Kind for around 3 decades. Rooted mostly in the Folk-Americana genre, they have focused on children & family music, 9 albums of it, in addition to a CD for grown-ups. They've garnered 6 Parents' Choice and 3 Creative Child Magazine awards, and a lot more. David, Jenny, and 2 other musicians perform as Acoustic Blender, and they've recorded a few songs by Amanda Udis-Kessler, another friend of NSR. All featured music is written and performed by David Heitler-Klevans, and performed by Two of a Kind or Acoustic Blender: Least Little Thing - from Lead With Love This Old Rocking Chair - from Family AlbumFamily Album Hatred Has No Place - from Lead With Love - watch the Acoustic Blender version video and the video version with Two of a Kind with David & Jenny's sons The Day After - from Lead With Love Big Shoes To Fill - not yet released, watch the live video Family Harmony - from Sing Me Your Story - watch the video

  • Surfing The Undertow With Marci Geller


    Marci Geller can be sweet, has a gift of poetry & melody, sings and writes beautifully, but most of all she weaves a web of magic and inclusion through her music, taking us on a journey of both depth and elevation. Although she currently plays and records mostly on her own, she "plays well with others", like the couple years she went on tour with Blackmore's Night, where she opened for them & sometimes sat in with the band, and the couple years she played with the acoustic trio, Lucky 13. She currently streams 4 short concerts per week from Stonybrook, NY. All featured music is written and performed by Marci Geller: Joy Is - from Bare Replaced By Stars - from Bare Save Me - from Square Peg When This Ends - not yet unreleased It's All About Love - from It's All About Love Surf The Undertow - from Open Book Breathe - from Bare

  • Saturday Singalong With Laura Goetz


    Laura Goetz shares the Saturday Singalong at 6 pm CDT. She shares a wide assortment of group singing tunes, leading with her wonderful voice and accompanying herself on uke, banjo, piano, and even an occasional lip trumpet. Watch, listen, and sing along weekly via Facebook. Laura is a shy Upper Midwesterner with a musical gift created for a wide, but inobtrusive, audience! All featured music is performed by Laura Goetz of Saturday Singalong, and the authors of the songs are indicated below: All of Me by Seymour Simons & Gerald Marks Hard Times - by Stephen Foster Come and Go With Me - Spiritual Its a Good Day - by Peggy Lee and Dave Barbour Well Meet Again by Ross Parker and Hughie Charles We're In This Together - by Ken Adler Love Is All Around Me -by Tricia Alexander

  • Hip-Hop Taking Over Ghana


    Ellis Torku is SEIZE FIRE, bringing powerful, peace-oriented Hip-Hop music from Ghana, in West Africa, to the world. From his High Fire Empire Music Production Company he delivers music with meaning. Find Ellis/Seize Fire on his youtube channel, or on Instagram, and as seizefire_et on twitter.. All featured music is written and performed by Ellis Torku is SEIZE FIRE, unless otherwise noted: Cease Fire - performed with Shasha Marley - watch the video I Love Ghana - performed with Estarr - watch the video One Day - performed with Shasha Marley - watch the video Hip-Hop Taking Over I Wanna Fly/Tso Mi Jo I Love You

  • Punk, Meditation & Healing: Erin Incoherent


    Erin Incoherent's music comes straight out of the punk-rock world, though it maybe has drifted also into the folk-punk genre. Whatever the name, whatever the genre, the music is beautiful, the lyrics are moving, and Erin is, herself, a vibrant, deep soul and wonderful songwriter. With songs that capture pain & dysfunction, but also insight & healing, Erin leads the way to a more conscious & compassionate world. Erin's latest release, Dj Vu emerged as Erin was finding grounding through meditation and conscious living. Check out Erin's main site & store for more info & supplies. All featured music is written and performed by Erin Incoherent: The End of the World (Again) [featuring Minka] - released as a single Of Roaches & Roommates - from Dj Vu - watch the video with interviews & song, and checkout Operation In My Backyard The Plan - from Dj Vu Medusa - from Medusa Disturbia Suburbia - from Medusa Static - not yet released

  • Better Days: Winter 2019 Revisited


    A visit to this program the last 2 months before COVID-19, with brief selections from the 2019 interviews with Susan Salidor, The Fairest and Best, Particle Kid (J. Micah Nelson), Sigrid Christiansen, Dean Stevens, and Sally Rogers, before the live music shut-down of 2020. Featured Music: My Father's Song - from By Heart - Susan Salidor - Full program: Making a Circle of Song (11/16/19) It Could be You - by The Fairest and Best - Full program: Artists Changing the World (11/23/19) Forever Friend - from Particle Kid - Particle Kid (J. Micah Nelson) - Full program: Wondrous Particle of the Nelson Muse (11/30/19) Little Vixen - title track of Little Vixen - Sigrid Christiansen - Full program: Dreams, Animals & Free Folk (12/7/19) 'Twas on a Night Like This - traditional Italian Christmas Carol, adapted by Pete Seeger - Dean Stevens - Full program: Holiday Songs You Won't Hear At The Mall (12/14/19) A Quiet Soul Has Left This Earth - Sally Rogers & Claudia Schmidt on Evidence of Happiness - Full program:

  • Free By Undo Influence - Ryan Summers


    Ryan Summers started making music with a garage band in Chippewa Falls, WI, moved into DJ-ing and producing rave-style music under the name Plastic Portal. In the past 10 years he's produced 2 CDs with Nate Cherrier as part of Midwest Soul Xchange, and another 3 solo albums, the latest called Undo Influence, around his experience with a New Age Internet cult. Though keyboard-centric, Ryan is multi-intrumentalist, creating soundscapes of diverse genres, including progressive electronic to industrial to folk/pop. All featured music is written and performed by Ryan Summers, unless otherwise noted: 15 Parts - performed by Midwest Soul Xchange, from Weakened at the Asylum Simple - performed by Midwest Soul Xchange, from Weakened at the Asylum She Flies - performed by Midwest Soul Xchange, from New American Century Follow You - performed by Ryan Summers, from Undo Influence Osiris Stone - performed by Ryan Summers, from Undo Influence

  • Solace In The Wild with Erin Ivey


    Erin Ivey is a french-speaking, Queen-of-the-Austin singer-songwriters artist who creates some of the best Folk-Americana music around. Erin is also generous with her talents, acting as a songwriting mentor with low-income and underserved youth through Song Rise Arts and Grammy U. Her most recent release is Solace In The Wild. . All featured music is written and performed by Erin Ivey, unless otherwise noted: Lost Girl - by Erin Ivey & Chuck Pinnell, from Solace in the Wild Pierre Latour - from Broken Gold Ca ira (Si vous voulez) -from Solace in the Wild All, in Time - from Sweet Little EP Sorrow No More - from Broken Gold

  • This Too Shall Pass with Chris Wilhelm


    Chris Wilhelm's 5-year journey of healing & growth has birthed his seventh album, This Too Shall Pass, a message & inspiration perfect for the year of COVID-19. Chris' teenage years were a journey mainly through Metal and Punk, but then he was drawn powerfully by the musical inspiration of folk artists like Bob Dylan, Bruce Springsteen, John Prine, and Woody Guthrie on an acoustic voyage of transformation and insight. Having explored the music scene of Boston, then having toured widely and fervently up-and-down the East coast, Chris found a home for his soles and soul in Asheville, NC. All featured music is written and performed by Chris Wilhelm, and is on Chris's latest recording, This Too Shall Pass: This Too Shall Pass I'm Still Praying for a Miracle Long Live Your Tomorrows Dirty Old River This Thing Called Life

  • Music Before COVID - Fall 2019 SOS


    A sampler of the fine Song of the Soul guests in the fall of 2019, before COVID-19 quarantines. With guests east, west, and from the Heartland, we share glimpses of our visits with Phil Hoose, Susan Urban (of February Sky), Joel Landy, Will Fudeman, Carrie Newcomer, and Justin Jay Arnold. There's humor & heart-wrenching, politics & passions, and great music. Featured Music: Allenwood Jail (the Gentlemans Jail) - by Phil Hoose, custom recording for this broadcast, from: Squishing Ants & Missing Miller Time (9/7/19) Inner Voice Shouting - by February Sky, on Time-Honored Pathways, from: Live Fully, Love Wastefully, Sing Passionately (9/14/19) Brave Enough for Love - Joel Landy, on Mixed Messages, from: Singing Freedom in NYC (9/28/19) My Own Blood - by Will Fudeman, on Only One Sky, from: The Green Trees of Ithaca (10/12/19) Impossible - by Carrie Newcomer, on The Point of Arrival, from: Love Beyond Knowing (10/19/19) Guitar or the Gun - by Justin Jay Arnold, recorded live for Song of the Soul, from

  • The Woman In Me - Susan Marie Gallion


    Susan Marie Gallion's song, The Woman In Me has won many a heart, and was even nominated for a Grammy Award. Though Susan wrote it, most folks got to know it through the voice of Crystal Gayle. It's only one of the moving & captivating songs that Susan has done over the decades, from her first band, The Singing Prophets, through her time as part of Susan and Richard Thomas, and since then simply as Susan Marie Gallion. Originally from Milwaukee, WI, she now calls Florida home. You can also find her on Facebook as OceanBirdMusic, and her music is on her Reverbnation page, on Soundcloud, or via Susan's YouTube channel. All featured music is written and performed by Susan Marie Gallion, and is on Susan's recording, Saltwater, Light and Magnetism, unless otherwise noted: The Woman In Me Child of Thunder Dream Like a Baby Dreams This Isn't Me Lovers Holding Hands Ocean Bird - performed as part of Susan and Richard Thomas, with Dana Walden. The Sound of Your Laughter - not released, available only on Susan's Re

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