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  • Are you Undateable??

    21/02/2016 Duration: 59min

    This is our relaunch show on dating and the game. Are you someone who shouldnt be dating at all? Do you have all red flags under your name? Should you get out of the game and wait until the opportune time to date? Or are you in the game and bringing all of your baggage with you? Well today, were talking about it and so much more! Join us at 3 pm pst / 6 pm est. 

  • The Prison System...Modern Day Slavery

    19/08/2015 Duration: 01h49min

    Today on Life, Love, No Chaser we'll take a look into Private Prisons, and whether there is societal redemption after you "pay your debt" by doing your time. Share your personal story of struggle or success if you've been in the system. We will be joined by Joseph Jackson, coordinator of The Maine Prisoner Advocacy Coalition (MPAC) located in Bangor Maine.

  • "Police Lives Matter"

    05/08/2015 Duration: 01h25min

    On this Wednesday at 3 pm were doing a show called "Police Lives Matter". Join us when we welcome our esteemed guest, Dr. Joel Shults operates Street Smart Training and is the founder of the National Center for Police Advocacy.. Dr. Shults is retired as Chief of Police in Colorado. He spent 30 years as a uniformed law enforcement professional. He has an educational background in criminal justice education as well as earning his doctorate in Educational Leadership and Policy Analysis. He'll be on the show to talk about what a police officer's life is like in the streets; the dangerous situations and encounters that police officers face; how some officers do experience PTSD and trauma; some are conditionally, environmentally and situationally aware. Many are not always racist or being harassing. Tune in to hear his perspective about police and their dealings with the public at large. The goal of this show is to create understanding, to present police in another much more positive light and to restore and enhanc

  • Arrested Development...Are You Evolving or Standing Still...

    29/07/2015 Duration: 01h54min

    Wake Up Wednesday!!!! Join Life, Love, No Chaser on Wednesday, July 29, 2015 at 3 pm. eastern / 12 noon pacific. Our topic is "ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT". Are you a man who pulls out all stops to prove yourself desirable/worthy to get that woman you want or need or do you look for her to prove her worth to you? Are you ladies a "Godly Woman" yet you put limitations on what you will or will not do for your man? Is your first thought to GET yours first before you GIVE yours??? Tune in on Wed. Call to listen 347-637-3718. Press 1 to speak your mind.We'll also talk about the Sandra Bland Case. Do you know when you are being arrested or detained??? Do you know the difference? You need to know your rights. Do you know that an officer DOES NOT have to tell you why you are being arrested. Learn more on Life, Love, No Chaser today at 3 pm. eastern time. Call the show, be heard, press 1 to speak. Were talking about Sandra Bland, Relationships and much, much more!!!347-637-3718 3 pm East Coast-TODAY! 

  • Parents! Loose Your Children from Bondage!

    22/07/2015 Duration: 01h07min

    If someone could look into your home life what would they see? Would they be shocked by your parenting or nurturing style? Are you engaging in conduct that is conducive for raising productive children? Are you giving your children the best start in life that they could possibly want or need? What is your parenting style? Are you doing with your children what you learned as an adult and are repeating the same cycles because you don't know any better?Well, no matter the answer you can always be inspired to think about another tool to add to your parenting style. As parents we are seldom "mold makers and breakers." By that I mean we didn't invent the wheel and we can always learn a thing or two. We are not perfect and should sometimes look outside of ourselves and learn a new skill. Join Life, Love, No Chaser today when our guest will be acclaimed author, Abolaji Muyiwa Akinbo. He's the founding pastor of God's Family Bible Church in Palm Coast, Florida. He's written three books and will be on to discuss his vie