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  • Episode 03 – AMS (May 2011)


    The Endeavour space shuttle takes off for its very last trip to space. It brings in its payload bay the AMS experiment, a huge particle detector very much like those of the LHC at CERN Hosts: Ino Agrafioti & Themos … Continue reading →

  • Episode 02 – Ice Cube


    Looking forward to high energy neutrinos from space. Ice Cube is the follow up experiment to AMANDA. Hosts: Ino Agrafioti & Themos Kallos Download MP3: Episode 02 (12:12, 11.3MB) Comments:; Podcast feed: Website: Intro Music by … Continue reading →

  • Episode 01 – The GERDA Experiment


    A new experiment to quest the elusive neutrino properties has been inaugurated last November at Infn Gran Sasso National Laboratories. GERDA (Germanium Detector Array) is searching for a very rare phenomenon which manifestation would confirm that neutrinos are Majorana particles, … Continue reading →