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Sermons presented by the Untarian Universalist Congregation of the South Fork, Long Island, NY


  • Songs and Stories of the Winter Solstice Season

    19/12/2016 Duration: 39min

    The Rev. Kimberly Quinn Johnson will usher in the holidays with multigenerational songs and stories. Our widely acclaimed "UUCSF Holiday Choir" will perform with the brilliance of Walter Klauss on the piano.

  • Episode 46: UUUCSF (Unitarian Universalist) Water Communion Service, Sept 11, 2016

    13/09/2016 Duration: 43min

    The tradition of the Water Communion Service among Unitarian Universalist Congregations is explored by Reverend Kimberly Ouinn Johnson along with spiritual nature of water through sermon, song and congregation recitation. Margi Pulkingham is assisting with worship and Nancy Remkis provides song.

  • Episode 45 Unitarian Univrsalist Sermon: The Rev. Kimberly Quinn Johnson will present, "Whose Are We?"

    05/09/2016 Duration: 40min

    "Who are We", a different sort of question. Kimberly also explores the idea of the UU covenants we make with one another. Presented to the Unitarian Universalist Congregation of the South Fork Sunday, September 4, 2016, in Bridgehampton, NY. The very talented brothers Maxfield and Leo Panish play violet duet. Ken Dorph is worship assistant.

  • Unitarian Universalist- UUCSF Sermon- Aug. 28, 2016

    28/08/2016 Duration: 49min

    Rev. Kimberley Debus minister at the First Unitarian Church of Southold was in the pulpit on Sunday. She explored the concept of "God" with us today (what is a UU to believe?) Through story and song she presents her case in an entertaining way. Kent Martin facilitated and Walter Klauss was at the piano.

  • Unitarian Universalist: UUCSF Sermon, Aug. 21, 2016

    26/08/2016 Duration: 37min

    Galen Guenrich, author of "God Revised: How Religion Must Evolve in a Scientific Age." The Reverend presents "Reason to Hope". How do we persevere in the midst of a world which seems so unjust and conflicted. Nancy Remkus is the musician.

  • Unitarian Universalist Sermon- UUCSF Aug.14, 2016

    26/08/2016 Duration: 44min

    Rev. Natalie Fenimore in the pulpit. Her message is: What brings us together each Sunday and how we, as Unitarian Universalists can relate to each other to find a greater love and peace beyond ourselves.

  • Fear, A Unitarian Universalist Sermon, July 29, 2016

    31/07/2016 Duration: 55min

    UU Congregation of the South Fork (Long Island) presents a sermon on Fear: Understanding it Individually and Collectively. Rev. Linda Anderson is in the pulpit. Sylvester Manor's Bennett Konsesni and his friends perform joyful harmony. This is a UU immersion experience which includes songs and messages.

  • Unitarian Universalist Sermon- July 3, 2016

    10/07/2016 Duration: 40min

    Reverend Kimberly Quinn Johnson explores the connection between Unitarianism and the Founding Fathers and then shifts to the concern about a recent tendency for separation and division based on racism and phobias and a new approach she calls, "Interdependence" on this Independence Day Sermon, 2016.

  • Unitarian Universalist Sermon: May 29, 2016

    21/06/2016 Duration: 46min

    The Rev. Kimberly Quinn Johnson presents "The Struggle and the Dream," inspired by the racial justice work of best-selling author Ta-Nehisi Coates. Leo Panish plays the violin. Margi Pulkingham is the worship associate. UUCSF is located in Bridgehampton, Long Island, NY.

  • Unitarian Universalist-UUCSF Sermon, NY; 5-22-16

    28/05/2016 Duration: 47min

    How universal is a Shakespeare tragedy? When the story of Hamlet is told to the TIV people of West Africa, Slim Moon recounts what happens. It’s not easy when we come together from different perspectives and try to understand one another but it is diversity that is the strength of this religious community and when we are open to each other we find our commonality.

  • Unitarian Universalist Ordination: Rev. Kimberly Quinn Johnson

    24/05/2016 Duration: 01h56min

    This is the recording of the ordination ceremony of Rev. Kimberly Quinn Johnson; ordained by the Unitarian Universalist Congregation of the South Fork on Sat., May 21, 2016

  • Unitarian Universalist- UUCSF-March 27 Sermon

    10/04/2016 Duration: 23min

    Minister Kimberly Quinn Johnson of the Unitarian Universalist Congregation of the South Fork (Long Island) presents an Easter Sermon on "Forgiveness in a Wounded World". Margi Pulkingham is the worship assistant and Abby Fleming is at the piano.

  • Unitarian Universalist Sermon March 20, 2016

    21/03/2016 Duration: 32min

    Minister of UUCSF, Kimberly Quinn Johnson presents a sermon: "Freedom and Belonging". A free church creates it's own traditions bringing treasures from the old and new. Belonging to someone often equates a loss of freedom, but there is freedom in belonging too. The freedom of fellowship. Once we break free from the bonds, what have we? Freedom to have difficult conversations. To be all of ourselves with one another. To forge something new for the 21st century.

  • Unitarian Universalist UUCSF Service 2-28-16

    28/02/2016 Duration: 37min

    "What we talk about when we talk about prayer". A sermon by Kimberly Quinn Johnson, minister at the UU Congregation of the South Fork. Edna Trunzo, worship assistant enters the discussion as a deist. Kimberly takes a more universal approach in this podcast. Abby Fleming is at the piano.

  • Unitarian Universalist Sermon -UUCSF- 2-21-16

    28/02/2016 Duration: 24min

    Kimberley Debus, Minister of the First Universalist Church of Southold presented, "A Desire for Wholeness" in words and song on Sunday, Feb 21. Walter Klaus at piano.

  • UUCSF- Unitarian Sermon- Going With the Flow

    11/01/2016 Duration: 32min

    a Sermon by Kimberly Quinn Johnson delievered on Jan. 3, 2016 in Bridgehampton, NY; introduction by Margi Pulkingham and violin by Sara Gordon

  • UUCSF Sermon-Happiness-Kimberly Quinn Johnson

    12/10/2015 Duration: 32min

    Sermon Oct. 11, 2015 "The purpose of life is happiness...and like so many things in our life, happiness is a choice. Cultivate a positive mental state; be compassionate, turn your efforts toward the common good, not always as easy as it sounds but always, always worth it." Kimbery Ouinn Johnson, minister Unitarian Universalist Congregation of the South Fork, NY.

  • UUCSF- Unitarian Sermon- Aug. 16, 2015 Michel Dobbs

    17/08/2015 Duration: 39min

    Michel Dobbs was in the pulpit and spoke on "Zen Practice: Presence and Love" on Aug. 16. Walter Klaus at the piano.

  • UUCSF- Unitarian Sermon: Aug. 9, 2015

    17/08/2015 Duration: 49min

    On August 9 Jim, Pat, Tuna and Kent presented the story of the "Two Vessels" by Paolo Coelho. The old and leaky bucket never realized how valued he was. Blanca Rodriguez presented the sermon on the "healing touch" of compassion and understanding. Abby Fleming provided the music.

  • UUCSF Sermon-Aug 2, 2015 Rev. Natalie Fenimore

    17/08/2015 Duration: 41min

    On August 2 Rev. Natalie Fenimore from Shelter Rock presented a sermon, "Faith: Your Instruction Manual for Living with Mystery." Sara Gordon was the musician and Margi Pulkingham led the worship.

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