It's My Boat!



If you have questions about boats and boating and just don't know where to start, this is the show for you. We want to help you enjoy our favorite sport.


  • Family Boating Tips

    19/05/2014 Duration: 25min

    Planning a to go boating with your kids this Memorial Day Weekend? This podcast is full of tips for having a great time as a family, Our guest is Kellie Crete, a lifelong boater and mom of two. As well as working in the marine insurance industry as a safety expert, Kellie is also part of Saltworks Marine, a customer-oriented, completely equipped boatyard run by her husband Dan Crete, so she'll talk about boatyard behavior, too. (This show is excerpted from a broadcast that aired March 31, 2014)

  • Boat Apps: Dirty Dog Wire Sizer

    28/04/2014 Duration: 34min

    What if you could determine the correct wire size for your project, save that information, edit, email, and export that same data? We heard from JuliaAshmun and Gayle Dunham of Dirty Dog Software (, about the DC Wire Sizer app they developed for the iPhone and iPad, built on ABYC and NMEA standards.We also discussed the recent news that a NOAA Coast Survey vessel has found a 19th century shipwreck of the City of Chester off the Golden Gate Bridge — again. This wreck is an interesting piece of California history, and its rediscovery points up how much technology has changed in recent years. And we pointed listners to the ABYC award winning app "Boat Essentials" which was developed via a USCG recreational boating safety grant.

  • Boat Maintenance Tips: "Hey! It Works in My Car!"

    14/04/2014 Duration: 32min

    We've invited the experts from Fred's Shed to come in explain why you're favorite tips and trick for car repair may just not work quite so well in your boat.  And sure, we know you want to save money, but cutting corners on the appropriate materials for your do-it-yourself boat-repair project may end up with truly costly bills down the line. Not familiar with Fred's Shed? Get yourself to an NMMA-sponsored boat show! Or take a quick look at the "sizzle reel" right here. If you have questions, send them now to 

  • The Ferry Boat Show

    07/04/2014 Duration: 26min

    There was a time, we've been told, when human beings looked at large bodies of water as barriers to mobility. And then a few hearty souls—Vikings, the Great Chinese Fleet, the Polynesians, and others—figured out that large bodies of water are a way to increase mobility. Today we take transport across water for granted, and in this show we'll celebrate ferries. In fact, for a lot of people, the very phase, "It's my boat!" means "my ferry is coming and I'd better run."  Ann will tell us about how a ferry makes her life in Port Townsend possible. And Barbara Jean reports on her "Day on the Bay" as San Francisco Ferry Artist-in-Residence for the Day. Since one of her favorite boats on the Bay is Adventure Cat, designed by Kurt Hughes, she'll also give us an update on Kurt's work with Ferries, particularly with EarthWise in Africa. What's your ferry story?

  • Kids on Board Your Boat

    31/03/2014 Duration: 34min

    Kellie Crete (Gowrie Insurance) joins us with some tips about how to enjoy boating when you have small children with you. What are the basics to ensure a great—and safe—time for the whole family, on the water, and in the boatyard, too.