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Join The Aluminum Lady, Kitty Johnson and The Sky Steward! Time to chat about the world airline passengers and airline staff live in today. From the latest airline fees and policies to what is happening at, you guessed it, American Airlines and others...this is the show!


  • Airlines Gossip @ American Airlines

    10/07/2012 Duration: 01h01min

    We'll be chatting about everything happening at what used to be the World's largest airlines, American Airlines.  From the Tom Del Valle drama to the Arpey family vacation in the Turks and Caicos!  Join us for talk about travel, destinations and corporate greed.  Plus anything else that's on your mind!

  • Reality In the Air with Gailen

    02/06/2012 Duration: 01h50s

      Gailen David aka The Sky Steward, Savvy Stew and also known for his alter ego "Aluminum Lady"  shares his wild life on the fly as a travel blogger and on-air travel host.  You can see him several times per month on Daytime which airs in over 100 US markets as well as on Good Day Oregon and other regional and local programs. He is also a recurring guest on "Park Secrets" which airs on The Travel Channel. Chat with Gailen and his guests about lots of entertaining travel topics including celebrities, Jetiquette faux pas and what's right and wrong in travel-space. After a 24 year career as a flight attendant for American Airlines, Gailen was terminated after he exposed corporate corruption at the airline. American Airlines also filed a lawsuit along with motions to subpoena all of his records from Facebook, Twitter, ATT Wireless and more.  Although he is no longer with American Airlines, he is leading tens of thousands of their employees on a crusade to bring their airline back to the leadership position it hel

  • Reality In the Air with Gailen

    31/05/2012 Duration: 01h05s

    It's time to chat live on the air! Call into the show and ask me questions and/or share your travel stories and let's talk! Remain anonymous or put it all out there!  Visit Dear Sky Steward for the latest!  Today we'll be talking about what is happening at American Airlines regarding social media and the company's efforts to stifle communications between employees during a very difficult time. Should companies make one deal with their employees and then change the rules offering nothing more than a suggestion to find another job?  Lots to talk about. 

  • Jetiquette 6: You Have Arrived

    17/06/2011 Duration: 26min

    In this episode of the Jetiquette Podcast we discuss making your time at your destination airport more enjoyable and stress free. This week we are joined by Gabrielle from the Hangar Flying pilot podcast. We recorded this episode a few weeks ago and discussed the news at that time. As we saw recently with the A380 clipping the regional jet - stay seated! You can use your phone while taxing, but be courteous If you checked your bag - stay seated - plenty of people watching, and keep yourself out of the falling bag danger zone from clumsy customers

  • Jetiquette 5: Sit Back and Relax

    07/06/2011 Duration: 38min

    In this week's airline Jetiquette podcast we discuss making your inflight experience more enjoyable and stress free. Join the Sky Steward to discuss:Reclining your seat - a right or privilege?Buy on board snacksDiscussion of Miami food and activitiesand more...Please join us every week to discuss making travel better! Remember to check out Gailen's blog at