Thought You Knew The Podcast: Motivation And Ideas For Your Success



Want that extra motivation to push your grind to the next leave? Here you find that little thing you need to look past the old and into the new. Looking to find your ambitions again, so are we. Finding new ideas, motivation, drive, grind, and self-worth thats what we want to bring for you. A place where you are understood and thinking outside of the box is welcomed. Providing the little gut check wake up calls to remind you that you are more then what you think you can be. Giving you a quote a episode by proven leaders to give your mind clarity. Its time to get back to the grind, its time to get back to your aspiration, its time to remember that you are in control of your success. A change for your success start with you, now lets get after it! If you are moved by what you hear and get that drive back leave us a review and share with other that you want to see have success as well.