Greetings From Kentucky



Topical commentary and conversations about life and what makes us who we are. Laughing, music and the occasional cocktail included.


  • JonGent Part Deux - For Realzzzz

    14/04/2012 Duration: 45min

    Ok, we're going for it again.  Jon's gonna continue to school us in film and I'm gonna try to argue with him.  But Jon's so nice that it probably won't amount to much.  You should listen anyway!  You should also call in if you have something to say.  When: Friday, 11PM EST  Where: BlogTalkRadio Why: Nothing better to do. No? Yes.Be there...or don't and listen later!

  • JonGent's Canted Camera - Part Deux!

    17/03/2012 Duration: 23min

    Join us for the continuation of our conversation on film and life, this time with less waiting in the beginning.  Don't miss it! Listen here this Friday at 11PM EST

  • JonGent's Canted Camera

    03/03/2012 Duration: 45min

    Jon Gent brings the goods, the smarts and some very strong willed opinions as a avid lover of film.  Good film, to be precise. He will be taking us on a journey of lists to educate, to enlighten and possibly entice some hard-nosed arguments with Molly.  Personally, I can't wait. This week's drink is the Pulp Fiction Don't be left out in the...mild, join us tomorrow night at 11PM!

  • Baby Sister Lost & Found

    12/02/2012 Duration: 44min

    After a difficult few weeks with no contact, including the night she completely blew us off, Baby Sister has returned full force!  She'll be catching us up on: Her new (younger) beau-hunk How she BROKE HER HEEL... Life on the Show Choir Competition circuit in Mississippi and how that compares to Toddlers and Tiaras.  Because somehow I imagine them to be similar How to celebrate Mardi Gras proper in the dirty south What the heck we're doing for vacation this summer Tune in Saturday night at 11PM EST...or else, y'all.

  • Zombie Apocolypse Now

    04/02/2012 Duration: 31min

    Join Molly as she interview's her dear friend Lara.  Lara is a nurse, zombie historian and survival expert.  She'll give us some tips on how to survive the impending Zombie Apocolypse. Tune in or you might not survive! Love,Molly