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What About Today?! is designed to help the world focus less on the glorification of busy and more on the enjoyment of living - on remembering to live for today, and not just for someday. Life has somehow become more and more focused on proudly brandishing the badge of busy, running the rat race, doing more stuff in less time, and running frantically in the proverbial hamster wheel - but truly getting nowhere fast. What About Today?! reminds people to slow down a little bit, savor life, take time to enjoy the things that really make life worth living, and make space for some enjoyment each week. Life is busy, we all know and understand this fact. But today is a gift, and What About Today?! implores you to get out there and unwrap it - now, while time is still on your side!


  • Don't Deny Your Own Complexities - Embrace Them!

    19/03/2015 Duration: 36min

    2015-03-05:  Jeremy Mallory stops by to tell you that it's okay to be weird. Embrace it, enjoy it, revel in it, even. Just be true to you, be kind to others, and be honest. He should know, he's an honest attorney with a degree in ethics and religion - kind of an awesome can of mixed nuts! Join us as Jeremy engages Lisa with stories of his youth, and a gentle reminder to always be yourself!

  • It's Time to MommyProof Your Life!!

    05/03/2015 Duration: 18min

    2015-03-05:  Joy Ycasiano-Dejos shakes things up a bit today by enlightening moms and moms-to-be everywhere about how to stay sane, ditch the guilt, and embrace mommyhood with passion, dignity, and fun! Yes, you can enjoy your pregnancy and even those newest days/weeks of being a mommy without losing yourself in the process! Find more about Joy's Mommy Proofing programs at MommyProofingCoach.com and you can follow Joy on Twitter at @MommyProofCoach!

  • Choose Your Most Important Relationship FIRST!

    19/02/2015 Duration: 23min

    2015-02-19:  Today Rachael Kay Albers gives us the inside scoop on The One Year Wedding and on commiting - and recommitting - to your most important relationship each and every day! Whether that relationship is to your partner, your children, or even yourself - you can achieve amazing results by commiting yourself to it every day for an entire year. Yep, even when you don't feel like it! Find more about Rachael's beautiful web design skills at RKAink.com and you can find out all about The One Year Wedding here!

  • Have More Meaningful Conversations

    29/01/2015 Duration: 22min

    2015-01-29:  Today Autumn Tompkins riffs on an epidemic occuring all around us where people are blowing each other off when supposedly engaging in conversations with one another. There's interrupting Ivan, distracted Daisy, and just plain old misunderstanding Max making the world of conversation a dangerous place to dance. Autumn gives five tips for how you can have more meaningful conversations in your own life, starting today. You can connect with Autumn, and get her new book How to Discover Your Expert Money Voice, by visiting her at InkWellCopy.com.

  • Have Yourself an Astonishing 2015!!

    01/01/2015 Duration: 21min

    2015-01-01:  Today Coach Jennie explains her go-to strategy for having an audacious + astonishing year, and how you can know for certain that you've actually succeeded! "Show up" and listen in as Jennie introduces her annual Astonish Yourself program, totally redesigned for 2015! Coach Jennie isn't one of those coaches who subscribes to the gentle method of life coaching. Her cathartic shoves are known the world over for shoving people out of their own way so they can finally achive something astonishing in their life! Connect with Jennie at CoachJennie.com and find out more about Astonish Youself right here.

  • Know What You Want to Get Out of This Life!!

    18/12/2014 Duration: 20min

    2014-12-18:  Today Carrie Smith joins Lisa to talk about how to really understand, and focus on, what you most want to get out of life - without having any regrets! Carrie is a solopreneur who is known for mixing art and making a living so creative entrepreneurs everywhere can afford to create without limitations. She's a money maverick on a mission! Connect with Carrie at CarefulCents.com or on Twitter at @CarefulCents.

  • Release the Story Within You

    04/12/2014 Duration: 20min

    2014-12-04:  Today Sara Frandina dishes with Lisa about how the element of story can connect you with your audience in ways you might never suspect. Sara is a full-time copywriter + editor who spends her days making words work for you. Sara has an insatiable appetite to tell stories, to put into words what others find difficult. Her mission is to cure the ails of lackluster copy that plagues so many solopreneurs + small businesses, and create stories and words that shine. Connect with Sara at SaraFrandina.com or on Twitter at @HeyThereSar.

  • Do Good, Live Your Purpose, Give Back!

    20/11/2014 Duration: 21min

    2014-11-20:  Today Tim McDonald riffs about how he's able to remain focused on his consistent purpose of giving back and what success means to him. Tim is known around for changing the world, making a social impact, and being a believer of loving all. He's a purveyor of purpose at Be The Change Revolutions and the Co-Founder of CreatingIs and Stories.nyc. He's been able to help instigate a movement of giving, by amongst other things, being a passionate supporter of #NoKidHungry. Speaking of giving, Giving Tuesday is the Tuesday following Thanksgiving and will help you feed both your soul and your spirit, while helping a plethora of charities all across the globe.  Tim mentions Wabi Sabi Love, a book about finding perfection in the imperfections. You can support Tim by supporting No Kid Hungry, or joining the social call to action on their Promotions page.  Tim's personal site is at TimMcDonald.me or connect with him on Twitter: @tamcdonald.

  • Become an Agent of Impact!

    14/11/2014 Duration: 20min

    2014-11-14:  Megan Atkinson is the Agent of Impact and owner behind Ignite Your Cause, a boutique branding shop serving the do-gooders, change-makers, and ruckus-starters of the world. With her arsenal of copywriting, graphic design, and marketing strategy services, Megan helps fierce solopreneurs inspire the masses and influence change. To learn more about Megan and her mission to make an impact, visit www.igniteyourcause.com or connect with her on Twitter @igniteyourcase. Pick up her amazing new book, Agent of Impact on Amazon today!

  • Remember to Dance

    06/11/2014 Duration: 13min

    2014-11-06:  Brandy Morris - Brandy is the Possibility Scout and Brilliance Instigator, but you can just call her B. She works with service-providing solopreneurs to create and deliver delightfully fresh ways to serve their people. Want to blow minds, inspire repeat clients, and set the foundation for a referral-driven business? Brandy's ready and waiting to bust out her mad skills in client enchantment and idea instigation to help you up your service game and implement like the BOSS you are. Learn more at www.BrandyMorris.com.

  • It's Vitally Important to Be Able to Laugh at Yourself!

    30/10/2014 Duration: 17min

    2014-10-30:  Autumn Tompkins is the head sass-master at ink well copy. She's a skilled copywriter who creates dynamic copy that captures her clients' expert voices and generates genuine sales, turning maybe's into most definitely's.  website: www.inkwellcopy.com

  • Create A Life You've Designed For Yourself

    08/10/2014 Duration: 12min

    2014-10-08: Cindy Reed, aka The Reedster, is a writer, teacher, and speaker specializing in nonfiction storytelling. She blogs at the humor site The Reedster Speaks, and is a two-time recipient of BlogHer's Voices of the Year award, in the humor and op-ed categories. Her work has appeared on The Huffington Post, In the Powder Room, Yeah Write, and Aiming Low. She lives with her husband, two daughters, and three dogs in Asheville, North Carolina. Check her out at www.thereedsterspeaks.com and www.cindyreed.me.  

  • Does Your Time Really Honor Your Priorities and Values?

    03/09/2014 Duration: 31min

    2014-09-04:  Today Rochelle Maya Callen, aka Coach Rocky, shares why it's important to be sure your time honors your own priorities and values. She stresses the importance of avoiding feelings of being overwhelmed and undervalued. Rocky joins us to discuss her long-term impassioned project, HoldOn2Hope, to raise awareness for Suicide Prevention Day, and also to be an advocate for combatting both depression and bullying in our schools. You're invited to find out more about Rocky at RochelleMayaCallen.com or at the HoldOn2Hope Facebook page.

  • You're Beautiful Just the Way You Are

    07/08/2014 Duration: 26min

     2014-08-07:  Today Vironika Tugaleva joins the show to discuss how to be friends with yourself, become an expert on yourself, and indulge in self-care by building your self-awareness and paying especially close attention to the stories you tell yourself. Vironika is a people lover, insprirational speaker, reformed cynic, coach, and bestselling author of The Love Mindset. Vironika helps people suffering from mental and emotional distress heal their minds and discover their inner strength. You're invited to find out more about Vironika and get a free sneak preview of The Love Mindset by visiting her website at Vironika.org.

  • How to Squash the Glorification of Busy

    18/07/2014 Duration: 05min

    2014-07-17:  Today Lisa Landtroop expands on the glorification of busy and why it's sucking the life right out of us! Make a pact today to squash the glorification of busy in your own life! Live more intentionally and savor all of life's precious moments!

  • Always Do Things in Their Own Time

    03/07/2014 Duration: 21min

    2014-07-03:  Today producer, actress, and restaurateur Adria Tennor discusses how to take signs from the universe, focus on getting done only what you can, and revel in always doing things in their OWN time. Practice staying grounded and do things in their best way! Join the show and let Adria impart her well-honed wisdom and tips upon you. Check out CRACKED, a short film by Adria coming soon, at crackedshortfilm.com. And support Adria by watching her in Mad Men and Greek, or by visiting her top-rated L.A. restaurants barbrix or Cooks County that she runs with her husband, Claudio.

  • How to Stay in the Priority Zone

    19/06/2014 Duration: 15min

    2014-06-19:  Today Lisa Landtroop discusses how to stay in the priority zone so you can get more out of life. There are two fundamental aspects to staying in the priority zone. Listen in to find out what they are. But, Lisa also asks this important ponder: Do you spend as much energy vanquishing the distractions and interruptions from your Free Time as you do from your Work Time? If you don’t, why not? If you’re already fiercely protective of your free time, then you’re truly living in the priority zone!

  • Step Fully into Your Fears to Become Your Own Phoenix

    05/06/2014 Duration: 18min

    2014-06-05:  Jason Spencer is an entrepreneur and visionary leader. His entrepreneurial pursuits include both offline and online ventures. In 2008 he made his move to full time internet-based business when he built his first lead generation, affiliate marketing company.TRIBE.LY was incubated from a tug on Jason’s heart to pursue his own purpose, and activate his own gifts. Jason has a passion for serving entrepreneurs, and empowering them with belief, activation, tools and resources to awaken their gifts and make their dreams come alive. Find out more about Jason and The Flight Formula at http://www.theflightformula.com

  • How Many of Your 24 Hours Do YOU Actually Own?

    15/05/2014 Duration: 18min

    2014-05-15:  Misti Patrella empowers artists and entrepreneurs to go after their creative dreams while also going after her own.  She is a business & marketing coach and an actor. An interesting mix maybe, but she believes doing one has made her better at the other – and vice versa. She has 15 years of marketing and advertising, with clients ranging from the United States Postal Service and Gatorade to a small community bank in Ohio.  She has also been acting for eight years, and has recently completed a life coaching certification program.  She brings all of these skills together to help artists and entrepreneurs to love their businesses, get more clients and become more profitable.  website: www.mistipatrella.com   |   Facebook: Coach Misti   |   Pinterest: mistipatrella

  • Infuse More Good Into The World!

    01/05/2014 Duration: 20min

    2014-05-01:  Megan Atkinson - When your work is driven by more than your bank balance or the breadth of your client roster, your brand is more than just a sales tool. It’s the tool you use to inspire the masses, influence change, and infuse more good into this world. It’s your mission inscribed. It’s your movement in color and type. It’s your blood, sweat, tears, and soul in print. And it deserves a special touch. Ignite Your Cause serves those who are hell-bent on making this world a better place to live, work, and play. Whether you need help getting clear on your message, stoking your mission’s embers, or igniting your movement’s flame, you’re in the right place. Learn more at www.igniteyourcause.com. Connect with Megan on Twitter at @igniteyourcause. Check out the hijinks and hullabaloo happening in The Ruckus Factory.    *personal note from Lisa: Today’s podcast is dedicated to Joshua, who perished in 2010 and is missed more than words can say. The world lost a colossal do-gooder the day Josh left us. Meg

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