Prester John by BUCHAN, John



This classic adventure novel by the author of Greenmantle and The Thirty-Nine Steps relates the first-person exploits of young David Crawfurd before the age of twenty. As a boy growing up on the coast of Scotland, ministers son Davie and two friends were pursued with murderous intent along the cliffs one night by John Laputa, a visiting black African preacher, whom they had witnessed performing un-Christian rites round a campfire on the beach. A few years later, when his fathers death forces Davie to quit college and join the tribe of wandering Scots, our hero finds himself in South Africa, assistant shopkeeper in a seemingly sleepy back-veldt store. There he re-encounters Laputa, now charismatic leader of an incipient native uprising, secretly preaching the incendiary creed of Africa for the Africans, and proclaiming himself heir to the mantle of Prester John, a legendary 15th-century Christian king of Ethiopia. Can young Davie possibly penetrate the megalomaniacs mountain stronghold, foil the insurrection, prevent a massacre of white settlers, and make off with the rebels war-chest of gold and diamonds? Its going to take some doing - and not a little derring-do!


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