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Weekly sermon audio from Parkhurst Community Church in Johannesburg, South Africa


  • The Touch of Jesus

    29/01/2023 Duration: 39min

    Who touched me? Jesus wants an intimate relationship with us, in this sermon, Dave discusses ways in which we may respond to this question and how to overcome spiritual barriers to experience the presence and power of Jesus.

  • What Do You Want Me To Do For You?

    22/01/2023 Duration: 44min

    In this sermon, Doug gets to the heart of our deepest desires and shows us Jesus' posture toward us in our our asking in response to the question "what do you want me to do for you?"

  • Behold Your King

    18/12/2022 Duration: 50min

    In this sermon, Wiseman speaks on when Simeon and Anna meet Jesus and how we view Jesus shapes what we believe about him therefore how we respond to him.

  • The Two Kings and The Wise Men

    04/12/2022 Duration: 35min

    In this sermon Lenka looks at the two parties who are looking for Jesus after his birth. The first, Herod, who is looking for him to kill him and the second the Wise men who are searching for him to worship him and give him gifts

  • Belonging

    27/11/2022 Duration: 45min

    In this one-off sermon Doug speaks into Church Membership, what it is and why it matters.

  • The Blessing of God

    20/11/2022 Duration: 38min

    In this sermon Don Chedova of GodFirst Parks Speaks on the topic of Blessing through the story of Joseph, and how we receive blessing today and what the outworking of that looks like.

  • The Faith Of The Centurion

    13/11/2022 Duration: 47min

    In this sermon Guest preacher Andrew Butterworth of Godfirst Benoni, speaks to us about faith in Jesus and what true gospel faith looks like.

  • David The Worshipper

    06/11/2022 Duration: 39min

    In the last sermon of this series, Doug preaches on David as a worshiper and how even though his life was marked by many mistakes, bad decisions and sin he still sought God with all his heart, earning the title "A Man after God's own heart'

  • David’s Last Words

    30/10/2022 Duration: 37min

    In this sermon, Doug preaches on the last words of David as his life draws to a close. In this passage he talks about his identity in God and  God's faithfulness and sovereignty in his (and our) life(s) and how it is a beautiful and good thing.

  • Sovereign Grace – David & Absalom

    09/10/2022 Duration: 38min

    Cast your burden on the Lord, and he will sustain you; he will never allow the righteous to be shaken. -- Psalms 55:22 In this account of David & Absalom, we see how withheld grace lead to betrayal and how when it seems like God has 'taken leave' he is always working and is sovereign over all things, and like David we need to trust in Him even if we can't see Him working.

  • Rich In Mercy

    11/09/2022 Duration: 43min

    In the second part of the David & Bathsheba story, Nathan confronts David about his sin. In this we see how God, so rich in mercy, pursues us in our sin, not waiting for us to come to him first. And when we repent, he forgives immediately, not treating us as our sins deserve.

  • The Consequences of Sin – David & Bathsheba

    04/09/2022 Duration: 33min

    In this account of the David & Bathsheba story, we see the corrupting and entangling nature of sin but also how the incredible grace of God covers it all.

  • Mephibosheth and the Gift of Grace

    28/08/2022 Duration: 39min

    This Sunday Dave unpacks the impact of grace on the broken and how we, as the broken, can look to the gospel to see what God has done for us through the love and death of Jesus.

  • Citizens of A Different Kingdom

    21/08/2022 Duration: 42min

    This Sunday Doug takes us through how we should not presume to know what is good, but to lean on enquiring of the Lord to guide us on his will.

  • The Presence of God – David and Uzzah

    14/08/2022 Duration: 51min

    This week Doug unpacks how the ark of the covenant helps us today to understand and re-appreciate the holiness, goodness and joy of the presence of God and how this understanding can help us live in obedience.

  • Straight Lines with Crooked Sticks

    07/08/2022 Duration: 46min

    In this sermon we look at how despite our human and sinful nature, God is able to use people as part of his perfect purpose.

  • Grace For our Offences


    In this account of David's interaction with Nabal & Abigail we see how the world will offend and hurt us but this should drive us toward Jesus and ultimately help us to respond in humility and grace.

  • Deep Roots For Dry Seasons

    24/07/2022 Duration: 46min

    Through the trials of life we need to have our gaze fixed on Jesus, who sustains us and loves us with a covenant love.

  • A Life Surrendered to God – David & Saul

    17/07/2022 Duration: 41min

    In this sermon Doug discusses the characteristics of a life yielded to God and what this looked like for David and how it applies to us today.

  • The Heart of Friendship – David & Jonathan

    10/07/2022 Duration: 37min

    Dave works through how God uses spiritual friendship to grow us and help us live in community and how this leads to flourishing, as well as the 5 dynamics of spiritual friendships and their enemies.

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