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Live Out Loud Monday's is a talk show dedicated to helping people discover concepts, strategies and tools to that allow them to experience a life filled with purpose, inspiration and fun!! Join us every Monday and Live Life Out Loud!!!


  • Let Me Introduce You to Yourself - Your True Self

    Let Me Introduce You to Yourself - Your True Self

    08/09/2014 Duration: 32min

    Finding your true self is, in essence, a journey of self-acceptance.  Of knoiwing who you are and knowing your perception can change at any minute.  Giving yourself a break, and loving yourself as is, is one of the most important messages of Rhonda Britten's book; Fearless Living.  Becoming true to your best self takes courage.  We will be coming to the end of our live broadcasts and have shared tools and strategies that can be revisited in order to continue on this journey we began together, this journey that does not end.  

  • Ep. 131: CYL Day 29-Heaven

    Ep. 131: CYL Day 29-Heaven

    01/09/2014 Duration: 34min

    Why wait for heaven when we can experience a heavenly existence here on earth today. This episode of Live Out Loud Mondays is about the willingness and commitment to be present to and celebrate the good in the world and the good in ourselves. Heaven on earth comes we love ourselves enough to be true to ourselves. Are you ready to give yourself permission love fully and live out loud?



    25/08/2014 Duration: 30min

    WOW!!! We've been working hard for 28 weeks now and we've got just 2 more episodes to go before we complete our 30 week journey of completing Rhonda Britten's Change Your Life in 30 Days. WHAT and AMAZING ride it's been. Today we are talking about being B E A U T I F U L. Yeap, that's right, YOU ARE beautiful. Come join us as we discuss what this means.

  • Redefining You

    Redefining You

    18/08/2014 Duration: 30min

    It is our denial and resistance that causes us pain, not events themselves.  When we accept the facts in front of us, we can see with clarity if we are contributing to the problem.  Then we are free to discover new ways to master the situation at hand.  The way we conduct ourselves shows us who is in control:  fear or freedom.  And the choice is alwlays up to us.  Awareness brings acceptance and that brings a new ability to see beyond the present circustances with a positive attitude.  When we put action behind our postive thinking, it will spur change in our life that seems like magic.

  • Ep. 128: CYL Week 26-Never Confront Again

    Ep. 128: CYL Week 26-Never Confront Again

    11/08/2014 Duration: 29min

    Just saying the word "confrontation" makes us feel edgy and defensive. Yet when we feel like we have to confront, it's because we don't believe there is another way out.But there is another answer ... an answer that brings support and fosters understanding. This episode of Live Out Loud Mondays shares another skill from Rhonda Britten's Change your Life in 30 Days that helps improve communication so you never have to confront again.