High-tech Crime Investigations Podcast Series



In an effort to share best practices and solutions with the justice community, SEARCH provides expert training, consulting and technical assistance to law enforcement investigators. Staff develops and delivers high-tech crime training, education, and outreach through its training courses, publications, online resources, webinars, and podcasts.


  • Peer-to-Peer Legal Issues

    Peer-to-Peer Legal Issues

    15/09/2016 Duration: 23min

    An affidavit for a search warrant is a key tool in a P2P network investigation involving child pornography. In this podcast, former prosecutor Justin Fitzsimmons gives specific examples of the types of things investigators need to include in their affidavit so that they are giving the judge all the information he/she needs to grant the request. He talks about court decisions that have upheld undercover P2P investigations, and shares his views for the future of these types of cases.

  • Peer-to-Peer Investigations

    Peer-to-Peer Investigations

    15/09/2016 Duration: 13min

    P2P networks are a common avenue for sharing and distributing child pornography. Trained law enforcement investigators routinely monitor the P2P networks that are known hotbeds for child pornography. Listen as an investigator with the Southern Virginia Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force describes the challenges law enforcement, prosecutors, and judges face when bringing these cases to court.

  • Mental Wellness for Law Enforcement

    Mental Wellness for Law Enforcement

    15/09/2016 Duration: 20min

    The challenges of investigations exist on many levels and often take a significant toll on the mental health of those involved. This is especially true for investigations that involve child abuse/child pornography and human trafficking. In this podcast, SAIC Anthony Maez talks about how he helped create a groundbreaking mental wellness program in New Mexico that offers professional support to his investigators, and gives them resources that span far beyond traditional coping skills.

  • Advanced Data Extraction From Mobile Devices

    Advanced Data Extraction From Mobile Devices

    10/03/2015 Duration: 29min

    Mobile devices—in this instance, cell phones—are filled with abundant data that can help in a law enforcement investigation. Investigators need to know what to look for, and then they need to know how to lawfully obtain it. Listen as a certified forensic computer examiner discusses the ins and outs of performing advanced data extractions on cell phones.

  • Capturing and Saving Data for Investigative Purposes

    Capturing and Saving Data for Investigative Purposes

    05/03/2014 Duration: 28min

    Knowing what tools are available to capture the digital data collected in an investigation is crucial. A wide variety of tools are available, but investigators must first understand what their organizational and individual needs are. Doing so will help them select products that meet their specifications. Hear about data capture and storage, and learn why developing an organizational policy surrounding digital evidence is the first step every agency should take.

  • Online People Searching

    Online People Searching

    05/03/2014 Duration: 22min

    Being able to find relevant information in a timely manner during an investigation is critical. Investigators first need to know the basics of Internet searching and be familiar with the tools they are using. Then they need to know how to ensure their results are relevant and how to validate the information. Listen as we focus on a few select tools that help law enforcement investigators. And then hear why investigators should take advantage of publicly available information on social networking sites.

  • Online Information Searching

    Online Information Searching

    05/03/2014 Duration: 16min

    Knowing where to look and how to search is the first step to conducting a successful online investigation. Law enforcement investigators need to know how to choose the best search tools and sites to obtain the best information possible. Listen as we pare down the field to a select few sites-some paid and some free-that will help investigators focus on finding the information they need.

  • TLOxp-A Public Records Research System

    TLOxp-A Public Records Research System

    05/03/2014 Duration: 21min

    This podcast was recorded prior to the death of TLO founder Hank Asher. While some of the statements made in this podcast may no longer be the case, we still think it is a worthwhile listen for those wanting to hear about how the TLOxp Online Investigative System works. TLO has since been acquired by TransUnion.