Life of Freedom Podcast



The Life of Freedom podcast is your go-to resource for building an online business, doing work that youre passionate about, and managing your emotions and relationships on a day-to-day basis. Design the life that YOU want and become the man or woman you were meant to be. This is a journey were taking together!


  • EP #5 The Secret To Getting What You Want in Life

    05/05/2016 Duration: 13min
  • EP #4 The ONE thing happy people do differently

    03/05/2016 Duration: 09min
  • EP #3 Becoming aware of your emotions and improving them

    23/04/2016 Duration: 09min
  • EP #2 The 3 Types of Online Entrepreneurs

    22/04/2016 Duration: 11min
  • EP #1 How society lies to you (emotions vs logic)

    21/04/2016 Duration: 25min