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  • ZB Ep. 2 “Untitled Still”

    ZB Ep. 2 “Untitled Still”


    DOWNLOAD: Zerb’s Blerbs Ep. 2 “Untitled Still” Welcome to the 2nd episode of such a wonderful show! I hope you enjoy it and please let me know if you don’t. I promise to change whatever you think needs it. Enjoy!

  • PSB Ep. 94 “COVID19”

    PSB Ep. 94 “COVID19”


    DOWNLOAD: PSB Ep. 94 “COVID19” Tonight Ferg and I discuss what we’ve seen. We also try to make you laugh. Love each other so much it makes you cry and know that if you know me, I love you. Enjoy.

  • Zerbs Blerbs Ep. 1 Da Skinny

    Zerb's Blerbs Ep. 1 "Da Skinny"


    DOWNLOAD: ZB Ep. 1 “Da Skinny” Welcome to the 1st (Non Patreonical) episode of “Zerb’s Blerbs”! Tonight we speak with Kermit the Frog, we interview Kafira, we speak of our top 5 favorite films per Mr. Dave Miller, and we … Continue reading →

  • PSB Ep. 93 5th Annual Belated Christmas Special

    PSB Ep. 93 "5th Annual Belated Christmas Special


    DOWNLOAD: PSB EP. 93 “5th Annual Belated Christmas Special” Here you go! Welcome to the 5th Annual Belated Christmas Special! Join Stephany, Ferguson, and me the ~Z~ as we celebrate with Disgruntled Santa and Disgruntled Mrs. Clause! We hope you … Continue reading →

  • PSB Ep. 92 “Thanksgiving Special II”

    PSB Ep. 92 “Thanksgiving Special II”


    DOWNLOAD: PSB EP. 92 “Thanksgiving Special II” Ferg and I speak of many Thanksgiving traditions on our plates. We streamline the show to make it better, and then decide to put it back to the way it was by the … Continue reading →

  • PSB Ep. 91 “5th Annual Halloween Special”

    PSB Ep. 91 “5th Annual Halloween Special”


    DOWNLOAD: PSB Ep. 91 “5th Annual Halloween Special” YEAY!! It’s our 5th Annual Halloween Special! Listen in awe as Stephany, Matt, Ferg and I go trick or treating at famous neighbor’s houses, we also answer YOUR Halloween questions, and we … Continue reading →

  • PSB Ep. 90 “Ten To Go”

    PSB Ep. 90 “Ten To Go”


    DOWNLOAD: PSB Ep. 90 “Ten To Go” Tonight, Ferg and I speak of Ferg’s Christmas problem, my deepest Fear, fake blood in the UK, billboard porn, Beatles and Quiet Riot, and so much more!

  • PSB Ep. 89 “Oh Boy, George!!”

    PSB Ep. 89 “Oh Boy, George!!”


    DOWNLOAD: PSB Ep. 89 “Oh Boy, George!!” YEAY! George joins us tonight! We have a USA – Greek Quiz, Ferg’s Cinnamon Rolls, we speak of Hippies, and your local nudist colony! Enjoy! 

  • PSB Ep. 88 Fall Out

    PSB Ep. 88 Fall Out


    DOWNLOAD: PSB Ep. 88 “Fall Out” Tonight we have a visit from Bernie Sanders and a call from Ms. Sarah Palin. Ferg and I speak of his hearing aids, the CIA and why it’s spicy, and I challenge a friend … Continue reading →

  • PSB Ep. 87 “Summer Spice”

    PSB Ep. 87 “Summer Spice”


    DOWNLOAD: PSB Ep. 87 “Summer Spice” Join Ferg and me as we discuss the list of listener supported Pumpkin Spice goodies for 2019. Ferg is an Escape room! We talk Abby Road, Mexican Seesaws, and Kafira plays some congas and … Continue reading →

  • PSB Ep. 86 “Mac Tonight”

    PSB Ep. 86 “Mac Tonight”


    DOWNLOAD: PSB Ep. 86 “Mac Tonight” Tonight, Mr. Timmy Mac joins us for a special episode of PSB! Listen as we discuss the near traumatizing effects of horror movies on toddlers; the effects of physicians jumping out of helicopters without … Continue reading →

  • PSB Ep. 85 “Cockaroach”

    PSB Ep. 85 “Cockaroach”


    DOWNLOAD: PSB Ep. 85 “Cockaroach” Tonight, Ferg and I have Mr. Tony Montana over to answer YOUR questions! We also took a ride on my rocket to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the moon landing! And we have music from … Continue reading →

  • PSB Ep. 84 “Lappiedated”

    PSB Ep. 84 “Lappiedated”


    DOWNLOAD: PSB Ep. 84 “Lappiedated” Tonight, Mr. Lappie fills in for Ferguson as we trip the night fantastic with notions of death, fame, and the “Price” of fear. Enjoy! MUSIC BY: Andy Rehfeldt – Facebook I Youtube

  • 80-89 Ep. 26 “June 1984”

    80-89 Ep. 26 “June 1984”


    DOWNLOAD: 80-89 Ep. 26 “June 1984” This month, Matt and I cover March, April, May, and June of 1984! We wrap it all up in a bow, and smack it in the ass with all the love and care of … Continue reading →

  • PSB Ep. 83 “The Ezzo”

    PSB Ep. 83 “The Ezzo”


    DOWNLOAD: PSB Ep. 83 “The Ezzo” Tonight, Ferg and Jason put up with my shenanigans as I recoup from my percocet induced rants. Surgery went well, Firefly’s are going by, Mr. Walken stops by to answer YOUR questions, and Sal … Continue reading →

  • PSB Ep. 82 “Exhausted”

    PSB Ep. 82 “Exhausted”


    DOWNLOAD: PSB Ep. 82 “Exhausted” This week, Ferg and I discuss my beautiful daughter’s wedding, the sad ending to radio station WPLJ, we have Morgan Freeman visit not once, but twice, and we get to hear Kafira play drums!! Plus, … Continue reading →

  • PSB Ep. 81 “Body Noises”

    PSB Ep. 81 “Body Noises”


    DOWNLOAD: PSB Ep. 81 “Body Noises” Tonight, Ferguson and I discuss everything that is so important you need to know. Mr. John Lennon comes in to sing to you, Stephen Stevenson calls again, and Kafira plays some drums for ya. … Continue reading →

  • LI! Ep. 14 “Connelly and Mosher”

    LI! Ep. 14 “Connelly and Mosher”


    DOWNLOAD: LOOKit! Ep. 14 “Connelly and Mosher” Tonight, Mr. Little and I discuss the careers and lives of Mr. Bob Mosher and Mr. Joe Connelly. Two of America’s premiere writers and producers of some of the best shows in television … Continue reading →

  • PSB Ep. 80 “Reaganomics”

    PSB Ep. 80 “Reaganomics”


    DOWNLOAD: PSB Ep. 80 “Reaganomics” Tonight, we are visited by the ghost of Doug Henning, and Ferguson loses it big time! We also have the awesome and gracious pleasure of playing “Pixel Heart- Verdant” from Stephen Taranto‘s EP titled “Permanence“Enjoy! 

  • PSB Ep. 79 “Kitten Carnation”

    PSB Ep. 79 “Kitten Carnation”


    DOWNLOAD:PSB Ep. 79 Kitten Carnation Tonight, we have a very special guest host, Mr. Paul Nurminen! Ferg had to bake for Easter, so Paul stepped up at the last minute. We discuss Jerry surviving, Intellivision, IRS Calls, and we also have … Continue reading →

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