Getting On With James Urbaniak



A monthly radio drama wherein the actor James Urbaniak navigates the darkly comedic recesses of his troubled yet charming mind. Different writer each episode. Contradictions abound!


  • Ep. 25: The Big Comeback by Joseph Scrimshaw

    Ep. 25: "The Big Comeback" by Joseph Scrimshaw

    11/02/2016 Duration: 22min

    James explains his deep bond with Sinatra. Deeper than you might think.

  • Ep. 24: Abaft the Beam by Bill Braine

    Ep. 24: "Abaft the Beam" by Bill Braine

    12/01/2016 Duration: 18min

    Neither a master nor a commander, James contemplates his station as the doctor on a 19th century British naval vessel.

  • Ep. 23: Bloodless by Julie Klausner

    Ep. 23: "Bloodless" by Julie Klausner

    26/11/2015 Duration: 12min

    James appreciates your visit and explains a bit.

  • Ep. 22: Status by Brie Williams

    Ep. 22: "Status" by Brie Williams

    29/06/2015 Duration: 14min

    James asks that you unfriend him.

  • Ep. 21: Restraint by Joseph Scrimshaw

    Ep. 21: "Restraint" by Joseph Scrimshaw

    31/10/2014 Duration: 22min

    In this special Halloween episode, James tries to be a better man and a lesser lycanthrope.

  • Ep. 20: Ringo by Julie Anderson

    Ep. 20: "Ringo" by Julie Anderson

    15/10/2014 Duration: 23min

    A high school reunion. A trip back home. Issues.

  • Ep. 19: New Day, New You by Bill Braine

    Ep. 19: "New Day, New You" by Bill Braine

    29/08/2014 Duration: 23min

    James announces the final episode of his call-in advice program. Guest starring John DiMaggio, Phil LaMarr and Judith Shelton.

  • Ep. 18: The Visitors by Anne Washburn

    Ep. 18: "The Visitors" by Anne Washburn

    08/06/2014 Duration: 23min

    Secrets and infestations are exposed.

  • Ep. 17: Two Bits by Brie Williams and James Urbaniak

    Ep. 17: "Two Bits" by Brie Williams and James Urbaniak

    28/02/2014 Duration: 23min

    Tough times in Los Angeles. Janie Haddad Tompkins guest stars.

  • Ep. 16: Buyers Remorse by Bill Braine

    Ep. 16: "Buyer's Remorse" by Bill Braine

    30/12/2013 Duration: 18min

    An impulsive art purchase provokes second thoughts.

  • Ep. 15: The Smart Thing by Joseph Scrimshaw

    Ep. 15: "The Smart Thing" by Joseph Scrimshaw

    28/11/2013 Duration: 19min

    After dying in a future war, James's essence is uploaded to the mobile device of the comedian Joseph Scrimshaw. Then things get complicated.

  • Ep. 14: Custody by Brie Williams and James Urbaniak

    Ep. 14: "Custody" by Brie Williams and James Urbaniak

    24/10/2013 Duration: 10min

    Trick or treating takes a turn in this very special Halloween episode.

  • Ep.13: The Transcontinental by Brie Williams and James Urbaniak

    Ep.13: "The Transcontinental" by Brie Williams and James Urbaniak

    20/09/2013 Duration: 19min

    James travels west to determine the reason for the delay in the building of the Trancontinental Railroad. Guest starring Mark Gagliardi and Jenny Wade.

  • Ep. 12: Old Girlfriends by Todd Alcott

    Ep. 12: "Old Girlfriends" by Todd Alcott

    19/08/2013 Duration: 27min

    James reminisces about his romantic past. Guest starring Paget Brewster.

  • Ep. 11: Lockdown by Brie Williams and James Urbaniak

    Ep. 11: "Lockdown" by Brie Williams and James Urbaniak

    13/07/2013 Duration: 14min

    A crisis. A new position. The future.

  • Ep. 10: The Dead Thing on the Shoulder by Bill Braine

    Ep. 10: "The Dead Thing on the Shoulder" by Bill Braine

    10/06/2013 Duration: 17min

    A drive upstate gets weird.

  • Ep. 9: Cross Check by Brie Williams and James Urbaniak

    Ep. 9: "Cross Check" by Brie Williams and James Urbaniak

    30/04/2013 Duration: 18min

    James flies back to L.A. from New Jersey. Questions of the self are provoked.

  • Ep. 8: Down by Brie Williams and James Urbaniak

    Ep. 8: "Down" by Brie Williams and James Urbaniak

    26/03/2013 Duration: 16min

    After being fired, James gets drunk and reflective.

  • Ep. 7: Death by Fire by Joseph Scrimshaw

    Ep. 7: "Death by Fire" by Joseph Scrimshaw

    28/02/2013 Duration: 18min

    James receives an award for tweeting but feels weird about the whole thing.

  • Ep. 6: First World Problems by Julie Anderson

    Ep. 6: "First World Problems" by Julie Anderson

    29/01/2013 Duration: 19min

    After a hiatus, James addresses the event.

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