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I know a lot of you dont have time to visit my website every day and read my blog posts, no matter how valuable the information may be. There are just so many things already pulling at us, screaming in our faces and demanding our attention. As a super busy work-at-home mom, I know how crazy it can be. So I wanted to make it as easy as possible for you to get the daily dose of business, marketing, and personal development information that I know will help you live a better life and run a better business. Thats why Ive created this audio blog -- literally, an audio version of my blog posts -- so that you can listen on the go, at your convenience. Whether youre working out, driving, cooking dinner, cleaning house, taking a bath, or whatever, your brain will be soaking up this helpful information so you can put it to use in your life and business now. Being a busy mom and already having a full schedule, Ive opted to have these blog posts read to you each day by VeRA, my robotic assistant. So without further ado, Ill let VeRA take it from here. And Ill let you get back to running your business, living your life, listening, learning -- and dont forget, applying -- these valuable tools, techniques, and tactics to create the ultimate business and life you truly desire and deserve.


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    23/09/2014 Duration: 04min
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