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Author and speaker Dave Crenshaw shares powerful insights to help you get the result you want in your career, life, or organization. Dave Crenshaw is the master of building productive leaders. He has appeared in Time magazine, USA Today, FastCompany, and the BBC News. His courses on LinkedIn Learning, including Time Management Fundamentals, have over 10 million views and counting. His books on productivity and leadership have been published in six languages. As an author, speaker, and coach, Dave has transformed hundreds of thousands of business leaders worldwide.


  • The Refugee Turned Millionaire, Tahani Aburaneh - The Dave Crenshaw Success Project

    14/03/2023 Duration: 50min

    Find out how having a mindset of gratitude turned into millions in sales for Tahani Aburaneh. She started her journey in a refugee camp with nothing but her parent's guidance and strong will to keep her motivated. Today, she will share how she went from having nothing to becoming one of Canada's top real estate moguls and a self-made millionaire. Her story is an astounding testament to the power of gratitude and determination. In this episode, she shares how her parents instilled important character traits at an early age, how she turned obstacles into opportunities, and why she's thankful for the many hardships she experienced in the past.Action Principles Pick one to do this week:Embrace the power of gratitude. Despite living in a refugee camp as a child, she never felt that she went without and was thankful for every day. She never let negativity stop her from progressing toward her goals. One action you could take: Start a daily gratitude journal. Maintain a hunger for knowledge. Continuous

  • The Master of Basics, Dean Karrel - The Dave Crenshaw Success Project

    14/03/2023 Duration: 48min

    Dean explains why he believes in putting his family first and how this core value served him well over the years. He’s an expert in building and nurturing strong relationships, both work and personal, for a happy and successful life. We dive into how he transferred skills from his childhood dream job into a career beyond his imagination. Listen in as Dean illustrates how he mastered the basics in order to grow and find his path to genuine happiness. Most importantly, you’ll learn how to achieve your own goals while maintaining a healthy balance from day one.Action Principles Pick one to do this week: Use past skills in your current job. Your current skills can be utilized to strengthen your career. For example, Dean used his skills in broadcasting, journalism, and sales to develop LinkedIn Learning courses that teach thousands of learners! One action you could take: Ask yourself: “Is there a way I could use more of a skill I learned in the past in my current job?”Match who you are with your workplace culture.

  • The Leader in Ethical and Friendly Negotiation, Kwame Christian - The Dave Crenshaw Success Project

    14/03/2023 Duration: 55min

    Listen in as Kwame describes how his desire to learn, blended with his innate curiosity, led to a unique set of skills. He opens up about why he credits his failures for his current success. You’ll learn how he took a deeply ingrained fear and transformed it into an unexpected strength that propelled him down a surprising career path. He also shares how being a father has forced him to become more efficient. At his core, Kwame believes in pushing past your fears and taking action without worrying about achieving perfection. He chooses to level up every day and teaches you to do the same. Action Principles Pick one to do this week: Knowing yourself. Ask yourself, “Is what I’m doing right now a fit for who I am?” If not, push past your fear of the unknown and follow your curiosity.  One action you could take: If the answer is no, choose one action that moves you closer to doing work that fits who you are as a person.Level up. Even when the future is unclear, you can always improve the fundamentals. Ask yourself