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Experienced based insight into topical matters of importance to the owners of small businesses.Paul Heinze is an experienced adviser offering more than thirty years of experience to a small business owner.


  • It’s an Opinion, Not an Appraisal

    It’s an Opinion, Not an Appraisal

    17/02/2010 Duration: 07min

    It All Starts From Where You Are Now Do you want to acquire a product line or another company? Are you considering long term succession planning and wealth transfer? Do you want to expand and diversify into new markets, requiring more capital? Are you considering looking for another lender or banking relationship? Getting an SBA loan? Is consolidating your company into another company on your mind? Do you simply want to know what you’re currently worth? You need to know where you are now, before you can get to where you want to be!

  • When Theres No Time For Succession Planning

    When There's No Time For Succession Planning

    17/02/2010 Duration: 07min

    Sometimes there isn’t time to plan for succession or wealth transfer. If a business is under performing or losing money consistently, it’s time for action! Here are five points of proven action strategies that an owner should consider from Paul Heinze, a thirty year business adviser and former family business owner.

  • The New SBA 504 Loan Program

    The New SBA 504 Loan Program

    07/02/2010 Duration: 04min

    Some encouraging news that may suit your strategies. Founded in 1993, SomerCor 504, Inc. is a non-profit development company certified by the U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA) to originate SBA 504 loans within the state of Illinois. SomerCor holds a portfolio in excess of $300 Million comprised of more than 600 loans. SomerCor consistently ranks in the top 15 nationwide of all CDCs (Certified Development Company)

  • Whats It Like To Work For You?

    What's It Like To Work For You?

    07/02/2010 Duration: 04min

    What kind of manager are you? Take the one minute test and have some or all of your employees rate you too! How confident are you that you’ll score well?

  • What are you Going To Do If ...................

    What are you Going To Do If ...................

    11/01/2010 Duration: 10min

    If the progress you expect, in growth, is not happening and your profit expectations are falling short of your goals, it’s time to consider what you are going to do if your asset base starts to erode and you’re facing serious financial consequences. The consolidation of two businesses may be a workable solution.

  • Common Sense Applied to Succession Planning Strategies

    Common Sense Applied to Succession Planning Strategies

    16/12/2009 Duration: 06min

    You've built a business. Perhaps you founded it or continued on from the founder. In most cases, considering exit or succession planning strategies doesn't come to your mind until age, health or wealth preservation considerations are talked about more frequently. Listen to this commentary and quiet the tightness in your stomach. We've taken the many layered subject of succession planning and have segmented it into digestible pieces.Each subsequent episode will build on the foundation of what you really see as the final planning goal.

  • The Value, Worth and Appraisal of Your Business Without The Boloney

    The Value, Worth and Appraisal of Your Business Without The Boloney

    16/12/2009 Duration: 08min

    Mr. Jones, what's the value of your business? A question you have or will undoubtedly hear one day. Listen to our experienced based perspective on Appraisers,Experts, uses, expectations and developing your skills in getting an accurate handle on the value of your business in changing times.

  • GrowingThrough an Acquisition

    GrowingThrough an Acquisition

    11/12/2009 Duration: 07min

    After you've dealt with the reality that traditional and familiar marketing and sales techniques aren't working, consider the immediate benefit of an acquisition.