Sound Chaser



Spanning the globe to give you the constant variety of Prog. The thrill of mellotrons. And the agony of the 80s. The musical drama of epic compositions. This is Soundchaser. The Professor will host three hours of music selected from the history of progressive rock, the 1960s to the present. The main feature of every broadcast will be at least an hour of symphonic progressive, the boldest, most robust flavors prog has to offer. The program will feature many varietal selections as well, from fusion, progressive ambient, psychedelic, eclectic progressive, RIO, folk, and crossover progressive. The program is for the discerning and daring connoisseur of progressive rock. Relax. Open the aural palette. Delights to follow.


  • Sound Chaser 112

    14/04/2018 Duration: 200h33min
  • Sound Chaser 111

    31/03/2018 Duration: 205h16min
  • Sound Chaser 110

    17/03/2018 Duration: 204h50min
  • Sound Chaser 109

    03/03/2018 Duration: 200h36min