New World Orders



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  • Episode Twenty-Six: Chapter 61, Epilogue

    Episode Twenty-Six: Chapter 61, Epilogue

    15/11/2008 Duration: 33min

    The Final Episode: Confrontation in Syria

  • Episode Twenty-Five: Chapters 58-61

    Episode Twenty-Five: Chapters 58-61

    12/11/2008 Duration: 25min

    A plan is formed. Cierpinski attacks.

  • Episode Twenty-Four: Chapters 56-57

    Episode Twenty-Four: Chapters 56-57

    02/11/2008 Duration: 23min

    Ernesto Vera shows up at the cabin. Men with guns open fire.

  • Episode Twenty-Three: Chapters 54-56

    Episode Twenty-Three: Chapters 54-56

    23/10/2008 Duration: 29min

    The deserters prepare for departure. Patterson and Kerrie have a plan.

  • Episode Twenty-Two: Chapters 52-53

    Episode Twenty-Two: Chapters 52-53

    16/10/2008 Duration: 25min

    Patterson and Kerrie tell Rachel about her father, and they wind up back on the trail of the conspirators.

  • Episode Twenty-One: Chapters 49-51

    Episode Twenty-One: Chapters 49-51

    09/10/2008 Duration: 20min

    Part Three begins. New reports indicate more work by the conspirators. We meet Samuel Tan's son. George Springer makes a revelation.

  • Episode Twenty - Chapters 47-48

    Episode Twenty - Chapters 47-48

    02/10/2008 Duration: 24min

    Jack receives a disturbing phone call. Jack, Kerrie, and Patterson finally meet Samuel Tan.

  • Episode Nineteen - Chapter 46

    Episode Nineteen - Chapter 46

    25/09/2008 Duration: 18min

    Patterson, Jack, and Kerrie continue their flight and encounter a strange character.

  • Episode Eighteen - Chapters 43-45

    Episode Eighteen - Chapters 43-45

    18/09/2008 Duration: 26min

    Jack, Kerrie and Patterson enter Samuel Tan's headquarters. They are reacquainted with Rupert Hoktewi.

  • Episode Seventeen - Chapters 38-42

    Episode Seventeen - Chapters 38-42

    10/09/2008 Duration: 25min

    Jack, Kerrie and Patterson set a trap for Richard Wells, and wind up heading to the desert.

  • Episode Sixteen - Chapters 35-37

    Episode Sixteen - Chapters 35-37

    03/09/2008 Duration: 20min

    Kerrie gets caught. Patterson tries to save her before it's too late.

  • Episode Fifteen - Chapters 33-34

    Episode Fifteen - Chapters 33-34

    27/08/2008 Duration: 26min

    Samuel Tan meets with the conspirators in Washington. Patterson, Jack and Kerrie meet to discuss the Aurora Group. Kerrie makes an impulsive decision.

  • Episode Fourteen - Chapters 29-32

    Episode Fourteen - Chapters 29-32

    21/08/2008 Duration: 22min

    Kerrie asks Gerard to look further into the Aurora Group. Richard Wells discovers a security breach. Jack meets with Patterson.

  • Episode Thirteen - Chapters 27-28

    Episode Thirteen - Chapters 27-28

    13/08/2008 Duration: 24min

    Kerrie meets with Bruce Latimer. We meet Kerrie's hacker friend, Gerard Kale. Jack calls Jim Patterson for the first time in a decade.

  • Episode Twelve - Chapters 23-26

    Episode Twelve - Chapters 23-26

    06/08/2008 Duration: 25min

    We see Veronica's funeral. Veronica's friend, NASA researcher Kerrie Colman, tells Jack about her research being suppressed. Rupert Hoktewi is working for Samuel Tan again. And President Bush meets with Samuel Tan and one other surprising world leader.

  • Episode Eleven - Chapters 21-22

    Episode Eleven - Chapters 21-22

    30/07/2008 Duration: 20min

    This week, Part 2 begins, and we move forward from 1981 through the 'eighties. We meet Kerrie Colman, an Oceanographer studying climate change. Samuel Tan moves his headquarters. And several events of the 1980's may represent his handiwork.

  • Episode Ten - Chapters 19-20

    Episode Ten - Chapters 19-20

    23/07/2008 Duration: 18min

    As Part One draws to a close, Tan tells Wells to deal with Jack once and for all. And Hoktewi's hired thugs make one final attempt to do the job themselves.

  • Episode Nine - Chapter 18, Part 2

    Episode Nine - Chapter 18, Part 2

    16/07/2008 Duration: 21min

    Jack and the others meet with the FBI agent, Robert Latrobe. Latrobe steers them to a subsidiary company of a large defense contractor. Tan makes another attempt on Jack's life.

  • Episode Eight - Chapter 18, Part One

    Episode Eight - Chapter 18, Part One

    09/07/2008 Duration: 26min

    Jack, Tony, Veronica, and Patterson are car-jacked, and lead Tan's men on a chase through Manhattan.

  • Episode Seven - Chapters 15-17

    Episode Seven - Chapters 15-17

    02/07/2008 Duration: 19min

    Samuel Tan meets with the conspirators again. Jack suspects the medical examiner has been bought off. We meet Rupert Hoktewi, a ruthless and efficient killer.

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