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  • Episode 2: Secrets Within my Household

    Episode 2: Secrets Within my Household

    03/01/2014 Duration: 09min

    The deeper we're getting into the late night hours, intensity has accelerated to an all time high between Shawn and Tina underneath the sheets. What if Uncle Kevin and Aunt Cindy randomly comes back home tonight, just for Kevin to see with his very own eyes what's transpiring between his nephew (Shawn) and his wife (Tina). Let's tune in to Episode #2 of "Secrets Within my Household" to find out what happens!

  • Episode 1: Secrets Within my Household

    Episode 1: Secrets Within my Household

    24/12/2013 Duration: 11min

    Shawn's uncle (Kevin) and his aunt (Cindy), has just left Shawn's house for a random family visit to Richmond, Virginia. Only problem is, Kevin's wife (Tina) decided that she wasn't up for the drive, so she remained at the house with Shawn, Shawn's dad and her kids. Seeing as though Kevin and Cindy won't be returning until tomorrow afternoon, sleeping arrangements have been made for tonight in Shawn's household. When Shawn ends up sharing his guest bed with Tina, the unthinkable will take place beyond the midnight hour. Steamy secrets are being created underneath the sheets between Shawn and Tina, but is it all innocent, and if not, what will be Kevin's reaction when he arrives back in town tomorrow to find out what's been going on during his absence?