Top Shelf



Top Shelf is our show about food, spirits and all the other things that make life worth living. Different restaurants, bars or venues are interviewed for each episode.


  • Dos Chinos

    Dos Chinos


    On this episode of Top Shelf, Adam and Hop sit down with founder and owner of Dos Chinos, Hop Phan. We talk about where the name comes from, Hops background, starting a food truck, picking the right Mexican/Asian fusions, the stoner community, creating unique salsas, catering and Sit Low Pho.… Continue reading

  • Love Baked Wings

    Love Baked Wings

    12/06/2016 Duration: 37min

    On this episode of Top Shelf, Adam and Katie sit down with founder and owner of Love Baked Wings, Mike Shand. We talk about Mike’s background in cooking, being a private chef for Beyonce and Jay-Z, catering events, cooking without the use of freezers, fryers or microwaves, being environmentally conscious,… Continue reading

  • Barcito



    On this episode of Top Shelf, Adam and Katie sit down with founder and owner of Barcito, Andrea Borgen. We talk about Andrea’s background at the Hillstone Restaurant Group, the inspiration for her Argentine Cocktail Bar, hosting events, being friendly in the community, the group menu, food selection, cocktails on… Continue reading

  • Bacaro LA

    Bacaro LA


    Adam and Recks sit down with Executive Chef Lior and Robert of Bacaro LA. We discuss becoming a Master Chef, their amazing food, choosing wines, the intimate atmosphere, creating the menu, vegan food, experimenting with new dishes and Monday Happy hour. Website • Facebook • Yelp • Twitter   Continue reading

  • Wurstkuche



    Adam and Recks sit down with Joseph Pitruzzelli of Wurstkuche. We discuss the proper pronunciation, their beginnings and fast growth, choosing the sausages, how sausage is made, toppings, Austin Blues, Duck and Bacon with Jalepenos, dipping sauces, the beer selection, gourmet sodas, vegetarian options and knowing your product. Website •… Continue reading

  • 3Twenty Wine Lounge

    3Twenty Wine Lounge


    Adam and Recks sit down with Edgar P. of the 3Twenty Wine Lounge. We discuss the wine palette, exploring higher end wines, customizing the menu, being a destination, locally sourced food, sampling wines, Yelp and their comfortable atmosphere. Website • Facebook • Yelp • Twitter Continue reading

  • La Cuevita

    La Cuevita


    Adam and Recks sit down with Sol and Dan of La Cuevita in Highland Park. We discuss La Cuevitas remodel, Mezcal, Tequila, happy hour, Taco Tuesday, their specialty drinks, Tequila and Mezcal flights, alternatives to the name brands, Bat World Sanctuary and the rustic decor. • Facebook Page • Bat… Continue reading

  • Colorado Wine Company

    Colorado Wine Company


    Adam and Recks sit down with Jennifer Morgan of the Colorado Wine Company. We discuss the world of wine, white vs red, White Trash Wine Tasting, cheese, Sideways, blends, wine parings, their newsletter and unnecessary wine gadgets. Visit them at • Facebook Page •   Continue reading

  • Spitz: Home of the Döner Kebab

    Spitz: Home of the Döner Kebab


    Adam and Recks sit down with Bryce Rademan and Robert Wicklund of Spitz: Home of the Döner Kebab. We discuss Bryce and Robert meeting in college, drink mixology, the Olympics, inspiration for the Döner Kebab, unbridled optimism, the first days of business, the Classic Döner Kebab, Street Cart Fries, Vegetarian/Vegan… Continue reading

  • Wine Tasting

    Wine Tasting


    Adam and Recks talk with Chris Sakacs about wine tasting, wine aroma, first experiences with wine, glass shapes, when wine goes bad or “turns,” bottling wine, Rating a wine, and go through some of the more reliable wines. Continue reading

  • Vodka



    In a new podcast dedicated to the finer things in life, Adam and Recks talk about how vodka is made, ranking 10 different vodkas, how vodka is served and Recks gives his salmon recipe. Continue reading