Oliver Blank presents music, sounds, stories and sonic snippets from a variety of contributors.


  • Episode 3 - Bedtime Stories

    Episode 3 - Bedtime Stories

    11/09/2012 Duration: 02h00s

    Brew a hot mug of cocoa, put on your PJs and prepare to board the Bedtime Express straight to Slumber City Central. This episode of Kiosk is all about Bedtime Stories. Candy Chang gives us the "Once upon a time..." treatment, DJ Luv spins us a sleepy mix and Oliver Blank calls James A. Reeves for bedtime tips.

  • Episode 2 - Space

    Episode 2 - Space

    02/11/2010 Duration: 02h00s

    The final frontier, infinity and beyond or simply just an empty room? In this episode we explore Space. Candy Chang reads excerpts from Ray Bradbury's The Martian Chronicles, James A. Reeves checks in as he visits Roswell, Montreal's DJ Luv delivers an intergalactic mix and Oliver Blank phones a Finnish astronaut for a chat about outer space.

  • Episode 1 - Weather

    Episode 1 - Weather

    16/10/2010 Duration: 02h00s

    In this inaugural episode, Candy Chang tells us about an idiotic building, James. A. Reeves sends a letter from New Orleans, first graders give weather reports and we discover why Ann Peebles can't stand the rain.