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Avenue of Communication to NGM Leaders, Both Informative and Inspirational


  • Vision Casting for 2009

    Vision Casting for 2009

    21/01/2009 Duration: 06min

    An Instructional, Informational, and Inspirational Message

  • Pregnancy Care Center

    Pregnancy Care Center

    15/12/2008 Duration: 12min

    Jay Briggs talks about the Pregnancy Care Center and how to talk to your teens about sex.

  • Talking To Your Kids About Sex

    Talking To Your Kids About Sex

    01/12/2008 Duration: 12min

    Olga Vigil talks about how you should tell your young children about sexuality and development to keep them safe.

  • Women in Ministry- Childrens Ministries

    Women in Ministry- Children's Ministries

    17/11/2008 Duration: 07min

    Patti Chapman talks about her ministry to children.

  • Women in Ministry- Photographer

    Women in Ministry- Photographer

    06/11/2008 Duration: 19min

    Sesha Shannon ministers through photography.

  • Women in Ministry- Youth Pastor

    Women in Ministry- Youth Pastor

    02/10/2008 Duration: 11min

    Women in Ministry series begins with talking to a female youth pastor.

  • Coins for Kids

    Coins for Kids

    25/09/2008 Duration: 09min

    Candy and Olga tell about their experiences at the Bolivian Hope Center.

  • More about E-Life

    More about E-Life

    01/09/2008 Duration: 06min

    If you want to find out more about E-Life for your Sleepover, check out what else Marshall Bruner has to say about E-Life!

  • Evangelistic Sleepover

    Evangelistic Sleepover

    01/09/2008 Duration: 13min

    Find out how to make your church's Nationwide Girls Ministries Sleepover more evangelistic for your girls, while making it fun.

  • Forgiving Mean Girls

    Forgiving Mean Girls

    15/08/2008 Duration: 06min

    The last step: how to be Christ like and forgive the girls that were mean to you.

  • Youth Pastors and Mean Girls

    Youth Pastors and Mean Girls

    01/08/2008 Duration: 08min

    A local youth pastor gives tips for dealing with mean girls and their victims.

  • Mean Girls Dads

    Mean Girls Dads

    15/07/2008 Duration: 14min

    A father-daughter relationship is important in both preventing girls from being mean and helping girls know how to cope when other girls are mean to them.

  • Moms and Mean Girls

    Moms and Mean Girls

    01/07/2008 Duration: 14min

    In this episode we talk about how mothers can raise nice girls in mean girl world.

  • Mean Technology

    Mean Technology

    01/06/2008 Duration: 09min

    MySpace, YouTube, text messaging, and other technology has become a tool for mean girls to devastate other girls in an even broader way. As a parent, you should be aware of what your girls are doing online and what other girls are doing to them. 

  • Sugar and Spice? Not So Nice?

    Sugar and Spice? Not So Nice?

    01/05/2008 Duration: 07min

    Sugar and spice? Girls aren't just born nice. Why are girls so mean? What is the difference between mean boys and mean girls? Let's take a took at the culture of means to help us understand how to raise nice girls in a mean girls world.

  • A Climate for Change

    A Climate for Change

    15/01/2008 Duration: 03min

    An objective, informative, and inspirational comparison is made between National Girl Scouting and National Girls Ministries.