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Host Joe Ferraro (@FerraroOnAir) and Kevin Wilson (@KWBaseball) bring you inside the world of #GoodBatting. It's not only a mindset, it's a way of life.




    29/11/2019 Duration: 07min

    We've been working on something behind the scenes for a couple of months and we are excited to LAUNCH it today with our special KWB Radio community! This is for you if you're a: Little League Coach Travel team or High School Coach Youth Player Travel or Varsity Player Parent Sign up at Youth Baseball School to join us and continue the conversation!   

  • Ep. 85-What MLB Can Learn From Little League

    Ep. 85-What MLB Can Learn From Little League

    08/09/2019 Duration: 47min

    @FerraroOnAir sits down with @KWBaseball to get his thoughts on what MLB can learn from his recent trip to the Little League World Series.  We discuss: Pace of play solutions Embracing change Where the .300 hitter has gone  Joe's epic stories about his one and only LLWS experience with his father and much more! Follow the show on Twitter @KWBRadio For more about KWB, log on to

  • Ep. 84-Pat McCarthy

    Ep. 84-Pat McCarthy

    18/08/2019 Duration: 41min

    Following in his father's footsteps was something Pat McCarthy didn't want to do initially. But now you can find him behind the microphone in AAA honing his craft and knocking on the door of the big leagues, only two years removed from graduating college.  We discuss: His perspective on the Division I vs the Division III life How his playing experience helps him as a broadcaster The best lesson his father has ever taught him The emotions that came with broadcasting a college basketball game with his father Tom McCarthy and much more! Follow Pat on Twitter @PatMcCarthy_ Follow Pat on Instagram @pmccarthy_pxp Follow the show on Twitter @KWBRadio For more about KWB, log on to  

  • Ep. 83-Tom McCarthy

    Ep. 83-Tom McCarthy

    04/08/2019 Duration: 01h15s

    We welcome the TV voice of the Philadelphia Phillies, Tom McCarthy, to the show! In addition to his work with the Phillies, you can listen to him calling games during the NFL season on Westwood One and CBS Sports during the NCAA basketball season.  We discuss: What classes he took in school that helped him call a game The job he turned down that changed everything for him His best piece of advice for young broadcasters How he handles criticism from fans on social media and much more! Follow Tom on Twitter @TMacPhils Follow Tom on Instagram @tmacphils Follow the show on Twitter @KWBRadio For more about KWB, log on to

  • Ep. 82-Chris Carminucci

    Ep. 82-Chris Carminucci

    24/06/2019 Duration: 01h02min

    Get your notebooks out as welcome Arizona Diamondbacks special assignment scout Chris Carminucci to the show!  We discuss: Independent baseball and exactly who it's for How he evaluates a hitter His take on how scouts use analytics What he learned working alongside Bill Buckner and much more!  Follow Chris on Twitter @CCarminucci Check out his book Sign Me! The Undrafted Baseball Player's Guide to the Independent Leagues here. Follow the show on Twitter @KWBRadio For more about KWB, log on to 

  • Ep. 81-Are We Ever Really Ready?

    Ep. 81-Are We Ever Really Ready?

    09/06/2019 Duration: 34min

    When your dreams become a reality, how do you know if you're ready or not? @KWBaseball shares a few behind-the-scenes experiences from the big leagues.  Check out KW's newest adventure, Coffee with Kdub, on Youtube here. Follow the show on Twitter @KWBRadio For more about KWB, log on to

  • Ep. 80-Dustin Pease

    Ep. 80-Dustin Pease

    26/05/2019 Duration: 01h10min

    When you have the opportunity to bring a pitcher on to a "hitting show" it creates some of the best content for players and coaches. Former professional pitcher and Founder of Lokation Nation, Dustin Pease, joins the show!  We discuss: The idea some people have of effort being more important than the game What's more important - velocity or location? Skill acquisition What stood out to him about the best hitters he faced and much more! Follow Dustin on Twitter and Instagram @lokationnation Check out his ebook at Follow the show on Twitter @KWBRadio For more about KWB, log on to

  • Ep. 79-Steve Marino

    Ep. 79-Steve Marino

    12/05/2019 Duration: 01h02min

    Being a hitting coach of a professional team is not just about sitting in a cage and looking at a screen. Steve Marino joins the show to discuss: The perspective he shares with his hitters during a long pro season Examples of how he creates trust with his hitters His plan going into his second year of coaching His experience working alongside KW in spring training How he handles "blow ups" during the season and much more! Follow Steve on Twitter @SteveMarino14 Follow the show on Twitter @KWBRadio For more about KWB, log on to

  • Ep. 78-Geoff Miller

    Ep. 78-Geoff Miller

    21/04/2019 Duration: 42min

    We welcome back Geoff Miller, Phillies Mental Skills Coach, to the show! It's been 5 years since he was on KWB Radio (you can listen to Episode 4 here) and we had a lot to catch up on!  We discuss: The impacts Dennis Rogers made on Geoff Why he decided to get into sports psychology  His relationship with the word "failure" Geoff explains his passion for helping players transition to life after baseball and much more! Follow Geoff on Twitter @WinningMindGEM Grab a copy of his book Intangibles: Big League Stories and Strategies for Winning the Mental Game In Baseball and Life here! Follow the show on Twitter @KWBRadio For more about KWB, log on to

  • Ep. 77-Opening Day Edition

    Ep. 77-Opening Day Edition

    07/04/2019 Duration: 50min

    We blend the silly with the serious and discuss: Playing the long game when coaching your hitters Should coaches focus solely on winning games? Are you a detail coach or big picture coach? Difficult conversations with your players and much more! Follow Joe Ferraro on Twitter and Instagram @FerraroOnAir Follow Kevin Wilson on Twitter and Instagram @KWBaseball Follow the show on Twitter @KWBRadio For more about KWB, log on to

  • Ep. 76-Jeff Banister

    Ep. 76-Jeff Banister

    24/03/2019 Duration: 01h01min

    In one of the most gripping and powerful stories ever told on KWB Radio, 2015 MLB Manager of the Year Jeff Banister takes us through his incredible journey, one inspiring moment at a time. We discuss: Battling cancer at age 16 Being paralyzed and told he would never play again What got him through the darkest times in his life How he went about building the culture as Manager of the Texas Rangers His emotional response to the phrase "Never Ever Quit" and much more! Follow Banny on Twitter @Bannyrooster28 Follow the show on Twitter @KWBRadio For more about KWB, log on to

  • Ep. 75-Joe Siddall

    Ep. 75-Joe Siddall

    10/03/2019 Duration: 01h03min

    Former MLB catcher and current Blue Jays Central TV analyst Joe Siddall joins us for one of our most moving episodes to date.  We discuss: The power of "listening" How he was signed by the Expos out of a tryout camp His thoughts on technology and developing hitters The adversity he and his family have gone through losing their son Kevin His take on coaches calling pitches - spoiler alert - HOT TAKE! and much more! Follow Joe on Twitter @SiddallJoe Follow the show on Twitter @KWBRadio For more about KWB, log on to

  • Ep. 74-Spring Training Edition

    Ep. 74-Spring Training Edition

    24/02/2019 Duration: 53min

    @KWBaseball is fresh off 2 weeks on the road in AZ and FL, so naturally @FerraroOnAir wants a behind the scenes tour of Spring Training.  They discuss: Joe's new coffee choice - "Midnight Joe" Vibes of spring training The importance of those "boring" drills Cage session with the legend Garth Brooks Patience with early season AB's and much more! Grab your Tanner Tees discount by using code KWB at Follow the show on Twitter @KWBRadio For more about KWB, log on to

  • Ep. 73-Josh Harrison

    Ep. 73-Josh Harrison

    10/02/2019 Duration: 01h13s

    We welcome 2X MLB All-Star Josh Harrison to the show! The Cincinnati native was a 2008 6th round draft pick by the Chicago Cubs (drafted by Ep 62 guest Tim Wilken) out of the University of Cincinnati (playing for Ep 58 guest Brian Cleary) and was then traded to the Pittsburgh Pirates where he quickly became a fan favorite! We discuss: How he hit with a fork in his family's hallway when playing with his older brothers His interpretation of hard work and talent How he communicates with his hitting coach His views on the data in the game today Why he's a "feel guy" in the batters box and much more! Follow JHay on Twitter @jhay_da_man His wife Brittney's company: Brittney Kelley Brands For more about KWB, log on to

  • Ep. 72-Jason Phillips

    Ep. 72-Jason Phillips

    27/01/2019 Duration: 01h13min

    Former MLB pitcher Jason Phillips visits @KWBaseball to break down his thoughts on developing pitchers for the next level, as well as the state of travel baseball today.  We discuss: How he was discovered by MLB scouts in north/central Pennsylvania before "showcase baseball" While with the Pirates, what a coach said that changed the trajectory of his career. The value of patience and playing the "long game" What he "gave up" to get to the big leagues The hitters who gave him the most trouble in the big leagues and much more! Follow the show on Twitter @KWBRadio For more about KWB, log on to

  • Ep. 71-Hitting Is A Conversation - LIVE from St. Louis!

    Ep. 71-Hitting Is A Conversation - LIVE from St. Louis!

    13/01/2019 Duration: 49min

    Just two guys from Philly on stage in St. Louis having a conversation about hitting! Pull up a chair with @FerraroOnAir and @KWBaseball as they present the KWB Experience from the NHSBCA Coaches Convention.  We discuss: The benefits of having a purpose KW's hitting philosophy Meeting the hitter where he's at How to ask better questions Celebrating the small wins and much more! Keep the conversation going on Twitter @KWBRadio For more about KWB, log on to

  • Ep. 70-Adam Haseley

    Ep. 70-Adam Haseley

    23/12/2018 Duration: 01h05min

    Philadelphia Phillies 2017 1st round draft pick Adam Haseley sits down poolside with @KWBaseball and brings you inside the life of one of the best hitting prospects in the game. We discuss: His USA Baseball gold medal experience in 2013 which included "the catch" How he responded to adversity during his first 2 years at UVA His daily routine in the cage His "hitting log" that helps him navigate a full professional season The role faith has played in his life on and off the field and much more! Follow Adam on Twitter @adamhaseley7 Follow Adam on Instagram @adamhaseley For more about KWB, log on to

  • Ep. 69-Anthony Iapoce

    Ep. 69-Anthony Iapoce

    09/12/2018 Duration: 01h34s

    Chicago Cubs Hitting Coach Anthony Iapoce isn't a stranger to the Windy City. Prior to being hired in 2018 as the big league hitting coach in Chicago, he was the Cubs Minor League Hitting coordinator from 2013-15. If you're looking to go beyond the mechanics and data of the game and get in the trenches to learn how to handle personalities from all different backgrounds, this episode is for you. We discuss: How he builds relationships with his hitters Teaching a swing vs coaching an offense His relationship with data The importance of timing in communication and much more! Follow Anthony on Twitter @AnthonyIapoce Follow Anthony on Instagram @iapocebaseball For more about KWB, log on to

  • Ep. 68-Jason Grilli

    Ep. 68-Jason Grilli

    25/11/2018 Duration: 01h02min

    Spending over 15 years in the big leagues brings along with it many memorable experiences - both good and bad. All-Star pitcher Jason Grilli didn't have the smoothest ride over his 20-year professional baseball career, but the wisdom he gained from it was priceless. We discuss: Growing up with a big league dad What energy level allowed him to pitch at an All-Star level The downfall of technology and how it's changed the game since his first year in pro ball in 2000 What he would do if he was Commissioner of Major League Baseball His involvement with No Off Season - Pittsburgh  and much more! Follow Jason on Twitter @GrillCheese49 Follow Jason on Instagram @grillcheese49 Check out his post-career project For more about KWB, log on to  

  • Ep. 67-Phill Shallenberger

    Ep. 67-Phill Shallenberger

    11/11/2018 Duration: 45min

    What would you do if you were 30 years old, given the keys to a college baseball program and tasked with creating a unique culture? You may not know who Phill Shallenberger is now, but by the end of this episode you may be spending more time following him and his Cairn University program!  Phill discusses: The moment when he knew he wanted to coach Why he changed his coaching philosophy after only 2 months on the job Phill's reasons for doing away with captains His program's hitting philosophy and much more! Follow Phill on Twitter @CoachPhill_S Follow Phill on Instagram @coachphill_s  For more about KWB, log on to

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