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  • Vet-Made USAs Fun With Hillary!

    Vet-Made USA's Fun With Hillary!

    06/07/2015 Duration: 02min

    A quick interview with Hillary Clinton!

  • Vet-Made USAs Range Radio! Episode 5

    Vet-Made USA's Range Radio! Episode 5

    01/07/2015 Duration: 59min

    Special Guest Steve Thompson from Vigilant shield as well as firearms, news, and entertainment! This is the first show with the new format.

  • Special Edition, Vet-Made USAs Range Radio

    Special Edition, Vet-Made USA's Range Radio

    30/06/2015 Duration: 53min

    In this special episode the gang from VMRR is interviewed by Rachel Jackson from the Missing Warrior Alert Radio Show.

  • Vet-Made USAs Range Radio Episode 4

    Vet-Made USA's Range Radio Episode 4

    28/06/2015 Duration: 55min

    Lots of good stuff in this one, we have Cruz from interactive gun fighting, Brass by Bill, Falcon Bullets, Black Side Gun Works, and a whole lot more!!!!

  • Vet-Made USAs Range Radio! Episode 3

    Vet-Made USA's Range Radio! Episode 3

    19/06/2015 Duration: 55min

    News, Veteran Issues, interviews with American Heroes, firearms, the shooting sports, and much - much more!

  • Vet-Made USAs Range Radio! Episode 2

    Vet-Made USA's Range Radio! Episode 2

    12/06/2015 Duration: 56min

    I like to think we are getting better already. Our second episode features a more permanent format, moves a long faster, and is a whole lot funnier. Our segments include: listener questions, Pro shooting sports interviews, The veteran of the week, news and opinions, and a permanent home for last weeks guest Tim Saffer, as Tick-Bit Tim the ad guy!

  • Vet-Made USAs Range Radio

    Vet-Made USA's Range Radio

    07/06/2015 Duration: 56min

    Vet-Made USA's Range Radio is your source for Veteran issues, firearms news and entertainment, gun and gear reviews, as well as the shooting sports!