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Your host David Skinner covers the Boston Celtics.


  • The Begining Of The End

    The Begining Of The End

    09/06/2009 Duration: 34min

    The final ep of Celtics Revived.

  • Issues...


    16/04/2009 Duration: 50min

    Dave and Dan have some issues to deal with... KG still out on injury, Celtics basically wrap up the 2nd seed.

  • Great Shot Glen

    'Great' Shot Glen

    28/03/2009 Duration: 27min

    In a shorter episode, Dan and Dave come up with a new nickname for Glen Davis because of a big shot against the Spurs, the return of KG and other starters, and other Celtic's News.

  • Celtics Struggling With Injuries

    Celtics Struggling With Injuries

    13/03/2009 Duration: 51min

    David and Dan are back from a short break, discussing the Celtics' 2-2 run without Kevin Garnett. There have been some hard fouls going around in the NBA, and one gets the bonehead of the week, and David continues his streak of 2 painful betting losses.

  • Starbury Power

    Starbury Power

    02/03/2009 Duration: 01h06min

    The Celtics shake up the roster a little bit, including the addition of the controversial Stephon Marbury. The Big 3 represented Boston at the All-Star weekend, and Kevin Garnett gets injured, and so much more!

  • La La Land

    La La Land

    10/02/2009 Duration: 01h02min

    While the C's go on a 12-0 run, the Lakers and MVP hopeful Kobe Bryant spoil the C's streak at 12 games. We talk about 2009 All-Star game predictions, and just other goofy stuff.

  • Celtics on the Rebound

    Celtics on the Rebound

    24/01/2009 Duration: 53min

    After a 2-7 midseason skid, the Celtics come back hot as ever with more wins, and hopefully they will continue to pour it on.

  • Bah Humbug

    Bah Humbug

    06/01/2009 Duration: 01h10s

    Celtics lose the 3 out of 4 games on the horrendous road trip, which all started with the Christmas Day Debacle at Los Angeles... Recap the road trip and talk about the all star returns and some of the locks and snubs for the game.

  • Winning Streak Recap

    Winning Streak Recap

    28/12/2008 Duration: 01h27s

    Dave and Dan are finally back from school classes, and a 19 game winning streak. They recap the 19 games, talk about Rondo's excellent performance, and other Celtic's news. The quality is bad because of problems with the equpiment used in recording. It will be all fixed by the next episode.

  • The Season Begins!

    The Season Begins!

    29/11/2008 Duration: 42min

    After a couple of months of no podcasting, Dan and Dave are at it again... finally. The Celtics are off to a hot start, but this year with a much more competitive Eastern Conference. The 2008 - 2009 season will be one of many chills and thrills for all NBA fans!

  • NBA Preseason Predictions

    NBA Preseason Predictions

    03/10/2008 Duration: 36min

    David and Dan give their preseason predictions, as well as give a rundown of the new acquisitions of the new season.

  • Celtics Busy In The Offseason

    Celtics Busy In The Offseason

    07/08/2008 Duration: 29min

    Dan Earl officially is the Celtics Revived Co-host... The Celtics sign and release a few players, along with the rest of the NBA... and USA basketball starts soon...

  • The Celtics are NBA Champions!

    The Celtics are NBA Champions!

    26/07/2008 Duration: 01h07min

    After many tries and failures with recording the podcast, Weak Sauce (David) and Tough Juice (Dan) talk about the NBA Championship, the post-NBA Draft analysis, and the USA basketball preview.

  • Weak Sauce

    Weak Sauce

    04/06/2008 Duration: 01h17min

    In Ep#6 David goes over the firing of Philip Saunders. "Weak Sauce" and "Tough Juice" give Rasheed a nickname, say goodbye to the pistons, and prepare for the finals. "Tough Juice" gives us his rundown of ESPN's Mock Draft... and Fransisco Garcia with a blind designated driver?

  • Celtics Win Another 7 Game Series

    Celtics Win Another 7 Game Series

    21/05/2008 Duration: 01h02min

    Co-host Dan Earl joins me for the recap of the strangely played series with the Cavaliers. Lebron shone brightly, but Pierce stepped it up and played like the player he truly is, or should be all the time. We talk about the upcoming lottery and, my personal favorite, The Bonehead of The Week. Special thanks to Dan Earl for being a guest host on this episode.

  • Celtics With A Surprising 7 Game Series

    Celtics With A Surprising 7 Game Series

    09/05/2008 Duration: 44min

    In episode 4, David recaps the Atlanta Hawks series, (and mistakenly called the 1st game as the 7th...wow) and how it went a surprising 7 games, instead of the 4 game sweep it should have been. Props to Drew Gooden (unfortunately) for winning a bet.. and a little more...

  • Celtics Clinch The #1 Seed In The Eastern Conference

    Celtics Clinch The #1 Seed In The Eastern Conference

    08/04/2008 Duration: 52min

    After being gone for an extra week, David recaps the last seven games, and talks about the MVP race, and the NBA's playoff picture with about 6 games left in the season.

  • Celtics Ring The Texas Triangle

    Celtics Ring The Texas Triangle

    24/03/2008 Duration: 57min

    In this week's episode we review the Celtics' tough west-coast road trip, winning the first four, then losing number five. Rondo playing like an All-Star, and Kendrick Perkins playing like the 3rd string center he should be.

  • Kendick Perkins And Paul Pierces Problems

    Kendick Perkins' And Paul Pierce's Problems

    16/03/2008 Duration: 58min

    In Ep# 1 Of Celtics Revived,David introduces himself in this first podcast. Goes over last week's games (what's with the horrible loss to utah??), Kendick Perkins' and Paul Pierce's problems, previews next week's road trip featuring the Texas triangle, the hardest schedule in one week any team in the NBA would have. Also the bonehead of the week, and more. Email at celticsrevived@yahoo.com, and sign up on the message boards at www.thesportsstuff.com to talk celtics, or NBA.