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We are a community of believers, birthed out of the Toronto revival who are hungry for a living experience of God, His love and His presence. We are actively pursuing personal and corporate revival that brings transformation to our lives families and our spheres of influence and ultimately our city and region. We have different campuses and ministries around the city of Raleigh for all ages and we encourage you to find a place that you and your family can belong and function as part of the body in Raleigh. #RaleighAwakeningFor more info, visit:


  • Loving Your Enemies - 2019-08-25 Ash Smith

    Loving Your Enemies - 2019-08-25 Ash Smith

    17/09/2019 Duration: 50min

    Jesus commands us with one of the most radical and revolutionary definitions of what true Christlike love is: to bless, pray for, and love our enemies. Ash Smith challenges us by tracing the words of the Sermon on the Mount when Jesus raises the standard of how we measure true love, as she weaves together stories from her own life. Jesus commands us to love, bless and pray for our enemies as we see each other with the eyes and love of Our Father. As CS Lewis said, “My prayer doesn’t change who God is, but it changes me.” 

  • The Ox of the Holy Spirit: Holy Spirit Coming on His Terms - 2019-08-18 Duncan Smith

    The Ox of the Holy Spirit: Holy Spirit Coming on His Terms - 2019-08-18 Duncan Smith

    17/09/2019 Duration: 42min

    Who is the Person of the Holy Spirit? Proverbs 14:4 warns: “Where there are no oxen, the manger is nice and clean, but from the strength of an ox come abundant harvest.” Weaving together Proverbs 14:4 with agricultural themes, Duncan Smith provokes us to surrender to the Holy Spirit and allow Him to take dominion over every area of our lives. Duncan Smith encourages us to allow the Holy Spirit to come on His terms and to welcome the fullness of the Holy Spirit into all areas of our lives so that we can be bring in His harvest. 

  • The Power of Life and Death is in the Tongue - 2019-08-11 Murray Smith

    The Power of Life and Death is in the Tongue - 2019-08-11 Murray Smith

    17/09/2019 Duration: 31min

    How can we love each other with our words? Proverbs  18:21 warns us: “Life and death are in the power of the tongue.” There is a power in blessing! If we want to love our God with our actions, we must learn to love each other by speaking life and blessings over each other. Murray Smith invites all of us to demonstrate our love for God by choosing to bless and not curse and speak life over His people. 

  • 2019-08-04 - Murray Smith

    2019-08-04 - Murray Smith

    17/09/2019 Duration: 43min
  • Living in Joy - 07-14-2019

    Living in Joy - 07-14-2019

    01/08/2019 Duration: 47min

    Romans 14 promises that the kingdom of God is “righteousness, peace, and joy in the Holy Spirit.” How do we live in joy? For Jesus was the most joyful person on the planet! Murray Smith breaks down the narrative when Paul and Silas worshipped in prison to give us practical keys of how to live a lifestyle of rejoicing, thanksgiving, and to worship into our breakthrough. When we choose joy -- even in trials and tribulations -- is what defines our greatness in God. This teaching will challenge us to rejoice always -- even in challenges, so we can all be like Jesus who was “anointed with joy above all of His companions.”

  • Identity Theft - 07-21-2019

    Identity Theft - 07-21-2019

    01/08/2019 Duration: 38min

    Our identity can only ever come from Whose we are. JT breaks down Matthew 3 where the Father blesses Jesus as His beloved son to encourage all of us to only allow the voice of the Father to define who we are. Jesus spent thirty years preparing as the beloved Son in order to become the perfect Savior. Weaving vulnerable and funny stories from his own life with looking at the example of Jesus, this message will encourage us to turn away from popularity, power and politics and make sure our self worth is only defined through Jesus. Only the Father can define us!

  •  Identity, Purpose and Power - 07-28-2019

    Identity, Purpose and Power - 07-28-2019

    01/08/2019 Duration: 47min

    Who am I? What am I called to? Jonathan Schunker traces the early accounts of Jesus’ baptism weaving together the three different synoptic gospels to give us keys of how to embrace our calling. Jesus built a lifestyle of prayer privately before He ever ministered publically. This message will encourage us to also follow in the footsteps of Jesus and cultivate a deep well of identity and purpose to step into power. Jonathan invites us all to be filled with the Spirit and receive a baptism of power, so we can transform the world around us.

  • The Glory of the Mundane - 06-23-2019

    The Glory of the Mundane - 06-23-2019

    09/07/2019 Duration: 44min

    Do you struggle to find the goodness of God in the mundane tasks of life? Is it hard to find God in the old ways that you used to, and you find yourself now having to dig deep? Jonathan Schunker weaves together stories from his own struggles of juggling life with practical keys to encourage us how to find a Supernatural God in the natural ebb and flow of life. This message will encourage you to participate, rather than just attend Church, and press into Jesus in community.

  • Sean Feucht - 06-16-2019

    Sean Feucht - 06-16-2019

    02/07/2019 Duration: 54min

    Benjamin Franklin once said, “Most men die — from the neck up — at age 21 because they die dreaming.” Sean Feucht leads Burn 24/7, an international missions and worship movement. As a Father’s Day celebration, he encourages men to dare to dream once again. There is a war today on masculinity and fatherhood, as there is a spiritual vacuum in our culture for strong and godly male leadership. Sean weaves together stories from the Middle East to exhort us to embrace adventure, to allow men to rise up in strength and courage and take their place as deliverers. 

  • Pentecost Sunday: Unity through the Spirit - 06-09-2019

    Pentecost Sunday: Unity through the Spirit - 06-09-2019

    02/07/2019 Duration: 44min

    What does it look like to walk in the spirit and have unity in the spirit with one another? On Pentecost Sunday, Murray Smith invites us all to press in for the unity that only comes from the Holy Spirit. To grow in the fruit of the Spirit, we need more of the Holy Spirit. To walk in humility and gentleness of Jesus, we need Him. And to maintain the bond of peace, we need more of the Holy Spirit. This message will encourage us with practical tips to walk with the love and likeness of Jesus.

  • The Mindset for Revival and Reformation - 2019-06-02

    The Mindset for Revival and Reformation - 2019-06-02

    13/06/2019 Duration: 58min

    As Patricia Bootsma, leader of CTF USA and Canada, drove across the border to America, she heard The Father say, "I am coming with revival in America!” Patricia releases a timely wake up word about how to cultivate a mindset of revival and redid revival wells to bring reformation into every sphere of society. Weaving together scriptures, historical anecdotes, and prophetic words, this message will encourage you, as John Wesley commissioned to: “set yourself on fire for the world to watch you burn.” Scriptures: Romans 8:28, Acts 4:29-31, Romans 12, Daniel 9, Daniel 10, Hag, John 4, Psalm 113:3

  • Stewarding Our Treasure - 2019-05-26

    Stewarding Our Treasure - 2019-05-26

    13/06/2019 Duration: 43min

    Luke 12:34 exhorts us: “For where your treasure is, there will be your heart.” How do we best steward our heart? By stewarding our treasures! Duncan Smith outlines four key biblical principles to living generously: returning, sowing, giving, and lending. If we live according to God’s standard of generosity, we place a demand on heaven. This message will transform the way you view finances. Scriptures: Luke 12:34, Genesis 15, Luke 16, Psalm 112

  • Jesus the Ultimate Transformer 2019-05-19

    Jesus the Ultimate Transformer 2019-05-19

    11/06/2019 Duration: 47min

    What does it mean for us to be included in the rule and reign of Jesus? Why is Jesus the name above every name. Murray Smith continues our series looking at transformers of the Bible by examining the ultimate transformer -- Jesus Christ. Breaking down Acts 3-4 when Peter and John witnessed a miracle more powerful than gold and silver at the pool of Bethesda, Murray exhorts us to step into the rulership of Jesus. Scriptures: 2 Kings 13:18, Isaiah 45, Ezekiel 37, Phil 2, Eph 2:6, Acts 3-4, John 14:23, Mark 16:7  

  • Jesus The Ruler 2019-05-12

    Jesus The Ruler 2019-05-12

    21/05/2019 Duration: 40min

    Murray Smith continues our series celebrating “transformers” in the Bible, as he examines Jesus as The Ruler over all things. Weaving together scriptures, Murray teaches how Jesus is our victory because Jesus has all authority and power. Jesus Christ is seated on the throne in heaven, has put all things under His feet, and He reigns according to the Father’s will. We are heirs of the kingdom, and we can step into that rulership! Scriptures: Romans 8:32, Phil 2, Ephesians 1, Psalms 117, Hebrews 2, Psalm 8, 1 Corinthians 15,

  • Jesus: The Reconciler or The Tale of Two Trees - 2019-05-05

    Jesus: The Reconciler or The Tale of Two Trees - 2019-05-05

    21/05/2019 Duration: 33min

    In the Old Testament, scholars say there were 613 commandments given by God. Apart from Jesus, it is impossible to keep the commandments. Sin actually means "missing the mark." JT explores the topic of Jesus as the Great Reconciler. Jesus is fully able to bring us into right restoration and help us relationship with the Father. Once we become one with Jesus, we can become ambassadors for Jesus! Scriptures: Genesis 2:15, Genesis 3:1-13, Col 1:15-23, 1 Cor

  • 04-28-2019


    20/05/2019 Duration: 46min
  •  Three Weddings and a Funeral 04-21-2019

    Three Weddings and a Funeral 04-21-2019

    20/05/2019 Duration: 42min

    The Bible begins and ends with a wedding -- from the Garden of Eden to the Wedding Supper of the Lamb, as Jesus laid down His life to purchase us and return for His Bride and prize! Jonathan Schunker breaks down Jesus’ first miracle in John 2 to break down why Jesus choose to perform His first miracle at a wedding when He changed water to wine at the wedding Feast at Cana. This Easter Sunday message will help you to understand the nature of our joyful, miracle-working Jesus and usher us into greater joy, as we become fully satisfied in Jesus.

  • The Glorious Process of Sanctification. 04 07 2019

    The Glorious Process of Sanctification. 04 07 2019

    11/04/2019 Duration: 47min

    The Gospel is truly good news! We have not only been saved from sin and death, but we have been saved unto being His Bride and prize. Tom Alsop, the lead Pastor of Catch the Fire London, unpacks Ephesians 1 and the theology of sanctification to encourage us to what salvation includes. This message will encourage you to step into everything the cross purchased for us, as it is not a destination but a doorway. It’s time to step into application from the revelation of the cross, so we can enter into transformation and reformation!

  • The Kingdom of God is Here! 03 31 2019

    The Kingdom of God is Here! 03 31 2019

    11/04/2019 Duration: 36min

    Murray Smith leads the congregation by sharing the conviction of his heart for the house to turn back to first love, press in for a purity of heart, and to fearlessly embrace the fullness of your call. This raw message will compel and convict you to step into all God has for you. A mix between prophecy, teaching, and prayer this message will help reset you to press into the kingdom of God which is here!

  • The Glory of Confinement - 03 17 2019

    The Glory of Confinement - 03 17 2019

    11/04/2019 Duration: 51min

    Duncan Smith continues our series on Transformers examining the life of Joseph. Duncan breaks down the nature of the kingdom of God where you have to die to live, give to receive, serve to lead to truly embrace this upside down kingdom of God, as Duncan highlights Joseph’s costly choices in the midst of hardship. There is a glory in yielding everything to Jesus, for that is where true life begins. This message will challenge, convict and compel you to follow in Jesus’ example of a life fully laid down for the only One found worthy!

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