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Created for the pastor or minister who serves their church and community each day. Church work can be challenging, so we provide tools you'll need to succeed. Each week, Minister's Toolbox addresses practical topics that are seldom discussed. In addition, we interview ministers from time to time who share insights about how they overcame challenges to enjoy what they do.


  • EP 232: Is Deception Undermining Your Ministry?

    09/06/2022 Duration: 20min

    Technology has dramatically increased our access to information and teaching. It has also afforded many Christian celebrities to influence hundreds of thousands via YouTube and other platforms. Have people in your church endangered their faith by listening to the "prophets" of social media? During this podcast, I want to identify one source leading people toward a destructive belief system at odds with scripture. Don't miss it!

  • Have You Been To The Cross Lately?

    26/04/2022 Duration: 15min

    The cross is a message pastors preach in thousands of churches throughout the world each week, but what does the cross mean in real-time? Paul said that he lived a crucified life and, through that experience, preached the gospel. What does it mean to live a crucified life, and how does that impact a pastor's life and ministry?

  • EP 226: Are You Casting Your Pearls Before Swine?

    05/04/2022 Duration: 17min

    Whether you realize it or not, you have accumulated pearls throughout your time as a gospel minister. These pearls have value, but are you sharing them with people who don't appreciate them? Jesus' warning is particularly appropriate for those in ministry who give so much of our time, only to be devalued by those who should know better. I speak today about your pearls and how to avoid pigs!  View the video series on the prophetic.   Check out my books on Amazon.

  • EP 225: Why Pastors Are Some Of The Most Unforgiving People On The Planet

    28/03/2022 Duration: 12min

    Unforgiveness is challenging - especially when people hurt or slander our reputations. Pastors are no different when it comes to releasing those who have hurt them. Today, I share a universal problem that nearly every pastor faces in day-to-day ministry with respect to forgiveness. I hope you can join us! During the podcast, I share a free resource for any leader who wants to explore the biblical gift of prophecy. Many seem to misunderstand how this gift is designed to benefit the church, and some misuse it all together. 

  • EP 224: Has Worship Lost Its Meaning In Today's Church?

    15/03/2022 Duration: 16min

    Some might rightly ask, Has worship lost its meaning In Today's Church? Churches worldwide compete to display the "best" worship sound, lights, band, or voices. Is that worship from God's perspective? Some churches declare they have "contemporary" worship. What is that, and is the statement true. The sad reality is that our worship, in many cases, is just another form or ritual we endure before listening to a sermon. Is that what God meant in John 4:24 when Jesus said the Father is seeking worshippers? Probably not. What does New Testament worship look like, and has the church fallen away from what God defines as the worship He enjoys? Join me today for an inciteful examination not of our style but of our methods in worshipping the One, True, God. During today's podcast, I mentioned, Bob Sorge. You can access his books on Amazon.

  • EP 223: Does Your Life Or Ministry Need Realignment?

    08/03/2022 Duration: 13min

    If you're driving your car and notice the steering wheel pulling in one direction or another, it should alert you to a problem with your wheels. In all probability, your tires are out of alignment, and if you don't get this fixed, they will wear out faster and more unevenly over time. The same principle applies to many things in life and particularly ministry. Due to the recent pandemic and seemingly endless crises in the news, many leaders have unknowingly fallen out of alignment with God's vision, direction, or purpose in their vocation. Today, I speak about getting back to some basics of what ministry is truly all about. During the podcast, I mentioned my latest book, Foundations that you can view on Amazon. 

  • EP 222: What Happens When Your Ministry Dreams Become Nightmares?

    02/03/2022 Duration: 13min

    When choosing to follow Christ into church ministry, the vast majority of us embrace the call with high expectations. We have dreams of reaching many people, and building a large, effective church. Along the way, life happens. In many cases, our dreams turn into nightmares. What is God doing and where did our dreams go? Join me for this important podcast!

  • EP 221: You Better Not Change Your Church If You Know What Is Good For You!

    22/02/2022 Duration: 15min

    Changing the way you interact with the public is crucial to reaching emerging generations. Unfortunately, most churches are stuck in old ways, using old methods that are no longer effective. How can a leader guide a church through change with the least amount of conflict? Join me for today's podcast.

  • EP 220: What Has God Anointed You To Accomplish?

    08/02/2022 Duration: 19min

    The word anointed means different things to different people. What is the biblical basis for anointing and how does it apply to the church today? Do you know what God has anointed you to accomplish? Is this how you spend the majority of your time? Some important questions to consider on today's podcast.

  • EP 219: A Unique Problem-Solving Device You've Probably Never Heard About

    01/02/2022 Duration: 12min

    Ministry is about problem-solving. People come to us with all kinds of difficulties, and we are called to help them get a resolution. What about our problems and challenges. Today, I share a unique problem-solving method you've probably never heard about that can change your life in the future (and it comes from an unexpected source).

  • EP 218: The Secret Ingredients For Selecting Church Leaders

    25/01/2022 Duration: 19min

    In this second part of a two-part series, I expand on last week's discussion about the qualifications for church leadership. Paul taught Timothy to look for people who manage their own houses well. What does that mean? What are the ingredients necessary to manage one's house well because this determines how they will manage God's house? During the podcast, I mentioned the progress made with our Wells For Zimbabwe Project. Enjoy this brief video showing the sheer joy of people receiving fresh water.

  • EP 217: Developing New Leaders In Your Church

    18/01/2022 Duration: 15min

    If we fail to raise the next generation of leaders in our churches, the work we do now will have little or no impact. How do we discover and then train new leaders to pick up the mantle for the next generation? Join me as we follow Paul's directions for selecting new leadership.

  • EP 126: One Small Change That Will Transform Your Life And Ministry

    11/01/2022 Duration: 16min

    Would you be willing to make one small change to transform your life and ministry? Today, just by making a simple decision, the trajectory of your life can change. By making this adjustment, God will do amazing things in your family, your life, and your ministry. Join me now!

  • EP 215: What Is The Purpose Behind Your God-Given Authority?

    05/01/2022 Duration: 18min

    Have you wondered, "What is the purpose behind your God-given authority? Anyone truly called to ministry is granted authority to advance His Kingdom on earth. How does someone receive this authority? What is it used for? When can authority become dangerous? How should authority be used in the church? During today's podcast, I discuss the origin and use of legitimate spiritual authority. Do you need help discerning proper spiritual authority? Check out this link.

  • EP 214: The Greatest Threat Against Pastors In 2022

    28/12/2021 Duration: 24min

    Pastors can think of many things that threaten to derail their ministry: financial woes, sexual temptation, carnal board members, and several others. Today, I speak about a threat that most pastors are unaware of, yet if left unattended, is potentially lethal to effective ministry in 2022 and beyond. Join me for this noteworthy podcast! In today's podcast, I offer a free download. Get it here.

  • EP 213: A Simple (& Free) Tool To Help You Develop New Leaders

    01/11/2021 Duration: 11min

    Wouldn't you appreciate a simple, free tool that could help you identify and train new leaders for your church? You're in luck! During today's podcast, I will share a simple tool that requires little or no training on your part but can yield amazing benefits to your ministry. Buy Me A Coffee! Leave a Fresh Review On iTunes

  • EP 212: How To Bring The Presence Of God To Your Church

    26/10/2021 Duration: 15min

    One of the most basic tasks of any minister is to preach in such a way that people experience the Presence of Almighty God. Some think that a scholarly presentation of scripture will accomplish this, yet people leave disappointed. How can we bring the Presence of God into our church that leaves people wanting more? Did you want to help contribute to making this podcast possible? Click here to buy me a coffee.

  • EP 211: How Pastors Can Change The Culture

    11/10/2021 Duration: 21min

    On today's podcast, I interview Greg Holder, lead pastor of The Crossings. Greg is an author and speaker with a passion for the local church and how God designed us to thrive. His leadership and influence have taken him around the globe, helping communities, churches, pastors, and leaders work towards spiritual, relational, and organizational health. Today, we discuss how pastors can change the culture of their church and city. Get Greg's New Book, Genesis One. Connect With Greg. Would you like to help support this podcast? Buy me a coffee!  

  • EP 210: How To Reach Prodigals

    04/10/2021 Duration: 16min

    Lathan Craft knows something about reaching prodigals. Growing up, his mother worked as an exotic dancer. Then tragedy struck when both his parents died before he was seven years old. At his mother's funeral, the pastor told the audience she was a Christian (which he knew not to be true). This pushed him away from the church, but God intervened in his life. Lathan developed a heart and skill to reach those forgotten or neglected by the church. Don't miss this fantastic testimony! During today's podcast, I offered a free download Lathan wrote called, Three Reasons People Are Actually Leaving Your Church. This brief ebook will give you insights on how to reach prodigals.   

  • EP 209: One Simple Change That Will Revolutionize Your Ministry

    28/09/2021 Duration: 15min

    Leaders lead. We all know that. But do we understand the difference between leading and managing? Most of us think they are the same. Your church needs management to be sure but needs a leader even more. Today's podcast shares a simple change in how you do ministry that will revolutionize how you see yourself and your calling. Join me! During the podcast today, I mentioned the work of Dean Radtke at I encourage you to interact with his materials. Another resource I did not mention during the podcast is Seth Godin speaking about the differences between leadership and management. Though not ostensibly Christian, you will find his word pungent in separating one from the other. I also mentioned a brief video you can watch about our work in Zimbabwe. We are partnering with to train residents on how to utilize the water from their new wells. Watch the brief video here.  Connect with me about any of my books that might help you in ministry at    

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