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Podcast of branch speakers


  • The changing landscape of cyber security and malicious software

    02/12/2009 Duration: 01h24min

    Speaker: Jacques Erasmus, Malware Director and Specialist with prevx.com shares his thoughts and knowledge in light of the amount of malware that has accelerated, rapidly driven by a change in motive amongst writers from malicious intent to commercial intent evolving from "occasional" exploits to a thriving global economy. With the increasing scale and sophistication of attacks ensuring you or your users are protected is an increasing challenge demanding a "collaborative" approach to beat the cyber criminals, protecting consumers and businesses.

  • Business Continuity Management, Why now?

    18/11/2009 Duration: 56min

    Mike Hill from Itica Consulting presents on Business Continuity Management and demonstrates why it is just as important during a recession to manage risk effectively and provides some practical tips on how to make Business Continuity effective in your organisation

  • Technology transfer from motorsport to roadcars.

    17/04/2009 Duration: 01h22min

    Listen to our guest speaker Peter James from Prodrive who gives an insight on how technology employed in motorsport ends up in the cars we drive on the road.

  • What have the Romans ever done for the computer industry?

    06/11/2008 Duration: 42min

    This was a most interesting, thought provoking and informative talk for people who wanted to know where the technology and the industry are heading. In his talk, Stewart Fraser from Unysis's UK Customer Education department used examples from the past to help identify which trends in IT are likely to have greatest impact in the future. While examples from the past were accurate, Stewart gave no guarantees of his predictions for the future!

  • Northampton BCS AGM 2008

    17/06/2008 Duration: 14min

    Podcast of the Northampton BCS AGM

  • Method-based problem diagnosis

    07/05/2008 Duration: 57min

    Method-based problem diagnosis is rarely understood and even more rarely practiced, and yet it offers an effective means to solving intermittent or long-running IT problems. In this presentation Paul will outline an IT specific problem resolution method called RPR and describes the core principles. He will describe how you can benefit from the approach and illustrates the effectiveness of RPR with two case studies from the finance industry.

  • Mind The Skills Gap

    26/10/2007 Duration: 47min

    The Skills Gap is high on the agenda of current IT thinking, but what exactly is it? What do seasoned IT professionals and newcomers to the industry need to do to make themselves relevant to IT in the noughties and beyond? With the growth of outsourcing to foreign countries how should IT workers position themselves in the jobs market to ensure continued employment in the UK?

  • Management Information Systems in Local Government - Pulling it all together

    20/09/2007 Duration: 56min

    Council Services have been undergoing modernisation to bring them up to increasing customer expectations and also to enable access via the 'e-channels'. Most councils now have Customer Relationship Management systems, telephone Contact Centres, and transactional web portals. One additional benefit of having ITC enabled services is the ease at which we can gather detailed management information and metrics. It is the extraction of this data that provides crucial operational performance management, which is another key driver in local government. The challenge is pulling this information together into a convenient place that is readily accessible by supervisors and mangers to review day to day performance, sometimes in real time. Jane Perrin (Business Analyst, Daventry Distric Council) and Peter Parkes MBCS CITP SocITM (Peake Performance) will describe how a simple MIS system was overlaid onto recently installed systems at Daventry District Council to provide real-time management information to operations teams