Your Mesmeric Forces And How To Develop Them: Giving Full And Comprehensive Instructions How To Mesmerise

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Table of Contents

CHAPTER I. Pros and Cons—What is Mesmeric Force —Persons suitable to become Operators—The Forms of Mesmeric Force

CHAPTER II. Qualifications for an Operator—Spiritual, Mental, Moral, Physical

CHAPTER III. Miscellaneous qualification and advice to students. Phrenological Advice—Most suitable Age—Suitable Diet—Qualifications for Mesmeric Subjects- Mesmeric Force and Atmospheric Influences

CHAPTER IV. Magnetic Force and the Conditions necessary for making it active within—How to Train the Eyes—Preparing the Hands and Fingers—Condition of the Feet—Respiratory Powers—Mental Concentration

CHAPTER V. Methods of Developing the Magnetic Power — Inducing the flow of Magnetic Force—Augmenting Mesmeric Force—1st, 2nd, and 3rd Methods for so doing

CHAPTER VI. Transmission and Distribution of Magnetic Force - Passes: What they are and how to practice them—The full length or long Pass—Relief Pass —Short or local Pass—Focused Magnetism- Passes in contact and without contact

CHAPTER VII. Elementary Experimenting in Testing Susceptibility —The Point of Magnetic Contact — Individuality —Physical Magnetic Contact—Mental Magnetic Contact

CHAPTER VIII. The different Phases, Stages, or Degrees of the Mesmeric State, termed Controls or Conditions —Passive Control—Physical Control—Mental Control — Spiritual Condition -


PART I.—The Innerer and Higher Mesmeric PowersPhysiognomical Signs of Psychic Power and Psychic Susceptibility

PART II. —Experimenting in the Deeper States of Control —Developing the Psychic or Spiritual Faculties and the Elevated State—Removing Deep States of Control