Blackmailing The Bbc Stud: Book 1 Of 'burning For The Bbc Stud'

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Pretty Melanie spied on sexy black stud Pierce at the religious retreat, and saw him and two other men gangbanging a sexy counselor in every possible hole. Now she wants him to take her innocence with that huge black weapon…and she’ll blackmail him into it if he refuses!

~~~~~ PG Excerpt ~~~~~

“I never saw anyone having sex before!” Her excited voice broke the silence first. “It was so hot!”

“You shouldn’t have been spying on us.” His deep rumble was low and cautious began to wander further away from the brightly-lit meeting hall. “It wasn’t right.”

“I know.” She flashed him a quick apologetic smile. “I didn’t mean to. But I heard Miz Keegan scream, and I thought maybe she was hurt. So I ran over to see, and…well…”

“So you peeked in the window.” He supposed that he’d have done the same, and could only thank his lucky stars that she hadn’t just burst right into the cabin.

“Uh huh. And I saw everything you were doing to her! I saw how you pushed it into her, and her eyes bugged real wide like you were splitting her apart, and then she started screaming again, and bouncing up and down on you, and begging you for more!” Melly’s words tumbled out in an excited rush as hot thrills shot through her petite body. “And those other two guys kept trying to push it in her other hole, but they couldn’t, so one shoved his thing in her mouth, and the other one juiced all over her big…” Her hands rose to cup her tingling breasts. “And then…”

Pierce sucked in a shaky breath as remembered ecstasy warred with his rising dread. “Why are you telling me this?” he demanded.

Fresh excitement chased across her eager face. “Because I want you to do it to me, too. Right now.”

“What?” Pierce gaped down at her in horrified shock. “Melly, you can’t just… My God!”

His instinctive refusal stung, and her lips tightened in a mutinous line. “Why not? I know I’m not sexy like Miz Keegan. But I’m not that bad looking.”

“What? No! No, it’s not that at all!” His brain was reeling, and he hardly even realized what he was saying as he tried to process her incredible request. “It’s just that…” He sucked in a deep breath, and tried not to imagine the incredible thrill of spreading this innocent girl’s legs wide and plunging deep inside her. “It’s not proper for a pretty young girl to be asking that of a man. And especially not me!”

“Why, because you’re black?” She shook her head vigorously enough to set her long curls bouncing. “I don’t care about that.”

“The rest of the town would,” he replied with grim foreboding. “But it’s a lot more than that, Melly. I’m old enough to be your daddy…and I’d hurt you real bad. You saw how I’m built. I don’t do virgins. It’s too dangerous.”

“I’m not afraid.” Her small breasts rose and fell in quick little pants as she stared right at the bulge jutting up between his muscular thighs, and her tongue instinctively darted across her lips.

His lips twisted into a bitter scowl. “You should be. If I was foolish enough to do what you want, I’d put you in the hospital, no matter how careful I was. And there comes a point,” he added, curling his fingers around her chin so that she had to look back up at his troubled face, “where I’d be so horny that I just couldn’t be careful anymore.”