Twisted Choices: Book 2 Of 'friends With Benefits'

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John and Becca were desperate for a baby. A vacation fling with a handsome black man provided Becca with tons of hot sex and a baby, while John made an incredibly erotic discovery about himself.

When DeShawn visits them, Becca's feelings for him deepen, and John realizes how much he loves being a cuckold husband. The erotic visit forces them all in directions they never anticipated.

~~~~~ Excerpt ~~~~~

Second thoughts ran through DeShawn's mind. He'd driven from Florida to West Texas to see a couple he'd only met once. He still wasn't sure about this visit, but they'd asked him several times to come, and he did want to see Becca again.


He'd found himself thinking of her constantly, and the time they'd spent together haunted him. It wasn't love, he knew that, but they'd shared a connection for that week in South Padre, and he wanted to see if it was still there.

Becca's husband, John, was the wild-card. He wasn't sure how John would fit into this situation. He'd mentioned that to Becca during one of their phone calls, but she'd assured him that John was fine with everything.

She was waiting for him when he pulled into their driveway. He'd found their house easily, and he noticed it had the best lawn on the block. She waved excitedly, and he slid out of his car just in time to catch her. She jumped into his arms, gave him a big hug that lasted long enough for them both to start laughing, and any worries he'd had immediately vanished.

He set Becca back down on the pavement, and her amazing smile hit him like a ton of bricks.

"It's about time you got here!" She poked his chest. "How dare you keep me waiting, mister?"

"I'm sorry, I'm sorry. It took me longer than I thought to make the drive." He lifted his hands in surrender. "It's a freakin' long way from Florida, and my ass is completely asleep."

"Well, maybe I can do something about that for you." She flashed him a naughty smile. "Let's get you inside and settled. John and I made up our spare bedroom, so you'll have your own space."

DeShawn's half-smile reflected his confusion and uncertainty. Becca acted as though things hadn't changed since South Padre, and that didn't make sense. Finally he shrugged, grabbed his luggage, and followed her into their house. His eyes tracked her figure, and his smile widened in anticipation. She had her figure back, and if anything, she looked even more gorgeous now. The shorts she was wearing really emphasized her amazing ass.

Their home was a typical military housing unit for junior enlisted personnel, but John and Becca had done a great job of furnishing and decorating it. DeShawn also noticed pictures of the baby everywhere, and felt a twinge of jealousy. It was short-lived, though, because he quickly realized they could provide a very stable, loving home. His job and lifestyle simply had made it impossible before, but things had changed for him recently.

Maybe it's not impossible any longer.