How To Play The Harmonica: A Beginners Guide To Learn How To Play The Harmonica

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Be a Musician – Learn the Harmonica Today!

When you open up The Basics of Harmonica Playing, you’ll discover all the ins and outs of this fascinating musical instrument. For example, did you know the harmonica originated in China, where it developed from an instrument called the sheng? This unique wind instrument, which makes sound on both the inhale and exhale, has become a global favorite – especially in the last couple of centuries.

With a portable and popular harmonica in your pocket, you can make music anywhere – on a hike, at the beach, or on your morning commute. This book explains all the parts of the harmonica, from the combs to windsavers. You’ll find out about harmonica construction materials, such as wood, plastic, and metal – and the many types and tunings you can choose.

With this book, you can master a wide variety of harmonica sounds and styles:

  • How to Hold/Cup your harmonica

  • Single Note “Pucker” Playing

  • Chord Techniques and the “Chord Hammer”

  • Tongue Blocking Effects

  • Note-Bending and Shimmering

  • Playing in Different Keys

  • Tongue Lifting, Slapping, Raking, and Pull-offs

You’ll even learn how to bend notes on both inhales and exhales!

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