Peter Pan

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Peter Pan in Kensington Gardens (Peter Pan in Kensington Gardens) is a novel by James Matthew Barrie published in 1906. In Kensington Gardens there is a Lake, the Serpentine, where is an island, bird island. Here's boss unchallenged the Crow Solomon. Addressing letters to him appealing: women desiring to become mothers ask Solomon children for them. And Solomon directs flocks of finches, thrushes and sparrows in the homes of London, to become children.Peter has just seven days old, and like all infants is half bird, half human being; so when her mother inadvertently leaves a window open, he can fly away from his home in London and back to Kensington Gardens. Here Solomon tells him that it is no longer either a bird or a child, is a half-half.When Peter learns the fact, automatically lose the right to fly, but because he can't even swim will stay in island life....