Massaging It Out (interracial Black M / White M Erotica)

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Sam lives with his wealthy partner and owns his own massage business. He's hoping that one day the two can tie the knot. As he prepares breakfast, he accidentally see's his boyfriend's phone light up. Normally, he'd ignore it, but he decides to pick up the phone so that he can take it back up to Ronald, who's still in bed.

His eyes glaze over the message and his heart stops. It's a message thanking Ronald for a great night. Sam's confused, considering Ronald was supposedly extremely busy the night before with work. After a couple of failed attempts, Sam manages to unlock the phone and view his message history. He finds that Ronald has not been faithful to Sam at all.

Furious, Sam devises a vengeful plan to get back at Ronald. He invites over one of his clients, a big, black, football star by the name of Drake to get a massage at his home. When Drake arrives, things start to get a little flirtatious and then a bit hot before things really take off. Sam's plan is to massage out the stress... but in more ways than one!