Life Behind The Storyline: Eww Universe - The Trilogy Book One

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—Whenever I'm by your side, I think about doing things that I can't. So, I will be away from you the most I can.—And why haven't you left yet, Jones?—Because this is hard. I don't want to lose you, Florenza. You're like a drug that I need to have around.English Wild Wrestling, EWW is a wrestling company founded in England. And it is there where Florenza’s family famous known as The Morris has a special relationship with the company. But she only moving to have hard times. Things happened in the past and she younger had to leave her life away to move on to another country. After five years. she decided to return home. The problems do not quit and she will face the old and new ones in her comeback. In the EWW, with new opponents, new staff, programs, and opportunities she will try to conquer a new legacy for her family. But what about when personal life starts to interfere with the screen character. Could an inappropriate love in this crazy wrestling company be born for Florenza Morris?