Striptease: How To Win A Man Over

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How to win a man over
Learn the step-by-step of how to plan, train and surprise your boyfriend, fiancée or husband by learning how to perform sophisticated striptease that will provide wonderful and hot moments for both of you and spice your sex live.
You are the star
Be a sexy Goddess of Love!
Improve your sensuality with sophistication and creativity by learning:
•CHIC STRIPTEASE: Learn the most sophisticated styles
•CHAIR DANCE: Know how to perform this incredible dance
•BURLESQUE DANCE: Surprise with the glamour of this performance
•POLE DANCE: How to use the pole with charm and confidence
•STRIP THERAPY: Striptease as a physical activity and its benefits
•STRIP COUSINE: Easy and fast aphrodisiac recipes
•STRIPTEASE FOR HIM: A class for him to perform to you
•LINGERIE GUIDE: The favorites and how to undress them
•SEX SHOP GUIDE: Everything for you to be sexy
Heat your relationship by learning many styles of striptease in order to surprise your partner.
Women who have differentials and new attitudes in their sex life protect and keep their relationship.
Learn new ways to use your potential of seduction and have fun. Find out how to keep the flame burning!
Prepare to shine bright!