Sensual Fantasies: 50 Shades Of Seduction - How To Seduce A Man

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Suggestions about seducing and spicing sex
Develop your feminine power
Use affirmations to increase your self-esteem, sexuality and improve your psychological aspects. Repeat positive messages, for example, say to yourself things like "I am a wonderful woman!", "I'm becoming more and more sexy!", "I'm an attractive lover!" and so on. Be smart, don't bother with the "flaws" that all of us have (fatty spots, cellulites…). Show your best! Feel powerful and sexy despite your physical type or age. Value your strong side! Take control of your personality, charm and beauty.
Seduce your husband or boyfriend
In the beginning of the relationship, sex is usually more exciting because at this phase everything is new. But the point is how to keep seducing your partner after a long time together.
Surprise him by trying to have a more active attitude, as generally men do to seduce a woman. But try not to exaggerate, start gradually if he's not used to a more powerful and sexy attitude. Use your intuition in order to do everything right! Know that men love and feel excited to know that they are still important and attractive to their woman, especially if you're together for a long time. For example: how about telling him about how turned on you feel when you're with him, look at him with desire just as you did in the beginning of the relationship, or touching his body (or yours) in a sexy way? Simple tips as these make a lot of difference. Which man doesn't want to be seduced by his wife or girlfriend?
Innovating your techniques
Extending your creativity and using new ways to stimulate your man is important in order to avoid routine. Try different places to make love, go to a motel or travel to the fields or to an aphrodisiac beach. Many couples stop "dating" after having children. Don't let this happen to you - save some time only for you two. We know that many women, intuitively, use these simple secrets of seduction that are basic but essential in order to keep erotic.