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Tafelberg Book Chat: Takka Takka Bom Bom by Al Venter



Takka Takka Bom Bom: A South African war correspondent’s story by Al Venter, published by Tafelberg, was launched at Exclusive Books Rosebank. Al was in conversation with radio veteran Lourensa Eckhard. This is a recording of that conversation. Order your copy of Takka Takka Bom Bom from leading book stores or online. More details on our website: https://www.nb.co.za/en/view-book/?id=9780624093732 About this book: From a small town in Mpumalanga to dodging bullets in war-torn hellholes: Al J. Venter, the oldest war correspondent still active today, bore witness to some of humanity’s biggest atrocities over the past 55 years – and has lived to tell the tale. In the 1960s, with little money, a sense of adventure and a healthy dollop of chutzpah, Venter set out overland from Cape Town to London, braving dodgy roads and hostile territory in a newly post-colonial Africa. And so an iconic war journalist was born. Since then, Venter has reported from 25 conflict zones, from the civil wars in Mozambique and Nige