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Melinda Ferguson Books Chat: The Price of Mercy by Sean Davids



The Price of Mercy: A fight for the right to die with dignity by Sean Davison, published by Melinda Ferguson Books, was launched in partnership with The Cape Town Press Club at Kelvin Grove in Newlands. This is a recording of that conversation. Order your copy of The Price of Mercy from leading book stores or online. More details on our website: https://www.nb.co.za/en/view-book/?id=9781990973505 About this book: In September 2018, Professor Sean Davison's peaceful life in the leafy suburbs of Pinelands, Cape Town is shattered. Arrested for the murder of Dr Anrich Burger, a once-fit athlete turned quadriplegic who begged Davison to assist him end his life in 2015, the unassuming academic and father of three now finds himself locked up in a prison cell. Under investigation led by the Hawks, an additional two murders are added to the case for which he now faces a mandatory life prison sentence. Written in compelling detail, The Price of Mercy tracks the extraordinary journey that Davison embarks on to prep