Sell Or Die With Jeffrey Gitomer And Jennifer Gluckow

The Three Sales Mindsets: The Groove, The Rut & The Grave



In this episode we go over the key mindsets we need to have in order to find success, close more deals & build the best decade of our careers!   We all know mindset is key and have each probably listened to hundreds of podcasts and read multiple books on the topic..however in this episode we talk about three different 'mindsets' you can find yourself in:  The Groove The Rut The Grave  Our goal is to stay in the groove as much as possible and throughout this episode we give you the tools to stay there!  We want to see you at our next certifcation, click here to get details and the "Founding Members" price we offered in the podcast!     How We Can Help You Close More Deals: Gitomer Books and Courses Here Sales Mastery Program Here Gitomer Sales Certification Here Speaking and Events Here Custom Sales Processes and Scripts Here