Cliffs Notes

027 - Creating An Evergreen Marketing Funnel That Will Bring A Consistent Flow of Potential New Coaching Clients



Recently, I hosted an "Ask Me Anything" session on the topic of "The Business of Coaching" and Jennifer Swanson asked the following question:  "My coaching is off the side of my desk (and I want it to stay there because I'm doing several things) but it would be nice to have a handful of steady clients, and while word of mouth has been good in the past, it's never stead. What strategies would you suggest for finding clients that are not high-pressured or sale-sy?" The advice I gave in this episode: Create an evergreen marketing funnel that is purpose built to consistently generate new potential clients who are interested in your coaching. Create a niche topic podcast with only five to ten podcast episodes that are more valuable than a $2,000 dollar course on the topic. For every episode, give away a high quality “hand-out” or “PDF Quick Guide” that relates to the content of that episode. (They will opt-into your email newsletter to receive this) Write a series of emails (at least 10 to 20) that wil